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Kyle West (born April 4th, 1986 in Swansea, Wales) is an aspiring writer, currently specialising in internet-based scriptwriting.


Early Days

Kyle started writing as a child, using his fathers ancient computer to pen such classics as Cat Warriors, amongst other things. It was circa 2000 that he started to actively write online, writing some fan fiction material at It was here that he wrote Star Trek: Lyon and Star Trek: Victory, though both were short-lived projects. What wasn't short-lived, and managed to go one full season, was the prose series Star Trek: Equinox which was based on a pitch Kyle had made to the top writers at Kyle was essentially project manager for this prose series, giving him hsi first taste of running a collaborative show online. The show ended after it's first season, mainly due to its staff becoming overworked due to having multiple shows of their own.

In early 2005, Kyle stumbled across the now defunct It was here that he would begin specialising in the script format, as well as build his reputation amongst other writers online.

Kyle was picked up as a staff writer for Star Trek: Star's End in March of the same year, after successfully applying to the shows creator, Will Sjorensen. In a first season that had already been mapped out, Kyle was able to squeeze in two of his own episodes, The Lake Alice Incident and Haunted. The latter went on to win awards at the Awards.

In May 2005 he pitched his own show, Star Trek: Knight's Haven. This was picked up, and became the first project to be greenlit by following it's launch with three founding shows. The show debuted eighteen months later, in November 2006.

Kyle's relationship with the site did not end there, and he joined the administration team after paying hosting fees for the site (at the time, required it's shows to pay a hosting fee). The following year, Kyle paid the full hosting fee in return for more control over the networks creative output, an agreement made with Joshua D. Maley and Will Sjorsensen following the departure of Rob Jelley from the network.

After that, Kyle focused on bringing new projects to the site, and welcomed Star Trek: Avalon and Star Trek: The Atlantis Chronicles to the site. More projects were lined up too, all with the objective of making the site a vastly larger hub of scripted fiction, and also to make it the best resource for scripted Trek online.

Due to the increased responsibility in his job after leaving university, Kyle was forced to end his involvement with, already having planned to take Star Trek: Knight's Haven to its own website. Joshua D. Maley took full control at that point.

Star Trek: Knight's Haven

The idea for Star Trek: Knight's Haven came to Kyle when he was stuck in his girlfriends flat, waiting for her to return from a meal with an old friend from school. Fully visualised in his head within minutes, he quickly typed up all his notes, and sent them to head honcho of, Rob Jelley. He was soon given a forum for develop the show, whilst Jelly monitored the process before deciding whether to green light it.

Kyle drafted in a former associate and writing partner, Calum Chalmers. Both men developed the shows cast in more depth, and plotted the first episode. As scripting began on that, Kyle drafted in Jon Van Pelt, who was a new writer on the scene. Over the next few years, several more people would join the team, including Adam Murray Briggs.

Chalmers would eventually pull a disappearing act, but luckily Kyle already had his team in place, and the show was unaffected by the sudden departure. In November 2006, it premiered to stellar figures, notching up over 300 downloads in the first few weeks following its release. The episode had cleared well over 500 downloads by the time closed down.

The show continued to prove popular, and finished its first season in mid-2007. Unfortunately, for the same reasons Kyle eventually had to give up his position at, Star Trek: Knight's Haven was cancelled during production of its second season. There are, to this day, still completed episodes for that season that have never seen release.

Seeking to wrap up the show in a satisfying way, Kyle is currently developing a movie titled Knight's Haven which will premiere in late 2011. Jon Van Pelt and Adam Murray Briggs are also onboard, acting as producers.

2010 Onwards

Kyle returned to the world of online writing in late 2010, finding a new home at MZP-tv. He initially focused on simply reading and reviewing other peoples material, but he soon got the writing bug again, and is working hard on new material.

2011 will see him release his first solo mini-series, Douglas Moon and the White Light, on MZP-tv, and he's currently polishing off a Peter Pan pilot which he will shop around the networks in the early part of the year. Both these projects, as well as the planned Knight's Haven feature-length movie, are to be released through West's Grey Cat Productions.

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