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Michael Jay is an American virtual series writer born in East Cleveland, Ohio.



Like most virtual series scribes, Jay got his start in the world of fan fiction, mostly concentrating on stories set in Joss Whedon's "Buffyverse" and the worlds of Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi's "Hercules" and "Xena" before he found Monster Zero Productions in 2005.

His first formal script was the movie Connor even though it aired after his first episode of MZP's The DSR. Since then, Jay has gone on to write for almost a dozen shows crossing three different VS networks. Known mostly for his "no bullshit" approach and elaborate action scenes, Jay has proven he can produce quality work in almost any genre with his comedic efforts in Desperate Screenwriters and dramatic turn in Jordan Hymen's Homeostasis.

In mid 2008, creative issues with Blackster Virtual Community and a desire to air his projects independently lead Jay to start his own virtual production company, GypsyVerse Productions, which officially began releasing content at the beginning of 2009. Jay's own series, Creed and Desperate Screenwriters, both air exclusively on GVP.

In addition to his own projects, Jay has served as a producer and writer on several other virtual series.

Virtual Series Projects

Connor: The Series (2007 - present)

The followup to Jay's first screenplay of the same name, Connor is a Buffyverse series set independent of the MZP continuity. The series began in 2007 and Jay has stated plans for up to six seasons.

22 episodes written in total; 2 co-written

  1. 1x01 "All the Hard Choices"
  2. 1x02 "Footsteps"
  3. 1x03 "Semper Fi"
  4. 1x05 "Picture Perfect"
  5. 1x06 "Out of Towner"
  6. 1x07 "The Amulet"
  7. 1x08 "On Deaf Ears"
  8. 1x09 "Premeditated"
  9. 1x10 "Blue Moon"
  10. 1x11 "Sins of the Soul, part 1"
  11. 1x12 "Sins of the Soul, part 2"
  12. 2x01 "Antihero"
  13. 2x02 "Marked" (co-write with Robert Kenneth)
  14. 2x03 "Scruples" (co-write with Britney Gray)
  15. 2x04 "Freudian Slip"
  16. 2x06 "Temporal Logic"
  17. 2x07 "Haven, part 1"
  18. 2x08 "Haven, part 2"
  19. 2x09 "Father's Day"
  20. 2x10 "Orphans"
  21. 2x11 "Sapience, part 1"
  22. 2x12 "Sapience, part 2"

Official Website

The Inside: Virtual Continuation (2006)

A failed series for the BVC, Jay wrote six episodes of the series, but only aired one. Citing difficulty grasping the material and an elongated writing process, the series was dropped after the critically acclaimed pilot. A planned movie titled 'Sins' was also scrapped.

1 episode written

  1. 2x01 "Martyrs"

Desperate Screenwriters (2006 - present)

Co-created with Paul Robinson, Desperate Screenwriters is loosely based on four VS writers, including Jay and Robinson, who met on a virtual series website and agreed to move to New York to pursue their dreams of being full time professional writers. The series aired its first season on BVC and is currently airing its second season on GVP.

10 episodes written; 1 co-written

  1. 1x01 "Over My Head"
  2. 1x04 "Second Round KO"
  3. 1x08 "The Jared"
  4. 2x01 "This Could Be The Year"
  5. 2x02 "Amish Paradise"
  6. 2x03 "Oh, Canada" (co-write with Matthew John Latham)
  7. 2x04 "Rainy Days"
  8. 2x05 "I Will Survive"
  9. 2x06 "London Calling"
  10. 2x07 "Hate On Me"

Official Website

Creed (2009 - present)

Creed is a superhero noir set in the fictional town of Seraph. It follows a retired, paralyzed street vigilante who creates an entire crime fighting faction to continue the war on crime in his stead. Creed began airing on GVP in January of 2009.

9 episodes written

  1. 1x01 "God's Work"
  2. 1x02 "Trial Run"
  3. 1x03 "A Cry For Help"
  4. 1x04 "Vices"
  5. 1x06 "Para Bellum"
  6. 1x07 "Little Drummer Boys"
  7. 1x08 "C.Y.A."
  8. 1x09 "Bolgia Five"
  9. 1x10 "Pro Life"

Official Website


Connor: The Movie (2006)

Jay's first formal entry into scriptwriting, Connor was an unexpected hit on MZP, spawning a series of the same name and followup films.

Connor: The Movie 2 (2008)

The sequel to the 2006 screenplay takes place after the events of the series's first season finale, pitting Connor against former God of the Dead, Anubis. This movie further establishes the heavy use of Egyptian mythology that Jay used for the background of the mythology.

Freelance History

Hunted (2007 - present)

Created by Robert Kenneth, Hunted follows a group of refugees lead by an ex U.S. Marine trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world overrun by demons and a fanatical cult that worships there. Hunted currently airs on MZP.

2 episodes written

  1. 1x03 "Enigma"
  2. 1x08 "Secrets"

Official Website

Hero (2006)

One of the failed Virtual Mutant series for Monster Zero Productions, Hero was the story of a resurrected Lindsey McDonald, who was selected by the Powers That Be to be their latest champion. The show met with mixed reviews and was canceled after three episodes.

1 episode written in total; 1 co-written

  1. 1x02 "Rewind" (co-write with Jordan Hyman)

Kennedy (2006)

Set in MZP's Jossverse continuity, Kennedy focused on the title character who was killed in our dimension and woke up in an alternate one that was drastically altered and plunged back into medieval times. The series was canceled after five episodes.

2 episodes written in total; 1 co-written

  1. 1x02 "Viva La Resistance"
  2. 1x04 "This Thing of Darkness" (co-write with Dylan Stafford and Paul Robinson)

Homeostasis (2006)

Commonly referred to by Jay as his most difficult writing experience ever, Homeostasis was eclectic writer Jordan Hyman's story of a young man trying to decipher between two different sets of memories while searching for his lost brother. The series ran for only five episodes, with the fifth being referred to as the series finale.

1 episode written in total; 1 co-written

  1. 1x04 "Roadhouse Traveler" (co-write with Matt Bartlett)

Faith (2006 - present)

One of the Jossverse's most popular characters ever, Faith Lehane moves to New York following the events of the season finale of MZP's Buffy season 8. The series is currently in its fifth and final season.

10 episodes written

  1. 3x04 "Noa DeRubria's High School Reunion"
  2. 3x05 "Circle of Life part I"
  3. 3x06 "Circle of Life part II"
  4. 3x12 "Double Jeopardy"
  5. 3x13 "The Dark"
  6. 3x17 "Mouse Trap"
  7. 3x18 "Firecracker"
  8. 4x10 "Cashback"
  9. 4x12 "Voice of Reason"
  10. 5x11 "Betting On the Cure"

Official Website

The DSR (2006)

Anthony J. Black's immensely popular Alias spinoff about Project Black Hole, a black bag organization that investigates international espionage and treachery with a more supernatural twinge to its parent show.

2 episodes written

  1. 1x09 "A Piece of the Action"
  2. 1x16 "Wake"

Official Website

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