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Rift was a show that aired on Monster Zero Productions during 2008 and was showrun by Daniel Loach. It was part of MZP's "Alternate Buffyverse" section. It premiered on September 3rd 2008 and was officially cancelled on April 17th 2009. It aired six episodes and two minisodes.



  • Daniel Loach -- Creator/Executive Producer
  • Rebekkah Grant -- Staff Writer
  • Tom East -- Staff Writer
  • Chris Nelson -- Minisode Writer


No. Episode Title Original Airdate Writer
1 The End September 3, 2008 Daniel Loach
2 Shadows September 10, 2008 Daniel Loach
3 Child's Play September 17, 2008 Daniel Loach
4 My Enemy's Enemy September 24th, 2008 Daniel Loach & Tom East
5 Shatterpoint October 1st, 2008 Daniel Loach
6 Into The Fire October 23rd, 2008 Rebbekah Grant & Daniel Loach

The End

A vampire cult attempt to raise their God, an ancient immortal vampire cast into the depths of hell, and they must be stopped. Whistler, a neutral demon, hunts down the closest thing he can to heroes in order to stop them, and in doing so selects his team for the final battle between good and evil.


Alex, Maria and Gwen wake up in a hellish version of Los Angeles, overrun with monstrous 'Shadowforms' and an army of demons. They have to fight to survive in this strange land, and fight for answers. Just what has happened to Los Angeles?

Child's Play

A demonic group is kidnapping the children of Champions. When a young mother asks Alex for help, and he refuses, her son is taken and now he’ll stop at nothing to get the children back.

My Enemy's Enemy

With Whistler held prisoner by the Cult of Amarra, Drake feels on top of the world, until an old ally overthrows him and takes over the Cult for himself. Drake turns to our heroes, asking for their help to return to power in exchange for their freedom.


A demon warrior is tearing up Los Angeles, Gwen and the others step up to stop him but in doing so they leave themselves open to attack from a demon they thought was long gone. Who can they trust when any one of them could be a demon in disguise?

Into The Fire

Alex and Drake find themselves in a hellish dimension faced with Amarra's brethren whilst Maria and Gwen do their best to find their teammate, raising a powerful demon. But besides Whistler there's someone else trying to stop them, prepared to kill if they have to.



Written By: Chris Nelson

A boy with a special talent finds himself lost in a strange city and an even stranger new world.

Into Every Generation

Written By: Daniel Loach

The story of the Slayers and the beginning of a journey...

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