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Hell's Gate
Created By: Robb House
Genre: Supernatural Buffyverse Spinoff (Drama)
Running Time: 40-60 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Current Season: Second
Status: Currently Airing
Number of Episodes: 34 (List of episodes)
Series Debut: September 23rd 2008

Hell's Gate is a virtual series created by Robb House, which premiered on MZP-tv's Virtual Mutant network on September 23, 2008. It stars Bruce Campbell as Frank McGann, Jemima Rooper as Tamsin Sinclair, Matthew Macfadyen as Lon Travers, Felicia Day as Vi Clark, Simon Baker as Fletcher Covington, Jesse Bradford as Tyler McGann, and Ryan Hansen as Mike Czajak. The program revolves a team that investigates supernatural phenomena in a small town.



A brief history...

Once upon a time, the US Government formed a top-secret military agency called The Initiative. The Initiative was not your average secret agency. It's goals didn't involve terrorism or enemy governments. It was created with one far-fetched purpose in mind- to seek out the supernatural and harness its power for military application.

During normal reconnaissance, The Initiative came across another group, a far older group whose interests also lay in the supernatural. The Watchers, as they were called, studied the otherworldly not in pursuit of conquest and glory, but for protecting humanity from the evils of the world.

Though the Watcher's Council and Initiative rarely saw eye to eye, they decided that a limited partnership of their two agencies could be mutually beneficial. Together, they formed several teams which were stationed at mystical hot spots around the world.

After a catastrophic accident, The Initiative was disbanded. All knowledge of it was filed away by the government, its agents in the field, abandoned. Many of these agents left for greener pastures but some stayed on and aided The Council.

Shortly after the collapse of the Initiative, The Watchers were all but destroyed by a bomb attack on their London headquarters. They struggled to rebuild, but instead of leaving the teams to fend for themselves, they counted on them more than ever to collect intel and train new members.

The sleepy, coastal, college town of Heaven's Gate, California, is the home of one of these teams. While quiet on the surface "Hell's Gate" sits squarely in the middle of a trans-dimensional convergence, a place where the barriers between this world and other realms are at their thinnest. Portals from other dimensions open and close depositing demonic artifacts and allowing hostile entities to pass through. The team, with the help of an ancient, mysterious artifact, investigates the source of this phenomenon and battle the demons that it attracts.


Hell's Gate has an extensive cast. For the purposes of this page, it has been broken up into three categories:

Main Cast: The cast members that the show revolves around are- Frank McGann, Tamsin Sinclair, Vi Clark, Tyler McGann, Mike Czajak, Corrine DuBois, Lon Travers, and Fletcher Covington.

Recurring Characters: The team's extended contacts including- Simon Travers, Billie Jackson, Rick Thompson, Sarah Monroe, Tanya Jameson, Chad Warchuck, Jack Malloy, Callie Ford, Tommy Walker, Mitch Peterson, Jon Bates, Jamie Sinclair, Beau Buxton, Dr. Katherine Neilsen, and Brynn.

Villains: The team's nemesis are Silas, Hester, Zachariah, and General Bratting



Hell's Gate was written as part of the Virtual Mutant channel of the MVP-tv network.

  • Robb House (21 episodes, 3 co-writes)
  • Tyler Moody (11 episodes, 3 co-writes)
  • Pete D. Gaskell (3 episodes)

Season 1 (2008-2009)

Season One premiered Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 with the episode "Small Town Life" and ran through May 2nd, 2009.

Episode Number Title Writer Airdate
1 1x01 The Quiet Life Robb House September 23rd, 2008
Best buds Mike and Tyler arrive in Heaven's Gate. But the duo soon find that there is more to this quiet little town than meets the eye.
2 1x02 Dirty Jobs Robb House September 30, 2008
Tyler's dream job turns into a nightmare when he learns that there may be more to his new boss than he bargained for.
3 1x03 Here Comes Trouble Robb House October 7, 2008
Vampires Hester and Silas arrive in Heaven's Gate leaving murder and chaos in their wake.
4 1x04 Family Ties Robb House October 14, 2008
As Mike and Vi start school, a mysterious device pits team members against each other.
5 1x05 Unstill Life Tyler Moody October 21, 2008
Distracted by unwanted romantic advances, Mike's frivolous use of magic puts Lon and Frank's lives in danger.
6 1x06 Purple Haze Robb House & Tyler Moody October 28, 2008
Vi and Mike become romantic rivals as a deadly new drug craze sweeps the campus of Wilcox University.
7 1x07 47 hours, 50 minutes, 8 seconds... Robb House November 18, 2008
A ghost from Tamsin's past arrives in Heaven's Gate. But with only 48 hours to track down a mysterious demon and save an alternate world from annihilation, can these two form a connection?
8 1x08 The Atomic Weight of Iodine Tyler Moody November 25, 2008
As the team tries to track down a missing Lon, an old foe attempts to force him to commit a heinous act.
9 1x09 Mirrors Robb House & Tyler Moody December 2, 2008
An evil doppelganger tries to take over Callie's life as Frank confronts Tommy about why he ran away.
10 1x10 Leader of the Pack Robb House January 6, 2009
While investigating a series of savage attacks, an old friend causes to Frank question his future with the team. Mike feels ambivalent when his old high school bully arrives in town.
11 1x11 The Feminine Mystique Robb House & Tyler Moody January 13, 2009
While love may be in the air as some of the team play Cupid, there's also a life-sucking succubus in town that needs dealing with.
12 1x12 Brotherly Love Robb House January 20, 2009
As Tyler deals with a personal tragedy, Lon and Tamsin's brother arrives in town. But when his past catches up with him, it may spell doom for one team member.
13 1x13 Possession is 9/10ths Robb House February 24th, 2009
While tracking down a deadly demon's spawn, the team members begin to disappear. Can they figure out what's going on before it's too late?
14 1x14 Lockdown Robb House March 10th, 2009
Tempers flare as Lon and Mike are trapped after an explosion causes a base-wide lockdown. Will the team be able to get them out before their limited air supply runs out... or they kill each other?
15 1x15 Mystery Date Tyler Moody March 24th, 2009
Romance and deception are on the menu when Vi begins a new relationship and Corrine rekindles an old one.
16 1x16 The Puppet Master Tyler Moody April 8th, 2009
Lon confronts his past and faces his future as evil forces infiltrate the team.
17 1x17 Plan B Robb House April 21st, 2009
As MacroWare prepares for the release of their new OS, Mike discovers that he can stop portal activity putting him in direct opposition with someone's evil master plan
18 1x18 The Power of Portals Robb House May 2nd, 2009
It's Armageddon time, as portals open all over Heaven's Gate. The team rushes into action, but can they prevent the end of the world?

