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VBCtv (Web Entertainment Network)
Type: Web Entertainment Network
Branding: "Come See What @ VBCtv"
Country/Availability: Global/Online Internet
Founded: 2005 (as VBC Network) by Aaron Bielert
Slogan: Come See What @ VBCtv
Status: Currently Airing
Motto: The First Web Entertainment Network
Owner: Aaron Bielert (2005-2007)
VBC Networks Entertainment (renamed VBCnet in 2011) (2007-present)
Key People: Aaron Bielert, CEO|President of VBCnet,
Chris Eber (Vice-President of VBCnet)
Show Types: Video Web-Series
Virtual Series
Audio Series
Callsign Meaning: Virtual Broadcasting Company (former legal name)
Website: VBCtv.com

VBCtv is a Web Entertainment Network that launched in 2005. The network distributes/airs online WebSeries in multiple Web Entertainment formats. Founded by Aaron Bielert, VBCtv is the first online network to utilize Web Entertainment and distribute/air Video Web-Series, Virtual Series, Audio Series, and Prose all under one network. VBCtv is a subsidiary of VBC Networks Entertainment which produces and/or scouts and brings shows to VBCtv. VBCnet (as it's referred to now) is also responsible for the day to day behind the scenes on-goings for VBCtv and dealing with the 40+ production companies that VBCtv operates with.

In 2011 VBCtv had more Video Web-Series than any other Web Entertainment format on it's network. Currently over 50+ shows can be seen on VBCtv in over 50 countries and most video content is available in 1080p HDTV streamed from YouTube, Vimeo, or Blip.tv. However in 2011 VBCtv announced it will start it's own video hosting by year's end. VBCtv launched a Copyright and Disclaimer statement in March of 2011.

VBCtv does not own any of it's intellectual properties. We are a distributor/network of airing shows and online web entertainment content. We only air shows that have given us permission to or are owned by VBC Networks Entertainment. All shows that air on VBCtv have been approved by the owner of the content to be aired on VBCtv. We steal no information and claim no ownership on any of the shows we do not own personally. Do Not re-duplicate or re-air any content seen on VBCtv without the express written consent of the content's owner or VBC Networks Entertainment. Please use the Contact Us section to get a hold of all properties & content owners.


About VBCtv

VBCtv - Web Entertainment Network was launched on July 23, 2005 under the supervision of VBC Networks Entertainment (AB Studio Productions at that time). Originally launched as a Virtual Series Network. VBCtv started with the 2nd Season of founder Aaron Bielert's 'Independent Living'. Once again originally called VBC Network and standing for Virtual Broadcasting Network. VBC would later drop this acronym in 2007.

VBCtv wasn't successful at first. In 2006 there were talks of shutting down the project. Still with just one show at the time. In 2006 VBC Network became VBC Sports Network and tried all-sports programming. Though successful at first, it would later come back at VBCtv as a lawsuit would be filed against VBCtv to stop certain programming. A new idea was need for VBCtv & fast...

In early 2007 VBCtv was launched, going back to original idea of the network. But soon after the birthright of Web Entertainment would become known. The idea of a network to combine Virtual Series, WebSeries, Original Programming, Audio Series & Prose Series all under one roof. Taking the work web Entertainment to it's meaning of all that is entertainment on the web. VBCtv would soon find shows that wanted to be apart of this new network. Soon VBCtv would find an audience and start growing.

In late 2010 VBCtv announced it would begin focus on more original filmed WebSeries than on it's Virtual section. VBCtv will still air Virtual Programming but take it to a lighter schedule compared to it's original WebSeries. The future holds all the cards for VBCtv and is unstoppable at the moment. VBCtv continues to grow with a full line-up of shows and soon to come, movies. In 2011 VBCtv will also start working with a major studio on a new project. Many current shows have also brought their programming to VBCtv as VBCtv allows it's programming to be shown on other all Video sites such as Koldcast, Vimeo, Blip.tv and others. VBCtv went on record saying 'the future of television is online and we all need to work together to get this programming out there to people before we go to war for ratings like the "networks".


VBCtv programming is aired on a Sunday thru Friday schedule with Syndicated series airing on Saturdays. All of our Web Entertainment airs together and is only separated by genre. VBCtv uses TimeLots to air it's programming.


TimeLots is a VBCtv creation used as an alternative to timeslots. A TimeLot is a block of tiem in which a show can be aired during. For all VBCtv prime-time programming, the TimeLot to air the shows is from 8pm - 11pm, meaning all shows from the night in question will air within that time and may not air at an exalter time scheduled.

VBCtv Shows

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