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Created By: A. J. Black
Genre: Action
Running Time: 50-70 Pages
Seasons: Five
Status: Completed
Number of Episodes: 107
Series Debut: 12th March 2006
Series Finale: 1st January 2010

The DSR is a spinoff of popular television show Alias, and one of MZP's most widely-read virtual series. Set in the Aliasverse, it stars Josh Holloway as James 'Jai' Shaw, a hardened mercenary recruited, after the death of his wife and brother, into a top-secret government agency designed to investigate and combat paranormal/supernatural threats to national security. It concluded on January 1st 2010 after five seasons on air.




Cast and characters



Produced by Monster Zero Productions from 2006 onwards.

Season Synopses

Season 1

Main article: The DSR (Season 1)

Season One comprised of 22 episodes, premiering on March 12th, 2006. Wanted thief and mercenary James 'Jai' Shaw begins working for the DSR (Department of Special Research) after they offer him the chance to destroy the Ahnenerbe, an occult Nazi organisation responsible for the murder of his wife. The season shows Jai's difficulty in adjusting to his new position as field team leader, secrets and machinations between the various operatives in the DSR, before revealing hints regarding the mysterious history of Jai's family and indeed the fate of a brother the Ahnenerbe left for dead. Events climax in the mythical land of Shambhala, where Jai faces multiple confrontations.

Season 2

Main article: The DSR (Season 2)

Season Two comprised of 22 episodes, premiering on April 29th, 2007. A core component of the season revolves around Jai coming to terms with what happened in Shambhala and the effect it has on him. New characters are introduced, some die, and certain background players gain greater focus. The vampire and werewolf worlds of the Brotherhood and Lupans, as introduced in the first season, play a large part in the season's mythology. The climax becomes a race to prevent the invocation of a prophecy leaving the fate of numerous characters open. In the very final scene, the show time jumps eight months ahead.

Season 3

Main article: The DSR (Season 3)

Season Three comprised of 23 episodes, premiering on January 27th, 2008. The story advances via the time jump, with the largest number of new major and supporting character introductions yet. The DSR itself moves location and Jai, the only one unaware of the changes, has to re-adjust to an entirely new scenario. A major new source of villainy, the 'Deck of 52', are introduced - as is the 'Trust', a group within US government now connected to the DSR. The season ends with a huge battle for the fate of the DSR and Jai finding what, to him, would be paradise.

Season 4

Main article: The DSR (Season 4)

Season Four comprised of 20 episodes, and premiered on January 25th, 2009 with a three-part opening premiere 'event'. According to creator A. J. Black, the season will connect back to unresolved character/mythology questions from Season Two, introduce yet more new characters and "see the DSR facing not only enemies from without, but within".

Season 5

Main article: The DSR (Season 5)

Season Five consisted of 20 episodes. It premiered on October 3rd 2009 and concluded on January 1st 2010. It featured the show's 100th episode, for which creator A. J. Black promised "a treat for those invested in the show's mythology". It's was the final season of the show.



It is notable that this show currently has two spin-offs, Schism and Walker, and a third has been hinted at by parent show creator A. J. Black for some time in 2010. It is tied as the virtual series with the most spin-offs with MZP's Buffy Virtual Continuation, which spawned the series Faith and Slayer Academy.

Widely known as one of MZP's most popular series, The DSR placed 4th in a poll of MZP's Most Popular Series in June 2009.

It is also the first series on MZP, and indeed the first ever scripted virtual series, to reach it's 100th episode, just beating out Slayer Academy which is due to air it's 100th episode in 2010.

Critical Reception

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