The FANTASTICAL Flash McGinnis

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The FANTASTICAL Flash McGinnis
Created By: Arcadio Reyes
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 45-65 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Status: Cancelled
Number of Episodes: 3
Series Debut: November 4th, 2008
Network: Monster Zero Productions

The FANTASTICAL Flash McGinnis was a virtual series that aired on MZP towards the end of 2008. It was created by Arcadio Reyes, who's other work have included Between the Walls and writing on Desperate Screenwriters. Reyes pulled the plug on the series after only three episodes due to real life commitments.



Flash McGinnis was found as an infant by the roadside with nothing but a letter from her mother, explaining that she couldn't keep her for personal reasons, and a small fruit basket for whoever adopted her. Flash was never fully adopted. She spent several years in an orphanage before going into foster care, where she was moved from place to place, trying to make her fit into whatever picture was required. But she never did quite fit in anywhere.

Now she is about to join a new "family" in the small town of Avocado. Although, it's not so much a family, as just a widower, who constantly pines for her husband to return. Luckily there is some sanity in Nate, another of Angela's foster kids, who's been there a year. A new home, a new parental guardian, a new beginning... sometimes Flash just wishes she could live another life. But as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

Flash suddenly finds herself in a parallel universe, where pretty much everything is the same, except for one small detail: she was never abandoned by her birth mother. However, something even more horrifying has happened... she is on the run with Caleb for the alleged murder of her parents. Flash tries to come to terms with the revelations but she jolts in and out of realities without any control over which she remains in. She is literally living two lives!


  • Flash McGinnis (Ellen Page)
    • Flash McGinnis is a complex character. She has the ability to fade into the background but yet, has a radiant presence. She's smart, witty, and knows people. She can get under your skin in less than ten seconds but more often than not, she prefers to be indifferent. As she has learnt from her time in foster care, it's better to blend in with the furniture than be put in a garage sale.
  • Natthew "Nate" James (Corbin Bleu)
    • Nate James is the comical friend and fellow foster child in the household. His parents were killed when an airplane fell out of the sky five years ago. He has spent the last year with Angela and was there when her husband passed away. He is smart, funny, and grounded. He is Flash's rock when she needs a shoulder to lean on.
  • Harriet "Harry" Dolding (Emma Stone)
    • Harry Dolding is the girl next door... literally. She goes to the same school as Flash and has been aquintences with Nate since he moved in. She's a rare treat: popular but not a bitch, fashionable but her world doesn't revolve around shopping, and she actually has friends other than cheerleaders.
  • Angela Kinsky (Cynthia Stevenson)
    • Angela Kinsky is the heart of the household. She is a caring person with a warm touch... but her world was recently rocked by her husband's death and she hasn't quite been the same since. She likes to talk to her husband as if he's still around and has long conversations about 'Daniel.' But nobody knows who Daniel is... and if he even exists.
  • Caleb Lewis (Ed Westwick)
    • Caleb Lewis exists purely in Flash's second life. He is on the run with her as Flash is wanted for her parent's murder. He is a bad boy but also very protective of Flash, as the pair have been together for seven months now. He doesn't divulge much of his own past but it's clear his life has been worse than Flash's.


  • 1:1 - Wham! Bam! Alakazam! (by Arcadio Reyes)
    • Flash McGinnis is an orphan who has never stayed in one place for too long. Abandoned by her parents as a child, she also abandoned the hopes and dreams young children often have. Now she is about find that everything she once wished for is coming true. But there's just one problem, apparently she's a murderer. Follow Flash as she shifts between to worlds and tries to figure out how both went so wrong.
  • 1:2 - if walls could talk they'd say MURDERER! (by Writer)
    • Flash must start the dreaded first day at school but realizes she may have a lot more to worry about when she seems to remember small details about her Murderworld life. As she tries to get to the bottom of the mystery, she discovers things in one world are connected to the other, and that a few new faces are really people from her past.
  • 1:3 - enough (by Arcadio Reyes)
    • Flash's shifting abilities place her in the middle of a very dangerous situation, one that she might not be able to get out of unharmed. And as she searches for answers from people around her, in both worlds, she finds herself questioning her own destiny. Is there something bigger at play or is it all just random?


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