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The Entertainment Network, casually known as TEN, is a virtual series network run by Tom East, Daniel Taylor and Dex MacLeod, which opened its doors in 2008. Its lineup is defined by a mixture of original series, like Caydem Falls and Dead City Blues, and series based on existing properties, such as X-Men: Rebirth.



TEN was originally conceived as a reboot of closed network OVN. However, when OVN's original leadership exited, the network was reconfigured into a new venture called The Entertainment Network.

In 2008, the network launched with Allenwood, Charmed: Reset Reality, Gifted: The Series and webisode series Lara Croft Tomb Raider.

In 2009, Caydem Falls premiered.

In 2010, the network premiered audio series Doctor Who Tales in May.

In 2011, the network launched two new webisode series, X-Men: Rebirth and Inside Out.

In 2012, the network acquired Kyle West Star Trek series Knight's Haven, which previously aired on MZPtv, and began airing in May. Marvel Origins, a webisode series, began in July. Alden Caele's Dead City Blues premiered in October and Stay Away From England premiered in November. Li Robb's X-Men: Revolution was picked up for the 2013 launch.

The Shows

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The network has been active in virtual series since 2008. The current status of each of its shows is as follows...

Active Projects: Caydem Falls, X-Men: Rebirth, Inside Out, Knight's Haven, Marvel Origins, Dead City Blues and Stay Away From England are all active.

In Development: X-Men: Revolution is confirmed to air, but has not yet launched.

Past Shows: Allenwood and Gifted: The Series, both projects from Dave Kohler, were put on hold in 2008 - and later quietly cancelled - after Kohler withdrew from the site. Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Doctor Who Tales, TEN Anthology and Charmed: Reset Reality were all cancelled in 2012 after extended hiatuses.

Network Management

Network Presidents

The Entertainment Network was originally established by Tom East, Daniel Taylor and Dave Kohler as a continuation of the collapsed Online Virtual Network. At the time Tom East ran Angelic Secrets, Daniel Taylor was the showrunner of Charmed: Reset Reality and Dave Kohler was the founder of both Gifted: The Series and Allenwood.

After Dave Kohler's exit from the network in early 2009, Caydem Falls showrunner Dex MacLeod replaced him as network president. Dex joined East, who now runs X-Men: Rebirth, Inside Out and Marvel Origins, and Taylor, manager of the community sections on the forum.

In 2012, Alden Caele, showrunner of Dead City Blues, was promoted to the position of Network Producer.

Show Management

The network's pitching system is derived from MZP-TV's pre-Pilot Season system. Each show is pitched to administrators via the network's forum. Feedback is given to the pitch by administrators, with the aim of helping each pitch reach the level of quality required to earn a pickup, while the creator perfects a pilot. Once the network presidents are satisfied with the quality of the proposed series and pilot, the pitch is picked up and a place in a future season is set aside to air it.

Should a network president pitch a series, it requires a unanimous pickup vote from the two remaining presidents.


TEN uses events to celebrate special occasions and to promote its shows.

On February 14th 2009, an event was staged called Lara's Birthday. This saw the first season of Lara Croft Tomb Raider come to a close whilst also making several announcements about the series' future and presenting multimedia to celebrate the longevity of the game series.

On February 26th 2010, the network saw the very first TEN Awards Ceremony, which celebrated the virtual series aired in the previous year. The following year, the second annual TEN Awards took place. An awards ceremony did not take place for the 2011 year until February 2013, where the voting covered series released in both 2011 and 2012.

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