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The Company
Created By: Sarah-Jane Sheppard
Genre: Supernatural Drama
Running Time: 50-70 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Current Season: Third
Status: Currently Airing
Number of Episodes: 36 (so far)
Series Debut: 3rd September 2006

The Company is a dramatic MZP virtual series, created by Sarah-Jane Sheppard. It stars Vanessa Lengies as Vi Morgan. It is currently being written solo by showrunner Sarah-Jane Sheppard. Its current third season is slated to be its last.

The series centres around Vi Morgan, an Australian teenager who has recently moved to Garreton, Australia. Soon after moving in, she dies - and is brought back to life as an employee of The Company, a mysterious group responsible for the repairing of broken connections.


Vanessa Lengies as Vi Morgan
Justin Bartha as Andrew Friar
Johnny Lewis as Shane Evans
Rose Byrne as Jenna Cooke
Dennis Haysbert as Alistair Benson
Bill Campbell as Peter Morgan
David Dorfman as Cameron Morgan
Bonnie Hunt as Caroline Morgan
Alyson Michalka as Bianca Parry
Christopher Eccleston as Sidney Dobbs (series regular 2008-)
Elizabeth Harnois as Penny Morgan (series regular 2006-2008, guest star thereafter)
Penn Badgely as Erin Fowler (series regular 2006-2008, guest star thereafter)

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