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A virtual series is an unproduced series of teleplays, TV scripts, stories, which a screenwriter, prose writer, or a group of either of these, post onto the internet, either as an unauthorized continuation of an ended, existing series, as fanfiction for an existing series which may still be in production, or in many cases, as a completely original creation of the writer(s) that simply hasn't found a network audience. Unauthorized continuations and otherwise fanfiction-based virtual serials are based on copyrighted material and therefore have little to no production potential; however, original virtual serials not following a pre-existing franchise may have potential for production, and their web-sites are often designed as online pitches -- both to potential producers, and to potential audience members.

Due to the draw of virtual series for new writers to both practice their craft and get their ideas in front of audiences, virtual networks have sprung up on the internet to cater to these specific interests. The purpose of these networks is generally to both foster the creativity of its members, and to host the different series that its members write. These virtual networks are often stringently run like regular television networks with deadlines and pitches and execs in charge who make the big decisions; all they lack are the pictures. Most virtual series 'cast' their characters with actors to create a more authentic feel to the series, and to help readers' visualization.

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