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Somewhere InBetween
Created By: Lee A. Chrimes
Genre: Supernatural Drama
Running Time: 40-60 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Current Season: Fifth
Status: Airing
Number of Episodes: 88 (so far)
Series Debut: November 6th 2004
Series Returned: November 4th 2006


Somewhere InBetween is the longest-running original show at MZP, and is the first show on the virtual network to achieve a third season. It's a supernatural drama based around its own brand of the vampire mythology, and charts the trials of Chris Berkeley, a man changed into halfway between a human and a monster following a savage attack, and his sidekick Twist McFadden, a resurrected vampire herself, as they search for the cure for Chris' condition.

So far, the duo have gained more colleagues as they've encountered a 'rebel' vampire underground (one determined to live peacefully alongside humans) that introduced them to Danyael Norton, a vampire DJ and rebel spokesperson, then an old friend of Chris' in the form of Julie Kingston, a former doctor with knowledge of the supernatural. They've also battled foes from Chris' arch-nemesis Malkuth, a half-demonic gangster with a magical connection to Chris, Dr. Angus Parker, a brilliant scientist who has pledged himself to wipe out everything non-human from the face of the Earth, Vivian Taylor, Chris' former partner (and also a vampire), and Jacques Manon, a French occultist turned parasitically-controlled warlock.







Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Chris Berkeley (Trent Reznor).
Chris Berkeley (Trent Reznor).

Christopher Berkeley is half vampire. The good half, with the strength, regenerative powers and speed of mankind's natural predator, with only some of the weaknesses. Chris was turned thirty years ago by ancient and powerful vampire elder Sanctus, able to save his humanity and stop the process by use of his extensive knowledge of healing magics, warding spells and everything he could lay his hands on to help.

Twist McFadden (Katherine Towne).
Twist McFadden (Katherine Towne).

He is helped on his quest by Twist McFadden, a vampire who fell in with the wrong crowd at a young age, but met her end when she tried to save her baby sister from the rest of her vampire gang. Executed by her former lover, Twist was chained to a hilltop and left to burn in the rays of the morning sun - but things didn't end there, as Twist awoke to find herself in Hell! Twist ended up in a personally-designed chamber that brought her worst fear to life, until she was accidentally summoned back to Earth by Chris after one of his spells misfired. Seeing the cure and the chance to help the helpless alongside Chris as her hope of paying off her karmic debts, so that when she dies again she can stay out of the welcome party waiting down in Hell, she became his sidekick and ally.

Danyael Norton (Ville Valo).
Danyael Norton (Ville Valo).
Dr. Julie Kingston (Maura Tierney).
Dr. Julie Kingston (Maura Tierney).

Along the way they picked up two new recruits - vampire DJ and resistance spokesperson Danyael Norton, and doctor turned occult specialist Julie Kingston. Together, the team discovered that there was another route to finding the cure - an ancient healing device, its parts split up and spread across the globe, but if reconstructed could be the answer Chris has been looking for...

A surprise reappearance by Sanctus, bringing with him seasoned warrior Diego, brought the team's attention to a new menace - Jacques Manon, a French warlock who was last seen getting sucked into a distant dimension filled with horrific beasts known as the Skorpione.

Diego (Chris Cornell).
Diego (Chris Cornell).

Somehow, Manon had managed to claw his way back into our world more powerful than ever, and with an army of Skorpione just waiting for him to unleash them on the world! A new player entered the game as the team encountered Dr. Parker, a brilliant scientist who inherited the network of research labs left vacant by the retired David Osbourne and his team, turning the resources at his disposal to finding new ways to study and then destroy the underworld threat.

Syren (Fiona Apple).
Syren (Fiona Apple).

Parker was not what he seemed, however, and with a secret alliance with Chris' first partner, vampire and long-standing nemesis Vivian Taylor led Parker to manipulate the team into doing his dirty work for him. Chris was marooned on a mysterious island where he encountered the enigmatic Syren, a young girl with extraordinary magical powers but no memory of her past. The reunited team escaped from Parker's labs (though with the loss of rogue psychic Lizzie Duncan when she sacrificed herself to break Twist out of a coma Parker had put her into) and raced to stop Manon opening a network of portals across the globe, ready to set his armies of Skorpione loose on the planet...

Manon was defeated, but the fatally wounded Chris gave his life to defeat him, hurling them both through another portal moments before Manon's entire base self-destructed. Six months after, Twist is still leader of the group.


