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The VPN (previously The Virtual Productions Network), is a virtual series network founded and run by Chris Davis & Jack D. Malone, and original launched in October of 2008. The network contains a variety of shows within its current lineup, showcasing both original series' and series' based on existing properties; offering genres such as Action, Comedy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Drama.


The History

The VPN first opened its doors in early October of 2008 under its original creator, Chris Davis, a young aspiring writer in hopes to create a fresh, online community for writers and readers alike. The network launched with three core shows; Faith the Vampire Slayer, Gifted and V.A.M.P. Since then, its lineup and membership has changed dramatically and is still growing.


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The network launched in 2008 with Faith the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Gifted: The Original Series, and V.A.M.P. The network was heavily geared toward the supernatural drama genre, and didn't go out that field for its first few months online. In 2009, shows such as Gifted: The Reboot , Fabulous Cordy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Connor, The Path Not Taken, Story of a Girl, Winchester and X-Men: Legends were picked up, which expanded the network, in terms of genre. Finally, in 2010, the network opened up a more original lineup with Watchdogs, Thoughts Without Thinking, Trinity, Watchtower and The Protectors.

In 2011, due to a major network change, many of theVPN's series' (Jossverse series, X-Men: Legends, Story of a Girl, etc.) were forced to be canceled, leaving shows like Watchtower, Trinity, The Protectors, Winchester and The Path Not Taken in the lineup, while adding Edge of Vision, The Outcasts, and Archangel. On November 7th 2011, Network executives landed on Amin Caluk and Carey Broadbent Horror series Land Of the Living Dead, and Maddie Funderburg's Age of Heroes which was to be VPN's first original spin-off. Finally after three years of being on Hiatus, Winchester finally aired it's first episode Setember 23rd 2011, not before taking another break and returning January 2012.

In 2012 the Network picked up the pace on green-lighting shows and added to its line up: Bad Wolf, The Super Teens, Bitten, and Sailor Moon. The VPN also opened a webisode section to the network and has since began production of three shows Hellbound, Audition, and The Remnants.

The popular show The Outcasts announced it was re-booting into a new series and finished its original run during the summer of 2012 with plans for a new season to debut in the Fall. The Doctor Who spin-off, Bad Wolf, began airing episodes June 3, 2012. Two shows, one Carey Broadbent's Horror anthology series The Void and MJ Calder's Little Red were added to the line-up in 2012.

In early 2013, Tom East's half-hour dramedy Easy was picked up to air later in the year.

Cancellations and Hiatuses

In 2008, V.A.M.P, from showrunner Brian Melanson was canceled due to low readership.

In 2009, Gifted: The Original Series was canceled and rebooted by the original creator. The reboot was added to the 2010 lineup but failed to appear. Connor was also canceled after a 3 episode run. After only airing 7 of its scheduled 22 episodes, Angel series developer Jack Malone decided to bring the series to an end. In December of 2009 Fabulous Cordy aired it's final episode. Than at an unknown time later the popular series Faith the Vampire Slayer, Watchdogs, Story Of A Girl and Thoughts Without Thinking vanished from the lineup.

In 2011 after airing a somewhat unsuccessful Pilot, series Creator Brian Melanson and Network executives decided to cancel the sci-fi Original series The Protectors.

In 2012, Land of the Living Dead was canceled after only two episodes aired, and Age of Heroes was canceled by the showrunner before it could premiere.

In 2013, the creation of EVPtv led to several shows leaving theVPN: Bad Wolf, Bitten, The Outcasts and Little Red. At the same time, Edge of Vision and The Remnants disappeared from the line-up.

Current Lineup


Show Name Showrunner Current Season Current Day of Airing
Trinity Karl Hurd Season Two Mondays
Watchtower Jack Malone Season Three Mondays
The Super Teens Brady Brown Season One Tuesday

Drama & Comedy

Show Name Showrunner Current Season Current Day of Airing
Winchester Matthew James & Chris Davis Season One Thursday
The Path Not Taken Brian Melanson Season Two Thursday
Easy Tom East Season One Sunday


Show Name Showrunner Current Season Current Day of Airing
The Void Carey Broadbent Season One Friday


Show Name Showrunner Current Sequence Current Day of Airing
Hellbound Chris Davis & Jack Malone Sequence One Fridays
Audition Brady Brown Sequence Two Thursdays

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