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JT Vaughn (born 1984, United Kingdom) has been making graphics and websites for over 10 years now, and in between dabbled in writing a few short stories. In 2005 he discovered the world of Virtual Series and has immersed himself in it since.

He made his MZPtv writing debut in 2006 with episode 1x11 of The DSR, Soul Man, and quickly followed it up with a last minute co-write of 1x14 and 1x15, All About a Girl.

In 2007, Vaughn made his showrunner debut with Cult Hero on MZPtv. The show completed its second season in 2008.

In late 2008 he was promoted to Admin on MZPtv, and soon became Pitches and Pilots section chief.

In 2009 he entered Pilot Season II with the show "The Parcel View", a reboot of Sarah-Jane Sheppard's 2008 pilot.




  1. "Cult Hero: Siege of the Voice" (2 episodes; 2012) (creator, writer)
    Part One “The Man Comes Around"
    Part Two “The Great Union"
  2. "The Parcel View" (17 episodes; 1 co-write; 2009 - ???) (developer, executive producer, head writer)
    1x01 “Freya and the Butterflies"
    1x02 "Freya and the Hurricanes"
    1x03 "Freya and the Temporal Lobe"
    1x05 "Freya and the Fridays"
    1x06 "Freya and the Amazing Buggy Honey"
    1x08 "Freya and the All Hallows Eve"
    1x12 "Freya and the Consequences"
    2x01 “Freya and the Education"
    2x02 "Freya and the Buddy System"
    2x03 "Freya and the Touchy-Feely" (co-write with Sarah-Jane Sheppard)
    2x04 "Kingsley and the Bandits"
    2x05 "Freya and the Sherlockianisms"
    2x07 "Freya and the Totally Awesome Action Adventure!"
    2x08 "Freya and the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"
    2x09 "Freya and Kingsley's Bogus Journey"
    2x11 "Freya and the Pandemonium"
    3x01 "Freya and the Most Wanted"
    3x02 "Freya and the Anti-Marley"
  3. "Abyss" (1 episode; 2009) (freelance writer)
    1x11 "Whom Gods Destroy"
  4. "The Wager (1 episode; 2009) (creator, writer)
    1x01 “He Was A Real Sucky Clown"
  5. "Journey North" (1 episode; 2009) (creator, writer)
  6. "Cult Hero" (23 episodes; 2007 - 2008) (creator, executive producer, head writer)
    1x01 “The Fallen”
    1x02 “Flame”
    1x03 “The Man Made of Glass”
    1x04 “Reunion”
    1x05 “Disobedience”
    1x06 “Register”
    1x07 “Perturbia”
    1x08 “Four Years Before”
    1x09 “Ignis Aurum Probat”
    1x10 “Ability”
    1x11 “A Rift, Darkly – Part One”
    1x12 “A Rift Darkly – Part Two”
    2x01 “What Was Lost"
    2x02 “The Nelson Touch"
    2x04 “Bad Reception"
    2x05 “Erase/Replace"
    2x06 “The Capture"
    2x07 “Shrinking Universe"
    2x08 “At Midnight Hour"
    2x10 “The Return"
    2x12 “Cities on Fire"
    2x13 “Pinch Punch..."
    2x14 “...First of the Month"
  7. "The Wes Dukhovny Conundrum" (1 episode; 2007) (creator, writer)
    1x01 “Say What? Balls?”
  8. "Anthology" (1 episode; 2007) (producer, staff writer)
    1x01 “The Extra”
  9. "The DSR" (1 episode; 2 co-writes; 2006 - 2011) (staff writer)
    1x11 “Soul Man”
    1x14 “All About a Girl: Part 1” (co-writer)
    1x15 “All About a Girl: Part 2” (co-writer)
  10. 007: SilverKnight (2007) (co-writer)
  11. "Lost: Alternate Season 3" (2006) (co-creator, executive producer, writer)
    3x01 (teaser)
  12. "Dark Void" (2 episodes; 2006) (creator, writer)
    1x01 “Clock”
    1x02 “Trust”
  13. "SPD: Collision" (1 episode; 2006) (creator, writer)
    1x01 “Pilot”

Total: 51 Episodes, 4 co-writes


  1. "The Parcel View" (2009 - ???) Virtual Series (executive producer)
  2. "The Wager" (2009) Virtual Series (creator, executive producer)
  3. "Journey North" (2009) Virtual Series (creator, executive producer)
  4. "Schism" (2009 - ???) Virtual Series (contributions)
  5. "Cult Hero" (2007 - 2008) Virtual Series (creator, executive producer)
  6. "The Wes Dukhovny Conundrum" (2007) (creator, executive producer)
  7. "Dark Void" (2006) Virtual Series (creator, executive producer)
  8. "SPD: Collision" (2006) Virtual Series (creator, executive producer)
  9. "The DSR" (2006 - ???) (producer)

Art Department

  1. "The Parcel VIew (2009 - ???) (graphical artist)
  2. "Schism (2009 - 2010) (graphical artist)
  3. "Eternity" (2007) (promotional images)
  4. "Cult Hero" (2007 - 2008) (graphical artist)
  5. "Night Stalker" (2007 - ???) (promotional images)
  6. "Netherworld" (2007) (promotional images)
  7. "Anthology" (2007) (promotional images)
  8. "Hunted" (2007 - ???) (promotional images)
  9. "The DSR" (2006 - ???) (graphical artist)
  10. "Threadbare" (2006 - ???) (promotional images)
  11. "Millennium: Virtual Season 5" (2007) (graphical artist)
  12. "Stand Up" (2007) (graphical artist)
  13. 007: SilverKnight (2007) (graphical artist)
  14. "Lost: Alternate Season 3" (2006) (graphical artist)
  15. "Guardians: Outlook" (2006) (graphical artist)
  16. "Kennedy" (2006) (promotional images)
  17. "Homeostasis" (2005) (graphical artist)

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