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The Parcel View
The Parcel View logo
Developed By: JT Vaughn
Created By: Sarah-Jane Sheppard
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 50-65 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Status: Back Next Season
No. of Episodes: 12
Current Season: 1
Series Debut: September, 2010
Series Theme: Jenny Owen Youngs - "Drinking Song"
Network(s): MZPtv

The Parcel View is an hour-long virtual scripted web series currently airing at MZPtv.


Official Synopsis

A young girl, out in the city of Chicago on her own and dealing with being the daughter of a convicted serial killer, moves into a new apartment for a fresh start and a chance to try and prove her father's innocence.

But then a parcel is delivered. A simple parcel. Its contents are bizarre. Their abilities even stranger. And now, faced with ongoing personal crises and a collection of weird and wonderful people looking to take advantage, this girl is about to learn the one unquestionable, undeniable truth: being an adult sucks.


The Parcel View came to life in late 2006/early 2007 with Sarah-Jane Sheppard's original pilot script, posted on the old MZPtv Proboards community. The pilot was met with critical acclaim and was soon approved and set to air in 2007/2008. JT Vaughn joined Alden C. Caele and Vinicius_Moraes on staff as a producer/writer.

However, the show stalled in development hell and was eventually shelved, for a combination of reasons.

Kat Dennings as Freya James

In 2009 JT Vaughn decided to reboot the project and enter it into Pilot Season II, with Sarah-Jane's blessings, and with her on board as a producer. Vaughn took the general idea and the main set of characters and heavily developed it until it felt like his own show.

The pilot season panel judges were unanimous in agreeing the show should be approved for pickup, and Vaughn, Sarah-Jane, Chris Wilson, and Tegan G. Blair started writing the show's 12 episode 1st season in late 2009/early 2010, for a September 2010 premiere.

Series Format

Episodes are written in PDF format and without act breaks, in the style of some cable TV series. The series is built around standalone episodes with small arc elements, and heavily serialised episodes which follow on from the events of previous episodes.

JT Vaughn has said: "Originally I planned the show to be very standalone. The inspiration was "Burn Notice", a show where the lead character has to deal with case-of-the-week as 75% of the episode, character-story-of-the-week as 20%, and the final 5% was ever so slightly pushing forward the overall arc. During the planning and writing, however, we've found the show has become much more serialised. The portioning is now more like 40% case-of-the-week, 40% character-story-of-the-week, and 20% arc. Things definitely spill over between episodes, which I'm really enjoying".


JT Vaughn has admitted the show has several different inspirations. "The show is definitely a drama, with competing amounts of character comedy (sometimes verging into black comedy), heavy mystery elements, and layers of conspiracy. 'Veronica Mars', again, is one of the biggest influences on the show, combined with the weird objects/undercurrent of darkness of the miniseries 'The Lost Room', and the character-driven hijinks of a 'Warehouse 13'". The conspiracy angle and serialised nature of 'Damages' is also one of the show's inspirations.


Kat Dennings as Freya James

Brian van Holt as Conrad Kingsley

AnnaSophia Robb as Emily "Emy" Jacobs

Donnie Wahlberg as Detective Roman Harrington

Jeremy Piven as Marley Pike


Main Characters

  • Freya James - Freya James hasn't had it easy. Once a promising young girl with her life ahead of her, a horrific event two years ago changed Freya's life forever. Now, she's striking out on her own. Her own apartment, her own life. But this isn't just any apartment, and this isn't just any girl. Sarcastic, smart, emotionally distant yet somehow endearing, Freya is a girl that wants nothing more than to be left alone, but always finds a way to be the centre of attention. First appears in Season One.
  • Conrad Kingsley - Kingsley leads a fairly mundane life. Photocopier repair man by day and the definition of a true, old fashioned gentleman by night– always around to lend a hand when needed. Cheery and kind hearted, Kingsley is the type of guy who always has the best of intentions, but common sense and seeing the big picture aren't two of his strengths. Kingsley owns an apartment in the same building where Freya has just moved in, and they're about to be the best of friends. First appears in Season One.
  • Emily "Emy" Jacobs - Emy is a sweetheart. Perky, cheerful and cute as a button. She's just the kind of girl who could melt glaciers with a bat of her eyelashes. She's talkative, some might say annoyingly so, but it's really just her excitable nature. Something has stopped Emy from leaving her apartment in a long time, so the chance to make friends is something she can't resist, especially when Freya moves in opposite. First appears in Season One.
  • Detective Roman Harrington - It's fair to say that Roman is an odd fellow. A detective with the Chicago Police Department, Roman's lack of manners, shame, and self-control have left him with very few friends, but there's no doubt he gets the job done. He sees the small things, can figure out the patterns, and is fiercely devoted when something catches his attention. The only person he's yet to alienate is his partner, Detective Urbanik. First appears in Season One.
  • Sunny - The mysterious delivery man that brings Freya parcels and misery, Sunny has inserted himself into Freya's life and has no intention of leaving any time soon. Kooky, spacey, and unstoppably abstract, Sunny often talks in riddles and vague mystical mumbo-jumbo, and his motives are always obscure. Is he the good guy or the bad guy? Nobody knows for sure, but that's not going to stop Freya from calling him a jerk at every available opportunity. First appears in Season One.
  • Marley Pike - Marley is a bastard. And he'd admit that. An alcoholic, chain-smoking, womanising bastard. His habits are obnoxious, his language is atrocious, and manners were never his strongest quality. Marley isn't the type of guy to know when to quit, and it's that kind of idiocy that gets him in deep trouble. Deep down there might just be a good guy, but it'll take some digging to find. First appears in Season One.

Recurring Characters

  • Zachary James - Freya's loving father. Appears in flashbacks.
  • Detective Carl Urbanik - Roman's lazy and rotund partner at the Chicago Police Department. (Season 1)
  • Pavel Zhirkov - A shady Russian mobster with an interest in Marley Pike. (Season 1)
  • Victor Bodanski - A malicious, unstoppable, immoral thug-for-hire, working under the thumb of a powerful figure... (Season 1)
  • Tennyson (aka Panama Man) - A well-spoken, eloquent, quaint British gentleman directly in conflict with Freya.
  • Santa Monica - A slutty vixen that gets entangled in the crazy world of Marley. (Season 2)
  • Clay Duffy - A mysterious figure from Kingsley's past, who may be a psychopath. (Season 2)
  • Anthony Stark - A goofy, scruffy-haired indie kid that catches Emy's eye. (Season 2)
  • April Lawson - A sweet, slightly ditzy college student that helps with Emy's... problem. (Season 2)
  • Alice Kingsley - Daughter of the one and only Conrad Kingsley.

Current Crew

Produced by MZPtv from 2009 onwards.


Season One

see: The Parcel View (Season 1)

Season One consists of 12 episodes that will air on MZPtv, beginning September 2010. Freya James has to deal with the powerful objects being delivered right to her door while trying to find evidence that proves her father's innocence.

Season Two

see: The Parcel View (Season 2)

Season Two consists of 11 episodes, and is set to air on MZPtv in Winter 2011. Freya has seen danger and chaos infect her life and is now looking at escaping that, but is soon drawn back in.


Critical Reception

The Parcel View has been met with generally favourable reviews.

Relevant Links

  • [1] - Sarah-Jane Sheppard's original pitch
  • [2] - Discussion forum on MZPtv

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