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Join the Army
Episode no: Season 1
Episode 8
Written by: Vincent Biga
Casey Wrenn
Story by: Bruce Snyder
Show runner(s): Bruce Snyder
Production Code: 1P08
Original Airdate: Spring 2004
Guest Stars: Chris Hughes
Army Recruiter
Rene David
Emily Lucas
Cathy Matthews
Previous Episode: Politically Incorrect
Next Episode: What Was That?

"Join the Army" is the eighth episode of the comedy virtual series The Lunchroom and the 8th episode of the series' 1st season. Written in part by freelance writer Casey Wrenn and Vincent Biga, the episode is notorious for being one of the worst episodes of the series.



Casey gets a phone call out of the blue from his ex-girlfriend Lacie who demands to see him. When they get together she calls him out and claims that he's been acting like a dick towards her since their break-up. Casey initially just blows off her theory but as the days go he steadily becomes paranoid that everyone in the school sees him as a dick. He tries to reverse this but ironically ends up making things worse.

Will messes around with an Army Recruiter at the local mall and it's all fun and games until the Recruiter kidnaps him. The following Monday, everyone keeps pestering Will about the situation. Will divulges certain aspects of the story but never the whole thing. The Gang is especially nosy to the point where they won't allow him to study for a test before he tells them everything. Just as he begins, Will notices that the same Army Recruiter is in the lunchroom with a booth set up. Will freezes up and claims he can never say.

Chris starts at Centerville High School and is already put off with some American ways of doing things. Particularly an incident where twenty Seniors walked out of a bathroom even though there was only six stalls inside.


  • Creatives differences between freelance writer Casey Wrenn and creator Bruce Snyder led to Vincent Biga finishing the episode.
  • Reicther has only two lines in this episode.
  • Bruce Snyder hated the episode so much that he often advises people to forget about it and consider it "Non-Canon".

Episode Connections

  • Several references are made to The Gang's run in with the KKK in Politically Incorrect. A running joke throughout the episode is how casual The Gang treat the situation.
  • Joel explains the rule of never clap for a jock (first seen in Screw Your Spirit).

Music Used

  • War (What Is It Good For) by Mekkanikka plays over the final scene and end credits.

Cultural References

  • Samurai Warriors: Brian talks about the video game at length.
  • West Side Story: The advance English class is doing a production of the musical with Joel and Casey in it.
  • Britney Spears: The Army Recruiter is a fan of the singers and blasts Baby, One More Time in his Jeep.

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