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Joshua D. Maley (born January 1st, 1979 in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania) is the creator/showrunner of Star Trek: Frontiers, as well as a former writer and producer of the classic virtual series, Star Trek: Renaissance. Maley was also one of the co-founders of the Virtual Star Trek hub.


Early Days

Maley's first foray into writing was a collection of short prose stories, often based on video games he enjoyed (such as 'Final Fantasy' and 'Dragon Warrior'). At age 14, Maley wrote a lengthier prose story of his own creation, which would later turn into his first attempt at a screenplay. The story, The Clash of Ages, has been re-written half a dozen times, and Maley contends the "definitive version" of the script is forthcoming. Maley also penned the first chapter of a series of novellas he intended to write. Set in the Star Trek universe, the story, called Frontiers, was set in the distant future and followed a new Enterprise.

Aside from these early screenplays and novellas, Maley also wrote for the stage. He penned and directed an original dramatic play, Beyond the Storm, at his high school. A sequel to the play, Dragon's Wrath, came the following year. Both of these plays would later be revised as film scripts.


In 2001, Maley discovered his first virtual series, Star Trek: Renaissance. He found the idea of a virtual series very interesting, and in 2003 he pulled his old idea for a Star Trek story out of mothballs. Joined by friend Matthew Whipple, Maley developed a new show: Star Trek: Frontiers.

During the development phase of Frontiers, Maley also joined Star Trek: Renaissance as a staff writer. He is credited on three episodes of the show's third season, all of which met with very positive feedback from the show's fans.


In 2004, Maley debuted Star Trek: Frontiers. While initially met with skeptisism due to superficial similarities to Renaissance, the readership of Frontiers quickly grew. By the end of the show's first season, it had gained a solid following, an impressive feat considering the relative obscurity from which the show emerged. To date, Frontiers has released well over 40 episodes.

Virtual Star Trek

In 2005, Maley joined with Rob Jelley and Will Sjorinson to create, a hub site that hosted their respective virtual Trek series and effectively merged the readership of the three separate shows. Star Trek: Renaissance, Star Trek: Frontiers, and Star Trek: Star's End enjoyed a much larger base of readers, and it was here that Frontiers truly hit its stride.

In May of 2006, VST hosted the first Virtual Trek Awards presentation. The award was meant to recognize what had become a growing number of virtual Trek shows. Frontiers won several awards, including the honor of Best Multi-authored Series.

In 2008, with interest in Trek having declined due to poor ratings and abysmal box office performances, Maley (now sole owner of, opted to shut the site down and move his show to MZP.

Frontiers Redux

Maley's move to MZP was met with mixed reation from the existing fanbase. While some pledged to follow, others were frustrated at the lack of new content and dissatisfied with Maley's decision to re-release the entire show from scratch as an introduction to the series for potential new readers at the much larger network, MZP.

Star Trek: Frontiers began airing on February 26th, nearly a year after its scheduled relaunch, with a newly re-written pilot (penned by Maley himself). The show is currently airing its Season 1 episodes, and plans to air a special podcast at the conclusion of the season.

Future Aspirations

Maley is currently working in the Information Technology field near Pittsburgh, PA. In addition to preparing for the final episodes of Frontiers, Maley is developing two new virtual series: one based on a popular 80's cultural icon, and the other, an original science fiction series said to be akin to "Battlestar Galactica and Farscape."

In addition to this, Maley is developing a feature film project, The Way of Seeming, which will begin preproduction in the fall of 2010 for a tentative shoot the following summer. Maley will also serve as director.

Virtual Series

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