My Own Private High Fidelity

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Writer: Lee A. Chrimes
Genre: Black Comedy
Running Time: 143 pages
Format: Script/PDF
Released: 2003
Network(s): MZP-TV

My Own Private High Fidelity is a semi-autobiographical film, written and directed by Lee A. Chrimes. The title is inspired by two other movies: the Gus Van Sant film, My Own Private Idaho, and the film adaptation of the novel High Fidelity.


Alex just got dumped. Again. But why? Taking inspiration from his favourite book, he takes us on a journey back through his tangled love life, all the near misses, the fiery affairs, the heartbreak, the (occasional) good times and everything in between in an attempt to find some meaning buried at the heart of it all. Please note - not for those easily offended by a grown man bitching like an infant about himself.


"An autobiographical piece, which I started to write on the very same day I was dumped by my last serious girlfriend (some five and a half years ago now). It trawls back through my muddled past in as much detail as I could stomach, and is in equal parts a cathartic exercise and also my chance to take a few shots back at all the harridans that had plagued my adult life to that point.

Various remakes and adaptations of this idea have floated around through the years, but this is the original, unexpurgated piece of word vomit, fresh from the scars of getting dumped all those years ago."

Critical Reception

The film premiered in 2003, to mixed critical response. While considered a "triumph of semi-auto-biographical man bitching", it was noted that several stories could have been cut to bring the runtime down, and there are long moments of speechifying.

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