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Mr. Thorpe And His Family
The Mr. Thorpe and His Family logo!
Created By: Matthew John Latham
Genre: Mad-Cap Comedy
Running Time: 40-50 Pages
Current Season: First
Status: Returning
Number of Episodes: 7 (So Far, Including 1 Mini-Movie)
Series Debut: 20th December 2005

Mr. Thorpe and His Family is a virtual series created by Matthew John Latham that essentially bases itself on the TV show Family Guy. Each episode follows the exploits of the Thorpe Family led by Mattholomew 'Matt' J. Thorpe, his wife Jennifer Thorpe, his daughter Hope Thorpe, son Virgil 'Vigilante' Thorpe and Matt's friend Mr. Invisible. The family is complete with a sixth member, and from the Pilot to episode 1x04, it was taken by Heimlich Thorpe. However, due to Latham's dislike for the character and his unpopularity, he was replaced with Matt's dad Sack Thorpe.

The series is set in the fictional town of Virtual Town which is almost endless and has everything you'd expect in a conveniently placed town.


Series History

Each episode is written in script format; but has a unique style compared to other shows on the Monster Zero Productions message board. For example each episode consists of a teaser and three acts, scene headings and transitions are bolded, and the lines of dialogue of characters is more widely spaced apart. This was due to Latham writing the first episode using the

Episode Construction


Each episode is written in script format; but has a unique style compared to other shows on the Monster Zero Productions message board. For example scene headings and transitions are bolded, and the lines of dialogue of characters is more widely spaced apart. This was due to Latham writing the first episode using the Final Draft template for Family Guy.


Each episode, with the exception of Mr. Thorpe -vs- The Evil Network Execs consists of a teaser and three acts, with each act being aiming to be inbetween 12-15 pages long.


Again influenced by Family Guy episodes usually involve characters getting involved with something that would majorly affect a character's life, or way of living for the whole family...only for things to end up coming together back to normal at the end of the episode.

The episode also features cutaways and flashbacks to strange non-sensical scenes mainly there for humourous effect. Again this is heavily influenced on Family Guy.


There are six main characters in the show at the time, and at the time of writing, there have been seven different main characters. There is also a growing legion of supporting characters and villains.

Main Characters

Mattholomew J. Thorpe

For detailed information, please read: Mattholomew 'Matt' J. Thorpe.

Mattholomew J. Thorpe (aka 'Matt') is the head of the Thorpe Household.

Jennifer Thorpe

For detailed information, please read: Jennifer Thorpe.

Jennifer is Matt's wife, seemingly very old fashioned Stepford-like mixed a bit of a know-it-all.

Hope Thorpe

For detailed information, please read: Hope Thorpe.

Slutty, no-holds bars rebel who you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alleyway.

Virgil 'Vigilante' Thorpe

For detailed information, please read: Virgil Thorpe.

Four foot tall in a five foot leather coat! Pre-pubescent warrior of justice with a dark force within he must control.

Sack Thorpe

For detailed information, please read: Sack Thorpe.

Matt's dad - an evil maniac to say the least.

Vizzy 'Mr. Invisible' Ble

For detailed information, please read: Vizzy Ble.

Straight talking member of the group. Also invisible.

Semi-Regular Characters

Characters that have appeared in a few episodes but are not/no longer classed as regulars.

Heimlich Thorpe

Four years old, Heimlich had the brain of every politician in his head. Due to his unpopularity, he was replaced and the last thing heard was that he was involved in a 'plane crash with no survivors'.


A confused huge purple demon who lives near The Thorpe's.

Gander Barris

Close friend to Hope, Gander is a giant duck and only communicates in quacks that Hope understands. Spoof of Xander Harris.


Dick Head

Evil member of the COX network , Dick is a manipulative being who has tried to take over Virtual Town on more that one occasion.

The Second

The Second is parody of the Buffy villain The First; but while that took the form of dead characters - The Second can only take the form of characters that were written out in other ways apart from death.

in Mr. Thorpe and the Health Insurance it encouraged Dick Head to try and take over Virtual Town by controlling all those he sold Health Insurance too - and by raising the dead. His scheme was failed by Heimlich having the memories of the politician that built it come flooding back and hitting the off switch.

The Noa Mafia

Spoofing the existence of extremely die-hard fans of the character of Noa DeRubria from the MZP Buffy Virtual Spin-off Faith; The Noa Mafia is seen as mixture of Mafia, Underground Cult and Crime Syndicate. With almost-family-loyalty, members that worship a leader in dark hoods and estranged hit-men.

Robert and Michael

Robert and Michael are two bumbling hitmen that are a tribute to MZP posters Robert Kenneth and Michael Jay, and inspired by Vincent and Jules from the Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction. While seemingly looking strange, they don't are homocidal maniacs at times.

In Mr. Thorpe and the Criminal Underworld, Matt comes into contact with these and inadvertedly reveals that Michael is in fact Noa in disguise. And that the real Michael was kept in the torture of the Jones Residence from Pathways along with the rest of the Thorpe family. We presume that Michael is more or less the same.

It is not known whether they will appear again, however due to reaction there are some rumours that they may appear in the first series finale.


Mr. Thorpe -vs- The Network Executives (Original Pilot)

When the evil COX network bans all Virtual Series and makes them illegal; it's up to Mattholomew Thorpe to go and stop them!

Series 1

1x01: Mr. Thorpe and the Health Insurance

When a co-worker dies, Matt is a little peeved off that the guy owed him five PoundBucks. Matt comes up with the ingenius idea of asking for it back off his health insurance, unaware of the dangers that come with it...

1x02: Mr. Thorpe and His Children's Lovelives

It's Matt and Jennifer's Anniversary. So instead of focusing an episode on that - Hope and Vigilante both have dates! However Vigilante discovers his is going to go the same as any other VS romance...while Hope is nervous because she's going out with a girl. That she actually LIKES...

1x03: Mr. Thorpe and the Criminal Underworld

After picking up a strange coin during a mafia roughing up of an Italian Restaurant, Matt absorbs the coin into his bloodstream and finds himself drawn into the strange criminal underworld as he's forced to do tasks for...the Noa Mafia...

1x04: Mr. Thorpe and the Best Man Speech

Matt's half-brother, in an attempt to patch things up with him, asks him to be best man at his wedding. Unfortunately when Matt's half brother is Cerebus - the three-headed guardian of the third layer of hell...well - just wait until you see Matt's extended family. His dad. His mum. His stepdad. His brother. His step-siblings. Just what kind of family is this guy from? As Matt and Mr. Invisible work on his best man speech, Vigilante and Hope are forced to mingle with their cousins...and what dark evil is brewing that Matt might co-incidentally unleash?

1x05: Mr. Thorpe and His Best Friend's Backstory

After a failed Speed-dating attempt - Mr. Invisible finds part of him are becoming visible and heads to his parents to find out the cause. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Hope go and have a mother/daughter day out...

1x06: Mr. Thorpe and the Virtual Series Convention

Matt's been working on a side-project. 'Jackhammer The Vibrating Super Hero' is good enough to be examined at the upandcoming Virtual Series Convention. While his family meet various other VS stars; Matt finally gets to pitch his idea to the mysterious Pitch Council. How will he do? And what is that hellmouth/crypt/gateway/trap-door/IOU shaped-thing that's underneath the hotel?

Recurring Jokes

  • Hidden references to Eliza Dushku appear in every episode.
  • A character will use a phrase that means the same as "Oh My Goddess"; a spoof on fan-fiction's obessession with the phrase.

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