Malleus Maleficarum (2007 Virtual Series)

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Malleus Maleficarum
Created By: Li Robb
Genre: Supernatural Drama
Running Time: 50-60 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Current Season: Second
Status: Ended
Number of Episodes: 26
Series Debut: 7th April 2007
Series Ended: 21st June 2008

Malleus Maleficarum is a virtual series created by Li Robb that premiered in 2007. The series is a supernatural drama and follows the recently reanimated fifteenth century witch Selene du Miette as she tries to find her way in 2007 Paris. See the reboot.



  • Karen Cliche as Selene du Miette
  • Felicia Day as Lunette Dillon
  • Patrick Nuo as Nicholas Chance
  • Alexis Denisof as Arnaud Blanc
  • Jason Isaacs as Christopher/Elsmeer (2007)
  • Randy Harrison as Olivier Darrieux (2008, formerly recurring)
  • Ana Lynch as Elizabeth 'Ellie' Fern (2008)

Season One

After appearing in the present, Selene had to come to terms with her new life. The entire world as she knew it is no more, and a new world is forced upon her - a world of iPods, computers, loud music and a society she could never have dreamed of. Yet some things are familiar - demons, magick, and persecution.

In season one Selene quickly adapts to this new world, making friends, getting a job, learning to use modern technology, while retaining her ancients way of mythology and magick. Becoming a teacher to Lunette, but also her student, a sisterly bond quickly forms.

Furthermore, Selene is puzzled by Nicholas' sarcastic tongue, but the two form a steady relationship through the few short months they've known each other, forging a more subtle, but equally important alliance.

Dealing with the demonic menaces of Paris, Selene is also approached by a mysterious spectre known as Christopher, who claims to be an earl from 16th century England, but who is in fact the spirit of a warlock banished into the afterlife two thousand years previous.

Being manipulated into certain situations, Selene sees Christopher as a nuisence more than a threat, and his true colours only begin to show towards the end of the season, when Selene discovers that he is the embodiment of everything witches are taught to fight.

Other players include police inspector Arnaud Blanc, Sage Olivier Darrieux and Necromancer Aiden Henderson (Gerard Way), who all slowly become part of the unit. Others include Amelia (Emilie de Ravin), Olivier's sister, Merielle (Dania Ramirez), a shaman, and Vanessa (Joss Stone), Arnaud's partner.

A number of events (based around Christopher's manipulation of Amelia) lead to the warlock gaining a physical body once more and attempting to return his coven back to the world.

Along with two vampire associates, the gang learn these plans, and begin to form a resistance. They defeat Christopher in the warlocks' temple beneath the streets of Paris and banish him back to the Beyond. Little do they know that an old enemy has already risen...

Season Two

Ashaera (Famke Janssen), an enemy they had encountered once before, returned to Paris with her coven of disturbed and desperate witches. With numerous attempts made on the lives of Selene and her friends, and the reappearance of Camille (Charisma Carpenter), an old friend/enemy of Selene's from the 1480's, life quickly returned to being a chaotic, unnerving fight for survival.

Enlisting the help of her friends, new arrivals Ellie and Ant (Jemima Rooper), and the ill-fated coven member Kasper (Hunter Parrish), Selene discovered Ashaera's plot to use old, forbidden magicks to resurrect her sister who had previously been killed in a demon attack. Taking the fight to the coven, the gang twisted their own morals, being forced to kill several of the unstable, lost young people to stop them from doing any more damage.

Ashaera however, one of the only survivors, was forced to see how much she had betrayed her craft when Aiden summoned her sister's spirit from the Beyond. Expressing her revoltion at Ashaera's actions, Emily (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) convinced her sister to stop, and at the last moment, Ashaera turned her magick on her own coven, saving Lunette's life.

With the world saved from dangerous magicks, enemies defeated and friends lost, the gang stand uncertainly between nature and supernature. Now Ashaera is in their custody, and life must return to normal. If there is such a thing.

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