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The Family Spell
Created by: Harrison Cartwright
Genre: Supernatural Drama
Running Time: One Hour (45-60 Pages)
Format: Script / PDF
Current Season: Season Two
Status: Seasonal Hiatus
Number of Episodes 13 (So Far)
Series Debut: September 22nd, 2008
Network: MZP

The Family Spell is an original virtual series created by Harrison Cartwright.

A brand new show set within the world of Charmed, The Family Spell follows the trials and tribulations of the Davidsons, a family of powerful and prolific witches, as they deal with the awakening of magical powers within their youngest member, and try to keep their family united against the evils waiting outside their door.

In the picture-perfect community of Newport Beach, California, and in a life that's constantly changing around them, it's gonna take all they've got to achieve this. While nobody knows quiet where this road is taking them, there's only one thing for certain - it's sure to be a ride they're never going to forget.

The Family Spell premiered in the fall season of 2008 at virtual network MZP where it aired on Mondays.


Season 1

The Family Spell began airing on September 22nd, 2008 on Monster Zero Productions. The first season ran for 13 episodes.

The first 10 episodes of the season aired according to schedule. However, the The Family Spell went on a brief hiatus due to production difficulties. The final 3 episodes began airing in 2009 on May 18th, May 27th, and June 1st.

Main Characters

  • Michael Davidson (Peter Gallagher) -- As the only mortal in the family, Michael Davidson sometimes struggles with his place in the world, and in his own life. However, his cheerful demeanor, and positive views on life help him to always look on the bright side. It's Michaels desire to prove himself that leads to his new big-shot job, that in turn leads to his decision to up and move his family to Newport. This certainly didn't earn him points with his kids, and as he searches for meaning in his life, he'll uncover something about himself, something that will change him forever. At heart, Michael Davidson is a loving father, an affectionate husband, and a kind man. However, beneath this facade lies a constantly raging battle. Michael can't help but feel a little left out in a family of witches, and it's the fact he can't protect his family that often drives him to extreme behaviour. Michael is in no way a bad person. It needs to be understood he only does what he does thanks to his very difficult living arrangement. With a life put in danger every second day, it'd be tough on anyone. Michael is also a very work-orientated person. After all, he is the sole bread-winner for the family. As the family move to Newport, and Michael begins his new job at Smith & Smithers, he finds himself turning to work as an escape from the fact that he's such an outsider among his family. His intelligence, and ability to think on his feet make him a big asset to the company, and allow him to rise through the ranks rapidly. Despite his obvious lack of powers, Michael will never back down from a fight. It's this stubborn attitude that often leads him to harms way, and although Emily insists he stay away from trouble, Michael often ends up lending a helping hand in saving the families current crisis.
  • Emily Davidson (Lori Loughlin) -- On the exterior, Emily Davidson looks like nothing more than your average house wife. However, it's only those who know her that really know just what she's been through, and just what she's hiding. Tragedy marred her life at a young age, when the discovery that she was a witch lead to the death of her mother. Unable to continue living in a home with so many tragic memories, Emily packed up her bags and headed off to Broadway, pursuing an acting career. It was here that she first met Michael, and when the two fell fast for each other, she put aside her dreams of life as an actress to begin a family. As she raised her children, she also found time to hone her power of Deflection, leading to her status as an extremely powerful witch, and acceptance towards the events that lead her to this point her life. While she's typically down-to-earth, she is also a very strong woman, capable of tearing people to shreds with nothing more than her words. She's very strong-willed, and will never back down from an argument, along with always standing up for those things she believes in. Emily hates leaving things unfinished - she'll always see everything through to the end. Emily is also very traditional, especially placed amonst the contrast of the world as it is now. She's a caring mother and wife, and always has that shoulder to cry on, should anybody need it.
  • Brendan Davidson (Beau Mirchoff) -- Brendan Davidson is your typical teenage guy. As the (well, technically) oldest brother, he's strong-willed, and fiercely protective of his siblings, Brendan also at times finds himself as the glue that holds his family together. He always keeps a cool head in stressful situations, and his power of levitation, combined with his martial arts prowess, make Brendan a very powerful ally in a fight. While he's only one half of a set of twins, Brendan often feels like all the responsibilites of being the "big brother" fall on his shoulders. He's fiercely protective of his family, and he shares a close bond with his twin sister Jane. Brendan is a very nice person, and while he's often naive at times, and messes alot of things up, his good intentions shine through, making it almost impossible for people to stay mad at him. In fact, his good nature can often work as a disadvantage. An unwavering sense of always searching for the good side in people has led him, and the family into a number of traps.
  • Jane Davidson (Indiana Evans) -- Putting Jane into words is difficult. After all, she's quick-witted, intelligent, quirky, and a downright powerful witch, with the ability to freeze time. As Brendan's twin sister, she shares a unique bond with him, doubly emphasized in fights, where as a duo, the two become virtually unstoppable. She also has a way with words, making her a very adept spell writer. Jane can often come off as someone that really isn't a very nice person. It's only those that get to know her, that see how she really is. She's loyal to her friends and family, and won't hesitate to confront someone that's done wrong by her. She's tough as nails, as they say. However, for all the snarky one liners, and the cocky front she puts up, there's some deep insecurities that threaten to break to the surface, as she makes her way through life. Jane is a stunning girl. She has the world at her feet. If only she could see it that way...
  • Johnny Davidson (Remy Thorne) -- Quiet and reserved, Johnny Davidson is 13 years old, and having a difficult time in life, Not only does he constantly face scrutiny at school, he also must deal with the constant sneaking around and mystery of his family, for reasons unknown. As the youngest member of the Davidson family, he is also the last to recieve his powers, and knowledge of the magical world. However, it's with the announcement of this that his world is absolutely rocked. Struggling to come to terms with his new found power, Johnny finds himself caught between two worlds - the magical and mortal.
  • Zachary Thompson (Jamie Johnston) -- Tall, blonde, good-looking, surfer - everything you'd expect to find around Newport Beach. While slightly naive, Zach is, at his heart a nice guy. He's got those puppy-dog eyes that make him impossible to hate, which also end up making the object of many a girls affections.
  • Rachel Taylor (Caitlin Wachs) -- As someone who's pretty high up on the Newport social ladder, Rachel is very much someone used to getting her own way. However, it's only with the help of her boyfriend, Zach, that she manages to remain grounded, keeping her head out of the clouds. Despite this, she's still a very warm, and welcoming person, who's keen to make new friends, especially when the Davidsons come to town.



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