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IPC, is a virtual series network created & run by David Nicholas, which was original launched in September of 2012.

Link to Site: http://ipc.boards.net/index.cgi



IPC started in 2012 by David Nicholas and Jak Kobalt as they were just getting into the VS world months before. So they decided to showcase their talents with a website. Their first shows were the series Faith, a Buffyverse spin-off and the mini-series Turbulence both run by David and Jak respectively. After Jak left IPC for his own reasons, his position as second-in-command to David was filled by Luc. Jak later returned and with him, so did Turbulence. Luc and Jak both share the second-in-command positions with each other, but are both still equally important


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IPC started it's line up with Faith and Turbulence. Faith was cancelled after one episode. It was replaced on the line-up by The Twelfth Doctor, which was a Doctor Who alternate continuation. Turbulence was taken off of the line-up in early January of 2013. In March of 2013, David and Jak agreed to reinstate Turbulence. Also in March of 2013, IPC picked up David's "Supernatural" spinoff webisode series Thief Land about the life of Bela Talbot after she died. In May of 2013, Thiefland was cancelled before airing. In July of 2013, another of David's series' was picked up, Big City Girl, Small Town Folks. In 2013, the idea for a spin-off of "Big City Girl". The show, Help Wanted was accepted after an anonymous poll in 2013 and was added to the lineup in 2014.

Current Lineup

The shows begin with Turbulence Tuesdays, continuing with Help Wanted Wednesdays and ending the week with Small Town Folk Fridays.


Show Name Showrunner Current Season Current Day of Airing
Big City Girl, Small Town Folks David Nicholas Season Two Fridays
Show Name Showrunner Current Season Current Day of Airing
Help Wanted David Nicholas Season One Wednesdays


Show Name Showrunner Current Season Current Day of Airing
Turbulence Jak Kobalt Season One Tuesdays

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