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Sayber Space Productions is a virtual series production house founded by JJ Estes. It produces a small number of original shows and has often been characterized by Estes as the "indie board" of virtual production communities. Sayber Space is characterized by its small stable of writers and its requirement that all series produced by the board be entirely original. In January of 2007, Sayber Space Productions merged with Blackster Virtual Community.




Sayber Space Productions was founded in February 2004 as a rebirth of Estes' previous development board, used for collaboration with other writers for his email publication of the same name. The board was created to allow Estes a platform from which to develop, promote, and collaborate on virtual series. The actual Sayber Space label dates back further, to 2002, when Estes began publishing prose stories monthly via email under the Sayber Space name. Sayber Space was created predominantly for Estes to develop his series Guardians with a staff of other writers. Later the board was opened for more writers to develop their own projects on, though only a small number of shows ever resided on the board.

Early History

Sayber Space Productions originally consisted of three members and one series. Aside from Estes, Lee A. Chrimes and a writer who went by the pseudonym Shadows were among the original staff. Shadows left early, and Estes and Chrimes developed the Guardians series by themselves, producing ten of the eleven aired episodes between the pair. The single exception was produced by a late staff addition, T. Henrik Anttonen.


Anttonen's addition to the staff helped lead to the cancellation of the original Guardians series and the creation of Guardians: Outlook, a re-imagining of the original concept of Guardians meant to fix several of the problems of the original series created by the fast production, limited staff, and inexperienced showrunning that had affected the first series. During this time, George Willson joined the Guardians staff and his own virtual series, The Fempiror Chronicles, became a Sayber Space affiliate. Scripts from the re-imagined Guardians began airing in 2005.

Berserker TV

In April of 2006, Sayber Space absorbed Berserker TV, a smaller production board run by Ian Austin for the development and release of his virtual series, Jackson Cruise. Jackson Cruise became a Sayber Space series, and Austin quickly became the unofficial second-in-command of Sayber Space.

Poeroi CRM nowo for the Brain

In late 2006, Sayber Space absorbed Jordan Hyman's production board, Poeroi CRM nowo for the Brain, responsible for the virtual series Homeostasis. Homeostasis remained an MZP show outside the conditions of the merger.


In January of 2007, Sayber Space merged with Blackster Virtual Community, becoming a subdivision of the larger community. Sayber Space maintained it's running series and staff as well as it's individual label while producing its series exclusively for the BVC.

Originals Only Policy

While not an official policy during Sayber Space's early years, no virtual spin-offs or continuations lasted long on Sayber Space. Eventually, it was made an official rule that only original series would be produced by Sayber Space. Sayber Space's definition of "original" differs somewhat from other production boards. Some boards distinguish Buffyverse shows from other virtual continuations and spin-offs, where non-Buffyverse series are labeled as originals. Sayber Space didn't accept this definition, instead only series that were completely original, with no attachment to previously existing material (unless the creator also created that) accepted for production.

Virtual Series

Sayber Space has produced a small number of series, several of which never made it past the original development stages. Fempiror Chronicles, despite having being a mainstay on the Sayber Space forums, is independently developed by George Willson, and is not counted as a Sayber Space series.

  • Guardians - Sometimes referred to as "Guardians the Series" to distinguish it from it's successor, the series followed the crew of Earth's first interstellar craft, the Outlook, as they explored the galaxy in preparation to become the Guardians.
  • Guardians: Outlook - The re-imagined Guardians. This version of the series was written to fix a variety of problems found in the first incarnation of the series. It is a more mature, and a times darker, series than it's predecessor. The same overall storyline applies.
  • Jackson Cruise - A mythological sci-fi series, Jackson Cruise is known for it's complex back stories and the variety of styles creator Ian Austin experiments with. The series is most commonly associated with the flashback structure popularized by Lost.
  • The Little Guys - A series created by Ian Austin that focuses on people whose job it is to clean up after super hero/villain confrontations.
  • Threadbare - A fantasy series created by JJ Estes still in development stages.


There is a difference between being an SSP staff member and being a staff writer on an SSP show. Those recognized as SSP staff members generally are part of the core group, or those who are actively a part of Sayber Space's community.



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