The Girl In Question

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Written by: Chris Haigh
Genre: Action
Running Time: 135 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Released: January 19, 2008
Network(s): MZP-TV

The Girl In Question is a spy/action film, written and directed by Chris Haigh.


Briseis Munroe, a mild mannered personal assistant to the CEO of a Los Angeles conglomerate, becomes embroiled in a globe-trotting espionage adventure when she witnesses the murder of her boss...


  • Rose Byrne as Briseis Munroe, a simple, intelligent personal assistant for the CEO of one of the world's biggest companies.
  • Dominic Purcell as Marcus Stone, wWorking for Omega, a secret division of the US government.
  • Lucy Liu as Kyoko Oyama, a professional assassin and markswoman.


The general reaction to The Girl In Question was positive. Readers and reviewers praised the plot and the action, though noted that the running time was probably too long.

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