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James Jordan is a virtual series writer and producer.

Although already a practicing scriptwriter, he first came to the virtual series world when approached by A. J. Black to work with him on a proposed virtual fifth season of Millennium for his network Blackster Virtual Community. Jordan went on to executive produce the season with Black, and served as showrunner for the duration. He has since moved on to other projects following the end of Millennium VS5 and the subsequent collapse of BVC, and is now primarily affiliated with MZP.


Triple Five Productions

Upon the creation and production of Millennium VS5 in 2006, James Jordan started a virtual production company called Triple Five Productions. It is named for the fictional dialing code used in American films and TV series which in reality is non-existent -- a wink to the intangible nature of the company. To date it has produced:

  • 20 episodes of Millennium
  • 30 episodes of Night Stalker
  • 12 episodes of Abyss
  • The pilot episode of Fallout

Essentially, the Triple Five tag merely serves as an umbrella under which to group the scripts that are generated and released by or through Jordan.



  1. "Fallout" (1 episode; 2009) (creator, co-writer, executive producer)
    "Pilot" (with Jeffrey Moore)
  2. "Abyss" (5 episodes; 2009) (creator, writer, executive producer)
    1x01 “The Wasteland”
    1x02 “Passing Through Jehoshaphat”
    1x06 “Oedipus Rising”
    1x10 “Meditations in a Storm”
    1x12 “Nor Iron Bars a Cage”
  3. "Night Stalker" (14 episodes; 2007 - 2009) (showrunner, writer, executive producer)
    1.5x01 “Paradigm”
    1.5x02 “Traffic”
    1.5x05 “House of Kolchak” (with Lee A. Chrimes, Chris Haigh, Angelo Shrine)
    1.5x06 “Progeny”
    1.5x07 “Prodigy”
    1.5x10 “What is Lost”
    2x01 “Things Left Unsaid”
    2x02 “Antitruth”
    2x05 “Thirteen O'Clock”
    2x11 “Man of Darkness”
    2x12 “Man of Light”
    2x15 “Cipher”
    2x17 “Jose Chung's Back From the Dead"
    2x20 “Zero Hour"
  4. "Millennium" (9 episodes; 2007) (showrunner, writer, executive producer)
    5x01 “The Begotten” (with A. J. Black)
    5x02 “Chrysalis” (teleplay by)
    5x06 “Gotterdammerung"
    5x10 “Forty Days and Forty Nights"
    5x13 "Golgotha"
    5x15 “Atonement”
    5x17 “One and Many”
    5x19 “Resurrection”
    5x20 "Resolution"

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