The Bounty

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The Bounty
The Bounty intertitle
Created By: Jeffrey Moore
Genre: Drama
Starring: Moon Bloodgood
Cary Elwes
John Goodman
Running Time: 60 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Status: In Production
No. of Seasons: 1
No. of Episodes: 10 (List of episodes)
Series Debut: 2011
Network: MZP-TV

The Bounty is a drama web series created and produced by Jeffrey Moore. The series is currently in development at MZP-TV. It will premiere during 2011.

Set in Flagstaff, Arizona, ""The Bounty" is the story of Sierra (Moon Bloodgood), a bounty hunter who hunts down fleeing criminals with her ex-husband (Cary Elwes). Her father is killed at the beginning of the series. She vows to find the murderer, balancing this search with her family life, and continuing her work for Morgan Bail Bonds.



The series is set in and around Flagstaff, Arizona.

MZP-TV has ordered ten episodes for the first season. They are currently in production and will be aired in 2011.


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Main Cast

Moon Bloodgood as Sierra
Cary Elwes as Michael
John Goodman as Rick Morgan

Recurring Cast

Tom Selleck as Cole
Bruce McGill as Keith Malone
Garret Dillahunt as Wyatt


Season One (2011)

Main article: The Bounty (season one)


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The Bounty
Creator: Jeffrey Moore
Characters: Sierra - Michael - Rick Morgan - Cole - Keith Malone - Wyatt
Episodes: Season 1

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