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Spider-Man: Gifts & Curses
Created By: Jay Everington
Genre: Action/Drama
Running Time: 50-60 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Current Season: Two
Status: Seasonal Hiatus
Number of Episodes: 13 (so far)
Series Debut: Fall 2007

Spider-Man: Gifts & Curses is a dramatic MZP virtual series, created by Jay Everington. Its staff currently includes Jamel Baker, Rich Gentile, J.B. Gibson, Rob Kenneth, Harrison Cartwright, Colby Pryor, and Rob Torres.

The series is an adaptation/re-imagining of Spider-Man, and centers around Peter Parker (Dustin Milligan), who after being bitten by a genetically-altered spider on a school field trip, develops amazing abilities and becomes the web-swinging crimefighter Spider-Man. Also featured in the series are Mary Jane Watson (Scout Taylor-Compton), Peter's former childhood friend, whom he begins to reconcile with in the pilot; Eddie Brock (Lucas Black), who befriends Peter early-on, and Gwen Stacy (Amber Heard), who like Peter has lost her parents.

Other prominent characters include OsCorp owner/CEO Norman Osborn (Adrian Pasdar), Daily Bugle intern Robbie Robertson (Elimu Nelson); Peter's aunt May Parker (Joanna Cassidy), S.H.I.E.L.D. head Nick Fury (Avery Brooks), and New York crime lord Wilson Fisk (Jonathan Breck).


Season One

Season One of Gifts and Curses began production in July of 2005 but was put on hold until the following year. In the summer of 2006 show creator and runner Jay Everington contacted all of the people who were involved and let them know that production was going to indeed continue. After some discussion, Jay decided to attempt to pitch the show with Monster Zero Productions in September to have it picked up in November. Full production of season one resumed once it was green-lit with MZP.

Gifts and Curses aired it's first episode in September to pretty good reviews. The first four episode arc received positive marks as Peter's transformation into Spider-Man both figuratively and literally was explored. Additionally the introduction of several recurring characters, such as Norman Osborn and Nick Fury, as well as developing plot threads involving the Renaissance story kept fans of the show interested.

After episode 1.08, some critics felt that the quality of the show tapered off some, for which the producers took responsibility, citing lack of in-depth planning like with the first half of the season. After the end of the season, these criticisms as well as those of the show isolating the cast into groups were addressed and promised to be fixed in season two.

Season Two

Season two began production about a month after the end of season one. The first thing that producers wished to do was to fix some of the problems readers had mentioned with season one, so they set to outlining season two with those issues being at the forefront of plotting and was originally slated for a January, 2009 airing.

After some time, production slowed for various reasons and the air date of Season Two was pushed back to Summer/Fall of 2009.

Episode List

Season One:

Episode Number Title Writer Airdate
1 1x01 Gifts Jay Everington September 5th, 2007
Peter Parker begins his junior year at Midtown High, but little does he know his life will never be the same again. Meanwhile, internal shake-up's within OsCorp lead to progress on the mysterious Project: Renaissance.
2 1x02 Curses Jay Everington September 12th, 2007
In the midst of personal tragedy, Peter discovers his new abilities. Meanwhile, Norman Osborn gets some disturbing news regarding a leak in Project: Renaissance. Little does he know, the secret to unlocking the serum lies with recently fired project lead Mac Gargan, who has an agenda all his own.
3 1x03 Renaissance J.B. Gibson & Jay Everington September 19th, 2007
Peter must cope with his Uncle Ben's death, while at the same time dealing with his newfound abilities. Meanwhile, Wilson Fisk continues his hunt for the Renaissance serum, and Nick Fury pays a personal visit to OsCorp in regards to the Gargan incident.
4 1x04 Revelations Jamel Baker & J.B. Gibson & Jay Everington September 26th, 2007
When the identity of Ben's killer is discovered, Peter attempts to track him down, but is he prepared for what he may find? And just what's in the mysterious package sent to the Bugle with Spidey's name on it? Meanwhile, Gwen overhears her foster parents second-guessing their decision to take her in, and finds comfort in the last place she would ever expect.
5 1x05 Blitz Jay Everington October 10th, 2007
Star football player Alex Sytesvich goes down with a serious neck injury, but thanks to a dangerous new experimental steroid, based in part on the Renaissance serum, he is able to make a full recovery. But what's the downside? Meanwhile, Gwen attempts to return a favor by helping Eddie through some difficult times, but is he willing to accept?
6 1x06 Soliders J.B. Gibson & Jay Everington & Harrison Cartwright October 17th, 2007
The strange headaches and trouble sleeping Peter's been experiencing may be a sign of more than stress. With Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. hot on his trail Peter is one step ahead, but how long can he keep them at bay?
7 1x07 Heroes J.B. Gibson October 24th, 2007
With Peter in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and the public reaction to Spider-Man's arrest at a boiling point, will he make it out in time to prevent the situation from getting even worse? Meanwhile, trapped in the riots, Gwen and Eddie try to make it out alive while Mary Jane and May are left with an empty bed and a missing Peter to worry about.
8 1x08 Vengeance Robert Kenneth & Jay Everington November 7th, 2007
Peter and Robbie track a series of brutal killings seemingly aimed at organized crime to ex-Marine Frank Castle, who is dead-set on killing the man he believes to be the Kingpin: Wilson Fisk. Can Spider-Man prevent a chaotic situation from becoming deadly?
9 1x09 Addicted Jamel Baker & Jay Everington November 14th, 2007
A dangerous drug, laced with Renaissance, begins circulating through the city. The situation hits home when Liz Allen becomes addicted and develops strange new abilities. Meanwhile, Craig Watson receives a job offer from the last person he would ever expect...
10 1x10 X Harrison Cartwright November 28th, 2007
When Midtown student Bobby Drake discovers he's a mutant, the buzz around school is intense. Peter however, is concerned for Bobby and must track him down before he gets involved with the wrong people. Meanwhile, Robbie uncovers disturbing information regarding Wilson Fisk and Norman Osborn is summoned by Nick Fury.
11 1x11 Memories J.B. Gibson & Jay Everington January 2nd, 2008
When Peter undergoes a psych evaluation for S.H.I.E.L.D. he is forced to confront feelings he thought were long-since buried. Meanwhile, Robbie and Craig go undercover in search of evidence against Wilson Fisk.
12 1x12 Tonight Ernesto Chapa January 9th, 2008
School's out and the gang decide to take a night out - and off for Peter - but there may be more going on than meets the eye as someone is being tracked by... the Chess Club?
13 1x13 Lockdown Jay Everington January 16, 2008
In the wake of the previous night's shocking events, Peter and Robbie frantically work to prevent a dangerous situation from becoming deadly, but when some familiar foes become involved, things take an even more dangerous turn. One that will change everything.

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