Star Trek: Frontiers

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Star Trek: Frontiers
The Frontiers logo!
Created By: Joshua D. Maley
Genre: Science Fiction
Running Time: 1 Hour / 55 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Current Season: Season 1
Status: Forthcoming
Number of Episodes: 47
Series Debut: April 3, 2009

Star Trek: Frontiers is a virtual spin-off of the popular Star Trek franchise. It is currently hosted at MZP and was created by Joshua D. Maley. Its staff currently includes Craig McCue, Jaron Hatch, Henrik Antonnen, and CG artist Paul Weaver. Jay Everington also serves as a creative consultant.

The series originally launched in 2004 and has released over 40 episodes to date. However, with its move to MZP, Frontiers will begin fresh, airing a newly re-written pilot episode in April and subsequently releasing updated versions of itx existing catalogue of scripts. Following this, a fourth and final season will air.

Star Trek: Frontiers is generally regarded by its long-time readers as a logical continuation of its televised forebears, carrying on the spirit and humanity of the classic series as well as Star Trek: The Next Generation. At the same time, the show's writers create involved story arcs that span several episodes, infusing a more modern storytelling sensibility into the classic action/adventure premise.

The series follows Kyle Sito, newly appointed Captain of the USS Enterprise and tasked with leading the Federation's first true mission beyond our own galaxy, to the distant M106. Joining Sito is one of the most diverse crews ever featured in a Star Trek series, including Commander Bruce Andrade, the sultry Lt. Commander Salea, Peridonis'Alya, a female Jem'Hadar, Ambassador Koth, a Klingon who follows the long abandoned Catholic faith, a Romulan physician named Kaol, the cantankerous Tellarite, Rikilis, the young and inexperienced Ensign Celeste Kelly, and his trusted friend, Jennifer Morgan.

Also accompanying Sito, Commander Marissa Lighthart and a crew of brilliant engineers, who will construct a series of transwarp hubs allowing much faster travel between distant locations. This network of hubs, dubbed The Frontiers Project, is hoped to jump start a failing economy and establish trade and new alliances. Yet not everyone agrees with this approach, and our galaxy is about to face a major crisis.

Frontiers is set to debut on April 3, 2009 with the revised version of the pilot episode, Faithfulness the Best Relation.

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