Sherlock Holmes

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Written by: Adam Scott
Produced by: A. J. Black
Genre: Drama/Mystery
Running Time: 125 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Released: October 2, 2008
Network(s): MZP-TV
Followed by: The Scandal in Bohemia

Sherlock Holmes is a drama/mystery film, written and directed by Adam Scott, and based on characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle. It bears no link to the Guy Ritchie, 2009 adaptation of the character, except the source material. A sequel to the film was produced, also airing on MZP-TV.



Recently returned from the British Army's campaign in Afghanistan, Dr John H Watson finds himself sharing a room at number 221-B Baker Street with a man who's name will go down in history as the greatest detective the world has ever seen - Mr Sherlock Holmes. Very quickly Watson is drawn into Holmes' complex world of crime and mystery - and a great partnership is formed as the two men take on a threat to the very heart of the British Empire...



Rather than simply be a straight-up adaptation of one Sherlock Holmes story, or use the characters in a completely original one, Scott chose to combine several stories: A Study in Scarlet, The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton, The Second Stain and The Adventure of the Bruce Paddington Plans.


The critical reaction to Adam Scott's Sherlock Holmes was universally positive. Readers and reviewers praised the plotting, dialogue, and characterisation. Comparisons were made to Batman Begins - an origin piece that lives up to the source material while throwing in an original spin. A. J. Black said "Adam captures the characters, the period feel and creates a thrilling, twisty-turny narrative in the process. I honestly think Conan-Doyle would approve."


see: Sherlock Holmes and the Scandal in Bohemia.

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