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Created by: Chris Carter
Genre: Drama
Running Time: One Hour (50-60 Pages)
Format: Script / PDF & HTML
Current Season: Season Five
Status: Ended
Network: Various

Millennium was an American thriller and crime drama television series produced by Chris Carter (creator of The X-Files) that followed the investigations of retired FBI profiler Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) into serial murderers, which were often involved with both the supernatural and a consulting firm known as the Millennium Group and their prophecies for an oncoming apocalypse. Millennium aired on the Fox Network in the USA from the fall of 1996 (winning the People's Choice Award for Best New Drama in 1997) to the spring of 1999. Three full seasons of the series were produced, totaling 67 individual episodes. Each season of the series had its own distinct style and unique elements as a result of the regularly shifting executive producers who supervised its creative process.

This is also true of the virtual seasons which extended the series, the first of which went online immediately in the wake of the show's cancellation in 1999, and the second of which followed several years later in early 2007. Each virtual season was produced by an entirely different creative team and developed their own independent storylines. However, they exist in the same shared continuity, with the virtual fifth season treating the fourth as cannon and following on sequentially.


Virtual Season 4

The virtual fourth season, or VS4, was spearheaded by executive producers Matt Asendorf and Dan Owen in 1999. The project went into development shortly after FOX cancelled Millennium in spring 1999 with the goal of taking Frank Black up to New Year 2000. A total of 22 episodes were written and released in HTML format and met with strong critical acclaim amongst fans and some sectors of the media.

VS4 premiered online on July 2nd 1999 with "Genesis," written by Dan Owen, Kevin Patterson and Matt Asendorf. The project adopted a tone similar to the second season, bringing back the tropes of Millennium Group Elders and an Old Man, while also featuring episodes which followed up on plot elements introduced in season three, such as remote viewers. VS4 ended on December 24th 1999, completing its goal to allow the series to see in the year 2000.

Virtual Season 5

The virtual fifth season, or VS5, was first proposed by A. J. Black in 2005. Black instigated the project to bring back Millennium in virtual season form at fan site This Is Who We Are (TIWWA) where he teamed up with James Jordan who would go on to serve as showrunner and fellow executive producer for the season. Together, the pair initially assembled a staff at TIWWA, but found themselves low on script writers. The project dwindled when Black's attention was diverted by his work on The DSR at MZP.

Later in 2006, Black began working to set up his own virtual network named Blackster Virtual Community (BVC) where he targeted VS5 to launch as its flagship series. Jordan continued to run VS5 while Black divided his time between The DSR and laying the groundwork for the new network. When production moved over to BVC, the initial staff of TIWWA members began to dwindle, as despite an abundance of series knowledge and enthusiasm, few had any scriptwriting experience and were unable to commit to writing full episodes. However, BVC's community links to sister network MZP allowed for a slightly wider talent pool to staff the series, among which emerged Angelo Shrine who would go on to write some of the season's most popular episodes.

VS5 premiered at BVC on Friday January 5th 2007 with "The Begotten," written by Anthony J. Black and James Jordan, bringing Frank Black forward seven years from the end of VS4 and up to the present day. The season adopted a tone which hearkened back to the first season, avoiding the more conspiratorial elements of VS4, while incorporating a post-9/11 apocalyptic mythology which was likened to season three. Each episode was released in PDF format, with HTML versions offered as an alternative. VS5 completed its run of 20 episodes on June 1st 2007. Despite some calls to continue into another year, the producers stayed true to their initial intention to provide emotional closure and thematic resolution with a single season.

After BVC folded in 2008, VS5 was absorbed into MZP where much of the reader discussion and feedback is archived. However, TIWWA remains the only site where the episodes are currently hosted. A virtual DVD package release is planned with remastered PDF files and exclusive bonus features.

Virtual Season 6

A virtual sixth season, or VS6, is rumoured to be in development by yet another creative team based at TIWWA led by Joe McBrayer, who contributed the initial idea for what became episode 5x09 "Parturition" (later written by Angelo Shrine). No further details are known as to if, or when, the project will come to fruition.

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