Season 2 (2009-2010)

Season Two premiered Tuesday, September 15, 2009 with the episode "Hell Hath No Fury" and ran through September 7th, 2010.

Episode Number Title Writer Airdate
19 2x01 Hell Hath No Fury Robb House September 15, 2009
Six months after the events at MacroWare, the lives of Omega Team are profoundly different. Will they be able put aside their problems in time to detect danger in their midst?
20 2x02 Thicker Than Water Robb House September 22, 2009
An evil force terrorizes the demon population of Heaven's Gate while Tamsin's wayward brother, Simon, turns up in a surprising location.
21 2x03 Three of a Kind Pete D. Gaskell September 29, 2009
Vampires Hester and Silas are back and they've got a friend. As the unholy trio enact their plan, Tamsin goes into labor.
22 2x04 Growing Pains Tyler Moody October 6, 2009
Corrine battles her own demons while a mysterious illness plagues Tamsin's baby. Can the team find a cure before it's too late for the infant?
23 2x05 Boys' Night Out Pete D. Gaskell October 13, 2009
Simon embarks on a self-imposed "mission of mercy", but his good intentions drag him and the team into direct conflict with Hester, Silas, and Zachariah who have intentions of their own.
24 2x06 What Are Little Girls Made Of? Tyler Moody November 3, 2009
Jamie makes a new friend as a mischievous Sprite tracks down Frank with not so friendly designs in mind. Tyler and Mike have a long overdue talk.
25 2x07 The Dangerous Lives of Altered Boys Robb House November 10, 2009
While preparing to celebrate his first anniversary with Callie, Tyler discovers a mysterious talisman. But when the team learns that it may be the cause of a gruesome death and a vicious attack, will they be able to track Tyler down before it's too late?
26 2x08 Night at the Museum Tyler Moody November 17, 2009
The team steals a mysterious object only to find that the vampire trio has plans for the artifact also. Mike's cockiness gets him into hot water with his new teacher.
27 2x09 Something Special Pete D. Gaskell November 24, 2009
Tyler plans to ask Callie a life-changing question. An encounter with an mysterious creature strips Vi of her Slayer powers but leaves her with something unexpected in return.
28 2x10 Brave New World Tyler Moody January 5, 2010
An encounter with a demon leaves Mike trapped in an apocalyptic world. Can he survive long enough to find his way home?
29 2x11 The Best-Laid Plans Robb House January 12, 2010
Hester, Silas and Zachariah's past is revealed as their plans for the future near fruition. Vi's friendship with Sarah hits a few snags.
30 2x12 Shadows Robb House February 9th, 2010
Frank grows closer to Brynn while Billie experiences side-effects from her "elective" surgery. A shadowy presence stalks the patients at Heaven's Gate Hospital.
31 2x13 Ghost of the Past Tyler Moody February 16th, 2010
Frank confronts his demons when his mother breezes into town. The team tries to track down an angry spirit before it kills again.
32 2x14 Cat and Mouse Robb House March 23rd, 2010
While Vi and Mike try to track down Sarah, she engages in a fight for survival. General Bratting puts Hester through the wringer.
33 2x15 Know Thy Enemy Robb House August 3rd, 2010
Old friends and old enemies arrive at the diner as the New Initiative springs its trap. Tyler gets some shocking news.
34 2x16 An Eye for an Eye Robb House September 7th, 2010
The team scrambles to save Mike from the New Initiative, but their actions lead to an ending you won't see coming.

Season 3 (2011- )

As of September 2010, Season Three is in the works. Because of the scheduling issues and writer shortages Executive Producer Robb House encountered with the previous two seasons, he has decided not to air Season Three until Spring of 2011.

Not much is known about the story arc for Season Three, but it will surly involve the mysterious trio introduced at the end of Season Two's finale.

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