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The Walker logo
Created By: Adam Scott
Genre: Action
Running Time: 50-70 Pages
Current Season: Second
Status: Airing
Series Debut: 7th September 2009

Walker is a virtual series created by Adam Scott and developed by Adam in association with A. J. Black. It is set in the Aliasverse, with elements established by The DSR, and focuses on Alec Walker, one of the mysterious Knights of the Black Chapter.

Certain elements of Walker have found already been seeded into the DSR universe - for instance, John Henry Boone made an appearance in the Schism season one episode "Ruin".

The pilot was picked up as part of MZP's March pilot season, and the first season aired in September 2009. The second season began airing in May 2010.


  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Alec Walker
  • Miranda Raison as Chloe Parker
  • Leonard Roberts as Jackson Byers
  • Philip Glenister as John Henry Boone

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