(Season One Synopsis Forthcoming)

Season 1: 2004-2005

1x01 "Introductions" (November 6th 2004)

by Lee A. Chrimes

When part man, part vampire Chris Berkeley accidentally summons damned vampire Twist McFadden back out of Hell, has he gained a new ally or yet another complication in his already turbulent life?

1x02 "Part-Time Nemesis" (November 13th 2004)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Chris and Twist head out on their first mission together, as Chris tries to settle an old score with demon gangster Malkuth. But what is the secret behind the mysterious power Malkuth seems to have over Chris?

1x03 "The Art Of Keeping Secrets" (November 20th 2004)

by Lee A. Chrimes

A brief stop in Washington to attend an auction for occult books leads to the discovery of more sinister business in the area, and Chris and Twist find themselves dragged into things once again with a cult bent on resurrecting someone pretty nasty...

1x04 "As Seen On TV" (November 27th 2004)

by Lee A. Chrimes

As a dangerous bounty hunter is set on their trail, Chris and Twist find themselves the unwelcome subjects of local TV coverage as they fight for their lives!

1x05 "Keep My Dream Alive" (December 4th 2004)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Investigating a chain of grisly Seattle murders with an old detective friend, Chris meets a nightclub singer with underground connections that bring a new revelation to the half-vampire's world.

1x06 "Fish Out Of Water" (December 11th 2004)

by Lee A. Chrimes

On the trail of a healer who keeps a huge library of valuable books and spells, Twist gets a chance to let her hair down at a top Hollywood nightspot, but it isn't long before someone shows up to spoil the party...

1x07 "No Signal" (December 18th 2004)

by Ian Austin & Lee A. Chrimes

A mysterious power blackout leaves Houston as the target for a huge gang of looters, but when demons and vampires start showing up too, Chris and Twist start to realise there's more behind this than they thought!

1x08 "Can't Stop" (Jaunary 8th 2005)

by Ian Austin

When an attempt to cast a locator spell backfires, Twist finds herself trapped out of dimensional sync with Chris, but as other forces start to get involved that becomes the least of the duo's problems...

1x09 "Turn It Up" (Jaunary 15th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

While looking for some work in Atlanta, Twist tracks down a DJ she used to be a huge fan of in her youth, and finds that not only is he a vampire, he's also the unofficial spokesman for the rebel movement. He has many enemies, however, as the duo soon find out!

1x10 "Bring The Noise" (Jaunary 22nd 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Phase Two of Malkuth's plan goes into operation as Chris, Twist and Danyael start off trying to locate a missing wicca and end up trying to stop an offensive to wipe out all the rebel vampire bases in the Minnesota area!

1x11 "I'm Dying" (Jaunary 29th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Chris wakes one morning feeling strangely rough, and as his condition worsens and his grip on reality starts to disintegrate, Twist is asked to call in an old friend of his to see what she can do to help - enter Chicago-based Dr. Julie Kingston.

1x12 "Make Me Bad" (February 5th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

As the gravely wounded Julie is rushed to hospital, Twist must track down the now almost-feral Chris and attempt to reverse the infection on his soul before he starts to claim innocent lives.

1x13 "Once Upon A Time In..." (February 12th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes & Ian Austin

Chris can't hide from Twist for long, and once she tracks him down, the two relive old adventures, Chris telling of the first time he met Julie and the time he lost his will to fight, while Twist reminds him of when he got his groove back and the night she realised she could be a hero.

1x14 "The Masterpiece" (February 19th 2005)

by Ian Austin

Chris takes Twist and Danyael out to meet Rengler, a renowned art dealer who seems to be keeping more than rare paintings hidden away inside his mansion.. and what consequences will Twist's dramatic vision affect their mission?

1x15 "Talk To Me" (February 26th 2005)

by Ian Austin & Lee A. Chrimes

The team must make another trip back into Rengler's manor house to try and force the maniacal art collector to reverse the spell. There's something more sinister afoot, however, and it has something to do with a locked room in the basement...

1x16 "Sunburn" (March 5th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes & Ian Austin

When Twist finds herself trapped out in the open on the sunniest day of the year, her natural instinct is to find somewhere dark to hide. But when Chris and Danyael fall foul of the local police force, she has to brave her fears before all three of them end up as toast!

1x17 "Harvest" (March 12th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Chris takes the team to Maryland, helping an old friend out with a series of mysterious deaths in the quiet town of Burnsborough while Danyael and Twist meet up with the local rebel group, trying to stop a demon gangster family overrunning the town.

