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Written by: Tom East
Genre: Drama
Running Time: TBA
Format: Script/PDF
Released: TBA
Network(s): MZP-TV

Perfect is a drama movie written by Tom East, expected to be released in March 31, 2012. It is his first solo piece to be released on MZP-TV.



The pupils of Sunset Valley High School are about to get a big shock. The hottest actor in the business, Daniel Sheldon, is coming to their school for a question and answer session as well as a workshop with other professionals in the business. For Peter Walker and Dane Selford, it's their big chance to get noticed and get well on their way to becoming successful actors in their own right. For Jamie Barnes, it's the chance to get more friends in powerful places. However, not everybody can get what they want and rivalries begin to emerge between former friends. When Daniel leaves back for his home in Hollywood to be with his girlfriend and best friend, he might not be the only person leaving as their attempts to become perfect reach higher and more dangerous levels. Jealousies run rampage and it's not just the High School kids that fall prey to it. Tinseltown isn't the most glamorous place to be when the ugly truth comes out and some people aren't quite as innocent as they claim to be. With several of the kids dreaming big, others are overshadowed with their smaller dreams and a single mother struggles to hold her life together as everything she's ever known collapses around her and she's forced to face the idea that she might be losing her only son. Everybody dreams of having the perfect life but only a select few will go to such measures as to make sure they get it.


Production & Promotion

The movie was officially picked up for production on September 10th, 2011. The first draft was completed on November 15th. The original release date was February 14th 2012 but this was pushed back after the management in the movie department of MZPtv shifted. It was later announced that the movie was to be released on March 31st.

East and head of MZPtv's movie department Pete D. Gaskell held a live webchat on the 28th March as promotion for the movie. The webchat lasted approximately an hour and a half and featured East answering questions on the movie as well as offering advice to other writers seeking to write a movie-length script.


The film was beta-read by Chris Haigh and producer Li Robb to positive reviews.


  • Josh Hutcherson, who here plays Peter, is best known for his role in The Hunger Games as similarly named Peeta.
  • Nina Dobrev and Josh Hutcherson both play regular characters on East's TEN webisode series X-Men: Rebirth.

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