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Jay Everington
Jay Everington

Jay Everington (born September 5th, 1984 in Morehead City, North Carolina) is a virtual series writer and producer, and also creator/showrunner of Spider-Man: Gifts & Curses. Jay is also the former co-executive producer, and a current creative consultant of Star Trek: Frontiers.


Introduction to Script Format

Jay's first experience with script format came while still in high school, when his english class was assigned to task of writing a script for an upcoming school play. The format wasn't exactly what most virtual series use these days, but it was enough to get him familiar with the format. It wasn't until he began watching Star Trek however, that be put this knowledge to use.

Virtual Star Trek

After discovering the world of virtual series' through Star Trek: Renaissance, Jay began working on another Trek series - Star Trek: Frontiers as an editor in June of 2004. Later that same year, Jay was promoted to fill the vacent co-executive producer spot. Jay moved, along with the series, to the newly-formed Virtual Star Trek in January of 2005.

After the cancellation of Star Trek Enterprise in May of 2005, Jay was placed in charge of VST's own virtual continuation of the show. The series never got off the ground at VST however, due to an inability to find staff, and creative differences between the show's producers. V-ENT eventually found a new home at TrekOnline, with Jo Hack as its original showrunner (later replaced).

Jay continued as the co-e.p. of Frontiers until October of 2006 when he began developing a series of his own...

Spider-Man: Gifts & Curses

A big fan of the Spider-Man film franchise, and a former comic book reader, Jay began to get ideas for a Spider-Man series as early as 2004. It wasn't until he was introduced to Smallville that he began to form the ideas that would eventually become Gifts & Curses. After discovering the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, Jay's inspiration to do a Spider-Man series finally came to a head, and he began jotting down rough ideas for an untitled Spider-Man show.

Originally featuring a college-aged Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, and Harry Osborn, Jay decided it would be best to change the age of the characters to high school sophomores. He hoped it would help the series stay true to the roots of the character. Eventually, the decision was made to age the characters an additional year, making them juniors in the pilot episode. The character of Harry Osborn was also replaced by a young Eddie Brock.

The series finaly found a title, with a little help from the second movie's soundtrack. Gifts & Curses by Yellowcard was featured on the movie's soundtrack CD, and after hearing it, Jay decided to name the series after the song. The song was originally intended to be the show's theme tune, but it was eventually changed to Attack by 30 Seconds to Mars and later to Rescue Me by Zebrahead for season 2.

In July of 2006, Jay was finally ready to make his project public, placing ads on various web sites looking for writers, producers, and artists to help him in its development. The response yielded current staff members J.B. Gibson and Mike Weiss. A private developmental board was set-up, but after a few weeks of heavy development, time constraints forced Jay to put the series on hold until late September.

In October, Jay formally pitched the series to Monster Zero Productions and after posting the pilot episode, it was picked up in November. The series debuted on September 5th, 2007 and concluded its first season in January of 2008. Season 2 hit some delays and is currently scheduled to premiere on July 29th, 2009.

In January of 2009, Jay became a member of MZP's NPG (New Power Generation) admin team alongside founder Lee A. Chrimes, A. J. Black, J.T. Vaughn, and Matthew Latham.

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