1x18 "Place Your Hands" (March 19th 2005)

by Waylon Wyche

The team find themselves in Texas, Chris taking some interest in stories of a local faith healer who may actually be the real deal - but why do the healed keep disappearing after his shows?

1x19 "Everyone Else's Blues" (March 26th 2005)

by Waylon Wyche

Chris answers a distress call from a group of singers, who appear to have the power to ease a soul through their songs. One of the group has gone missing, and it's up to the team to track her down before the kidnappers carry out their threats.

1x20 "When You're Weak" (April 2nd 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

The team make their way to Osbourne Industries, an underground research laboratory doings its part to help the good guys in the fight against the darkness, as Malkuth debuts a trio of genetically-modified 'super-vampires.'

1x21 "Going Upstairs" (April 9th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

The team are split up as they try to escape the pursuing super-vampires and work out where Malkuth will strike next - but Twist is about to be told something incredible about herself!

1x22 "Boom Boom" (April 16th 2005) (Season Finale)

by Lee A. Chrimes

It's time for the finale. Chris and the team head to New York to try to stop Malkuth's plan - just as soon as they can figure out exactly what his plan is, of course!

Season 2: 2005-2006

2x01 "Hard-Headed Woman" (September 3rd 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

In the aftermath of Malkuth's attack on New York, Twist finds she has some blanks that need filling in as she pieces together what happened that night - three months ago!

2x02 "Blast From The Past" (September 10th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Twist catches up with an old college friend in trouble, and Chris encounters a woman he fought to save from a vicious killer years ago - but she isn't exactly pleased about how he left her...

2x03 "Double Dealing" (September 17th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

The team head to New Orleans to meet occult book dealer Jacques Manon, but an unusual burglary leads the team to a cavern on Manon's grounds and, predictably, yet more trouble!

2x04 "Frostbite" (September 24th 2005)

by Waylon Wyche

It's a trek out to Alaska as the team search for the next piece of the healing device, but they're not counting on its unusual guardians!

2x05 "Excuses" (October 1st 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Danyael gets a chance to shine as he investigates dark goings on in a strip club, while Chris and Twist fall out spectacularly when she loses some priceless books!

2x06 "The Modern Jane Eyre" (October 8th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Twist falls for a random stranger on a plane, and as her obsession with him grows, Danyael begins to suspect there may be another reason for her infatuation...

2x07 "Strays" (October 15th 2005)

story by Lee A. Chrimes & Will Turner, teleplay by Lee A. Chrimes

The team are trapped in a run down university building by a horde of vicious stray animals - but who or what are the creatures trying to kill?

2x08 "Beneath The Waves" (October 22nd 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Discovering a temple dedicated to an ancient cult that practised regeneration at the bottom of a lake, the team pack their scuba gear but find an unpleasant surprise lurking below the surface...

2x09 "Need Some Danger" (November 12th 2005)

story by Lee A. Chrimes & Will Turner, teleplay by Lee A. Chrimes

A pair of reckless young vampires, styling themselves on infamous outlaws Bonnie and Clyde, begin a trail of destruction across Miami, and at Danyael's request the team head over to help stop them!

2x10 "Barrel Of A Gun" (November 19th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Chris and his team are attacked, but following the assassin introduces them to an unexpected new player - can the hardline Dr. Parker be trusted?

2x11 "Sick Of You" (November 26th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Twist falls ill, and as her condition worsens, the team face a desperate race to find out what's killing her - who can they turn to for help?

2x12 "Lust For Afterlife" (December 3rd 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Vivian gets to work on converting Twist to her side - starting with a series of assassinations against a group of mystical beings. Will Chris be forced to deal with Twist, or is there some hope of rescuing her?

2x13 "City Of Lost Angels" (December 10th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Vivian moves on to the city of Shadow Haven, planning to wipe out a local group of demon hunters. Chris and the team are still in hot pursuit, but with each passing moment the chance of saving Twist slips away...

2x14 "Til Death Us Do Part" (December 17th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes & Will Adrian

As the battered team try to regroup after recent traumas, a figure from Julie's past returns to the scene - but it's the last person she expected to see!

2x15 "Bring Me Home" (December 24th 2005)

by Lee A. Chrimes

The team head to Canada as a series of large energy disturbances make themselves known, but the horrors waiting to be unleashed beyond them leads to an even more unwelcome surprise...

2x16 "Song Of The Syren" (January 14th 2006)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Marooned on a deserted island, Chris encounters a mysterious young woman on a mission for Parker - but the rest of the team are about to learn that the good doctor can't be trusted...

