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Created By: Jordan Hyman
Genre: Mystery/Psychological
Running Time: 40-60 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Status: Completed
Number of Episodes: 5
Series Debut: March 6th 2006
Series Finale August 14th 2006

'"Homeostasis"' was a short-lived virtual series from MZP that took a unique surreal approach to the format. The series only had one regular, Quint Borroughs, who was driving across the US looking for his missing older brother. It used flashbacks, hallucinations, dreams, and absurd dialogue as predominant storytelling devices. It was often compared to the works of David Lynch and Hunter S. Thompson. The series was released with an extended debut on March 6th, 2006 to mixed reviews. Many found the series "impossible to review" and struggled to get involved through its dense writing style, while others praised its originality, imagery, and, often, suspense.

After five months of inconsistent release schedules, series creator Jordan Hyman announced the fifth installment "The Best Damn Cinnamon Roll in the World" would act the series' final episode. The episode remained obscure to the style of the show, while still containing many answers to the series' questions. The possibilities of future screenplays surrounding Quint are still open.


1x00 "Homeostasis Unaired Pilot" Written by Jordan Hyman

1x01 "Still" Written by Jordan Hyman

1x02 "Fake ID" Written by Jordan Hyman

1x03 "Shepherd" Written by JJ Estes

1x04 "Roadhouse Traveller" Written by Michael Jay and Matt Bartlett

1x05 "The Best Damn Cinnamon Roll in the World" Written by Jordan Hyman


Jordan Hyman - Creator/Executive Producer

JJ Estes - Executive Producer

Michael Jay - Staff Writer

Matt Bartlett - Staff Writer

JT Vaughn - Graphics

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