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Created by: Angelo Shrine
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 60 Minutes
Format: Script / PDF
Current Season: Season Four
Status: Completed
No. of Seasons: 4
No. of Episodes: 47
Series Debut: June 1, 2008
Series End: May 8, 2011
Series Theme: "Miracle Worker"
Jeff Beal
Network: MZP-TV

Shackles was an hour-long virtual web series that ran from 2008-2011 on MZP-TV. It was created by Angelo Shrine, who also created the hit virtual series, Eternity, as well as the comedy Weeki Wachee.


Official Synopsis

The gift of healing has been passed through the Epoch family for many generations. Though it’s not hereditary -- the gift must be physically given from one person to another, or else the gift will die out. Epoch was given the gift from his father on his father’s deathbed, and Epoch promised to give it away to his own son when the time came. But Epoch’s son ran away, and with no one else to pass the gift along to, the gift died out along with him. And that’s when something terrible happened.

Because the gift died out, so too did its effect on everyone who had been healed by it. Every person who Epoch ever saved now became “poisoned” by its effects.

These everyday people soon became the epitome of human monsters, killing everyone and everything in their path, and seeking nothing more than to do harm unto the world that they once called home.

With these people -- The Poisoned -- now running amok, it’s up to the Truant family to stop them. Can they overcome their own convoluted histories and work together, or will they remain shackled by the past? Season One focuses exclusively on the Truant family, and their Team's quest to rid the world of a group of human monsters known as The Poisoned. But there are also flashbacks interspersed throughout, as we are shown how Epoch healed each of The Poisoned.

With his release from prison, Duncan Truant is immediatley thrust into a world of monstrous chaos. Believing that Duncan possesses some knowledge on The Poisoned, his mother Matilda orders his early release, on the condition that he joins her team. Duncan hesitantly obeys, even while it seems that his true intention now that he's free is to put his family back together -- his wife Pumpkin and his son Brett. Pumpkin was on a game show several years back, where she won millions, so the days of living in a trailer park are long behind them.

Each episode focuses on the the Poisoned of the Week, as we see in flashbacks how they were initially healed by Milgate Epoch. Epoch is a unique character to the series, as it's his death that opens the show in the very first scene. Shackles is a series that traverses both time and space, in an effort to tell the complete story of each Poisoned soul -- from beginning to end.

Shackles premiered in the summer season of 2008 at virtual network MZP where it aired and continues to air, on Sundays.


Season One

see: Shackles (Season 1)

Shackles began airing on June 1st, 2008 on Monster Zero Productions. The first season ran for 11 episodes. The first season, like all others, ran uninterupted from the premiere to the finale. Season 1 ended on August 24th. Season 1 of Shackles remains to be the first and only season of the show to have shorts written. There were 6 shorts throughout Season 1. The first three aired between Episode 4 and 5. The other three aired between Episode 8 and 9.

Season Two

see: Shackles (Season 2)

Season 2 of Shackles premiered on January 4th, 2009. However, on January 1st, a special Shackles Recap of Season 1 aired. The second season aired 11 episodes, with 1 recap episode, bringing the total for the season to 12. Season 2 brought a minor change to the staff of the series. C.D. Howard departed at the conclusion of the first season, allowing Robert L. Torres to come aboard as the new Executive Producer. The season finale aired on March 15th, 2009.

Season Three

see: Shackles (Season 3)

Season 3 of Shackles premiered on July 5th, 2009. However, a recap episode aired on July 1st. There were 11 episodes and a recap episode in Season 3. The third season brough many changes to the series, with 4 new main characters joining the show. Season 3 ended on September 20th, 2009.

Season Four

see: Shackles (Season 4)

The fourth season of the hit MZP-TV series Shackles premiered February 1, 2011. Robert L. Torres returned as Executive Producer. The show concluded with its series final May 8, 2011.


Although creator Angelo Shrine writes all of the episodes of Shackles himself, he still gets help with the developement of the show in the form of Executive Producers.

External Links

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