Mission: Impossible IV

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Edited by: A. J. Black
Written by: Chris Haigh
Genre: Action
Running Time: 134 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Released: December 23, 2009
Network(s): MZP-TV

Mision: Impossible IV is an action film, written and directed by Chris Haigh. It is a sequel to Mission: Impossible III, part of a reimagining of the television series, created by Bruce Geller.


The Impossible Mission Force (IMF) are dragged into the search for the 'Paphian', a potentially devastating weapon - which leads to a global, explosive race against time for troubled young agent Ryan Chase and his team not only to save the world but maybe the IMF itself from complete destruction.



The general reaction to Mission: Impossible IV was mixed. Some readers pointed out several spelling mistakes throughout, and that the pop-culture references feel too unnatural in context. They did praise the plot itself, but that it was too heightened in terms of reality to completely work. One reviewer said "it was more Mission: Impossible 2 than Mission: Impossible 3.

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