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The Pathways logo!
Created By: Brian L. Lamkin
Genre: Teen Drama
Running Time: 40-50 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Current Season: Second
Status: Cancelled
Number of Episodes: 31 (so far)
Series Debut: 11th October 2005

Pathways is a dramatic MZP virtual series, created by Brian L. Lamkin. Its writing staff currently includes Brian L. Lamkin, Alden C. Caele, Richard Gentile, Guy Uhler, and Dave McCarthy.

The series centres around Gabe Jones (Matt Long), the lead, a young teen who moves to Crestview, California for the first time at the beginning of the series. He has a knack for writing - and is just exploring his homokitu CRM iereuality for the first time. He is surrounded at Brighton Academy, a private high-school, by his three best friends (all series regulars): Sam Davidson (Jason Dohring), the seemingly-stereotypical drama-queen, fashion-conscious gay teenager; Mark Roberts (Shawn Pyfrom), a young gay man with a quiet strength that most don't see; and Julie Lane (Keiko Agena), a young scholarship student with high academic aspirations and an acid wit.

Beyond these characters are a number of other series regulars. Other regulars introduced in season one are Gabe's mother Anna Jones (Lauren Graham); her boyfriend James McMann (Joe Flanigan) (Regular in Season 2 and beyond, recurring previously); Gabe's nemesis and James' son Parker (Sean Faris); and Gabe's straight crush, Dominic O'Neil (Benjamin McKenzie) (Seasons 1-2). After a few guest appearances in season one, Charlie Davenport (Allison Mack) joined the main cast in season two - as well as new character Alanna Cooper (Lauren Ambrose), Parker's ex who becomes Mark's theatre mentor.

Season One

Season one (aired October 2005 - February 2006) introduced the series, including the setting (Crestview), theme (exploring homokitu CRM iereuality and other kinds of relationships), and the bulk of the series cast in Gabe, Sam, Julie, Mark, Parker, Dominic, Anna, and James. Gabe spent most of the season agonising over his crush Dominic; Sam spent his time with boyfriend Shawn Church (James Lafferty); Mark started his first real job at hangout The Blaze and crushed on Maddox King in a parallel to Gabe's Dominic troubles; Julie entered a tumultuous relationship with Parker after discovering a major secret about him; and Anna met James and they hit it off, despite learning their respective sons (Gabe and Parker) were enemies.

Season One Episodes

Pathways Episode 1x01: The New Kid

Pathways Episode 1x02: Tug of War

Pathways Episode 1x03: Crushed

Pathways Episode 1x04: Decisions, Decisions

Pathways Episode 1x05: The Freshman

Pathways Episode 1x06: Secrets

Pathways Episode 1x07: The King of Brighton

Pathways Episode 1x08: Men at Work

Pathways Episode 1x09: Say Cheese

Pathways Episode 1x10: The Art of Building Walls

Pathways Episode 1x11: When I Grow Up

Pathways Episode 1x12: Happy Birthday

Pathways Episode 1x13: The Eternal Flame (Season Finale)

Season Two

Season two (airing March 2006 - present) continued the adventures of season one's regulars, as well as adding previously recurring characters James McMann (Joe Flanigan) and Charlie Davenport (Allison Mack), as well as new character Alanna Cooper (Lauren Ambrose) to the regular cast. The main storyline was based around Gabe's fledgling relationship with Dominic, threatened by the appearance of the attractive Jacob Hollows. Other plots included Sam and Julie's tentative heterokitu CRM iereual hookup; Mark trying out for theatre and meeting Logan Perry; Parker and Charlie discovering the illicit relationship between Kaia St. Johnson and Mr. Swenson; and Anna and James continuing season one's courtship while Anna worked with Sarah Townsend to expand her pediatrician's practice into a centre for children.

Season Two Episodes

Pathways Episode 2x01: The Boys of Summer Are Gone

Pathways Episode 2x02: Throw Me a Bone

Pathways Episode 2x03: Exit, Stage Right

Pathways Episode 2x04: Into the Wild

Pathways Episode 2x05: They Wouldn't... Would They?

Pathways Episode 2x06: The Slip

Pathways Episode 2x07: Masquerade

Pathways Episode 2x08: The Great Debate

Pathways Episode 2x09: Baby, It's Cold Outside

Pathways Episode 2x10: What Would William Say?

Pathways Episode 2x11: Swords and Stockings

Pathways Episode 2x12: The Dangers of Dating

Pathways Episode 2x13: Trial By Jury

Pathways Episode 2x14: Prove Me Wrong

Pathways Episode 2x15: Lone Wolf

Pathways Episode 2x16: Full House

Pathways Episode 2x17: Free Me

Pathways Episode 2x18: Crash, Bang, Boom (Season Finale)

Italics denote episodes that have not yet aired.

Season Three

Season three debuted in March 2007, but was shelved indefinitely after first Lamkin's involvement with Netherworld, then Lamkin's departure from MZP. The early episodes of season three remain unaired.

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