2x17 "Sundown" (January 21st 2006)

by Lee A. Chrimes

As Chris and the newly-christened Syren try to get back to civilisation, Twist discovers Parker's duplicity a little too late - and she's about to become the doctor's next experiment!

2x18 "Mental Block" (January 28th 2006)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Lizzie Duncan makes a return to try and help Twist recover from her injuries, but can the increasingly powerful psychic pull Twist together before she slips away for good?

2x19 "Test" (February 4th 2006)

by A.J. Black

Syren is given a dangerous mission - infiltrate the cabal of Wolsley, one of Manon's old enemies and try to win him over to the other team.

2x20 "Sing For Me" (February 11th 2006)

by A.J. Black

Syren finds she's going to need a little help from her friends as she hits more and more complications in her effort to convince Wolsley to join her team.

2x21 "Darkest Hours" (February 18th 2006)

by Lee A. Chrimes

As the team are torn apart by a series of planned attacks, who will be left to take the fight to Manon before he unleashes his devastating plan?

2x22 "No Comebacks" (February 25th 2006) (Season Finale)

by Lee A. Chrimes

Split up and beaten down, the team draw their line in the sand and try to bring down Manon before it's too late - but who will survive and what will be left of them?

Production notes



Lee A. Chrimes (Creator/Showrunner)

Creative firebrand behind this whole crazy scheme, Lee has been writing this show 'in one format or another' for almost four years now, finally having enough material to start assembling the season earlier this year, getting the site underway in September. Recruiting several more writers via the Monster Zero Productions site, he is now all set to bring you five(!) seasons of Somewhere InBetween. Consider yourself warned...

Episodes last season: 2x01, 2x02, 2x03, 2x05, 2x06, 2x07, 2x08, 2x09, 2x10, 2x11, 2x12, 2x13, 2x14 (co-write), 2x15, 2x16, 2x17, 2x18, 2x21, 2x22

Ian Austin (Producer - Season One)

Ian was part of the original SiB team, working on several Season One episodes and applying his own unique blend of humour to the mix. Creative differences left to him leaving the staff to work on his own show, Jackson Cruise.

Episodes in Season One: 1x07 (co-write), 1x08, 1x13 (co-write), 1x14, 1x15 (co-write), 1x16 (co-write)

Waylon Wyche (Producer - Seasons One & Two)

Waylon's first episodes for SIB were 1x18 'Place Your Hands' and 1x19 'Everyone Else's Blues,' and he remains on the staff for Season Two! A core member of the MZP Inner Circle, Waylon is working on the Buffy and Angel shows alongside Lee, and also has a slew of his own shows currently in production.

Episodes last season: 2x04

Will Turner (Producer - Season Two)

Will sorted out the initial stories for two episodes for Season Two, and hopefully will return again in the future. Will also has actual published success in the form of Mix Tape, a novel he put together, and you can find more details about it over at, or at Will's own site,

Episodes last season: 2x07 (story), 2x09 (story)

Tony Black (Producer - Seasons Two & Three)

Tony's a newcomer to the SiB staff, but has landed himself a plum assignment - a late season two-parter that gives new character Syren her turn in the spotlight, and sets up the dramatic events of the final two episodes! Over at MZP, Tony is hard at work on Alias spin off VS The DSR, the pilot for which has already attracted plenty of positive reviews and feedback.

Episodes last season: 2x19, 2x20

Will Adrian (Producer - Seasons Two & Three)

New boy Will is hard at work on his first solo episode for Season Three, and looks set to bring plenty of new and fresh ideas to the show. Will is also bringing together his own Jossverse show, Hero, charting the new challenges facing unlikely hero Lindsey McDonald.

Episodes last season: 2x14 (co-write)

Dino Leone (Staff Writer - Season Three)

Biog to follow.

Matthew John Latham (Producer - Season Three)

His work on the popular British witches 'n' wizards webseries Ravenshill got him into the world of writing, and now with a plum role helping develop Season Three, Matt's getting a chance to write for the show and characters he's admired for so long, as well as helping bring in a recurring guest character who may be familiar to some...

Claire Rooney (Consulting Producer - Season One)

Claire's sterling editing work transformed the first two episodes and gave the series the kick up the booty it needed to get moving again. Another MZP staffie, Claire is currently hard at work on her all-new Jossverse show, Fate, picking up the further adventures of Dawn Summers as she lives up to her purpose as 'The Key,' saving a multitude of worlds from the forces of darkness.

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