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GypsyVerse Productions is a network of blogs, websites, and discussion boards for a collection of virtual series. GVP was created by virtual series writer Michael Jay in mid 2008 and began releasing content in January of 2009. The Virtual Series Network focuses more on the quality of the writing and less on the presentation and multimedia aspects of the virtual series world and also forgoes the "simulation of a real television show" methodology that the VS world has mostly lived by. Projects are run with no real restrictions on length, format, language, etc. GVP series run from January to July of each calendar year and the network also hosts screenplay projects that are released in August. The network is currently in its first operating year.



GVP creator Michael Jay got his start in VS in 2005 via Monster Zero Productions, writing for a variety of shows before launching his first major project, the Buffyverse screenplay Connor, in 2006. The relative success lead to a follow up series and another film. During this time, Jay also joined the writing staff for the Blackster Virtual Community and developed two more projects, a failed virtual continuation of the canceled series, The Inside, and the original comedy series Desperate Screenwriters with Paul Robinson. Following a down year, BVC temporarily merged with MZP. A planned split and relaunch was delayed several times and that along with a difference of creative opinion lead to Jay departing, taking Desperate Screenwriters with him.

Rather than start running his own projects at MZP, Jay made the choice to create his own website just to run his projects. Conversations with a few trusted friends in the VS world saw the project go from a simple hub for Jay's work into a full fledged network of his own.

The network was designed to be as user friendly for writers as possible. Rather than rely on a webmaster for updates and new releases, the website self updates from blogs and discussion boards maintained by the staff, allowing an easier content management system and more time to focus on the actual writing. The entire network went live in October of 2008 and launched its first year of programming with Jay's new series, Creed. Jay's Connor: The Series remains a Monster Zero Productions project.

Year One

GVP was slated to begin with four series and two movies in 2009. Unfortunately, due to an unexpected absence, Arcadio Reyes's Predestination was canceled ahead of its planned April premiere date. In terms of recruitment, Jay chose to keep things small for the first year and only picked up a handful of projects besides his own.

Jay also targeted eclectic writer JJ Estes and his oft delayed series Threadbare, another BVC holdover.



Created by Michael Jay and often times credited by Jay as the reason GVP was conceived, Creed is a half hour long, superhero noir follows a paralyzed minister who recently retired from his nightlife as a costumed vigilante crime fighter and has trained a new team to fight in his stead. The original one hour pilot ran on Monster Zero Productions to rave reviews. The 22-episode first season premiered in January.

Desperate Screenwriters

DS is the lovechild of Michael Jay and Paul Robinson, who originally envisioned the show as a spin off of MZP's The High Life. The first season was released on Blackster Virtual Community to mixed reviews, mostly targeting the sometimes weak characterization and inconsistency in the quality of the writing. Robinson would depart the staff shortly before BVC closed its doors and Jay took on the task of continuing. A planned film was scrapped with the episodes instead integrated into the planned second season, expanding the number of episodes to 22 from the first season's run of 14. A VDVD of the first season with commentaries from some of the writers is also planned for release. The second season premiered in January of 2009.


Not to be confused with the BVC series of the same name, this Anthology is the brainchild of Rob Kenneth, who has collaborated with Jay on a number of projects, including Creed, Kenneth's MZP series Hunted, and Jay's Connor: The Series. The anthology series runs through two men who discover a place known as "The Hub" through which they can view events in alternate worlds and time settings. In similar fashion to Masters of Horror and The Twilight Zone, all of the episodes will have a sci fi edge to them and be completely independent of one another. Anthology airs one episode a month (six in all) and premiered in January.


A contemporary fantasy series created by JJ Estes, GVP is Threadbare's third VS home (after MZP and BVC) and the second launch of the series. Originally planned years ago for MZP, Estes moved the series to BVC after his Sayber Space Productions merged with it. The series debuted in January of 2008 in the middle of the MZP/BVC marriage and was put on the shelf after three episodes were released. Estes reduced the season run from 13 down to 12 and the premiere date was pushed from mid March to April 14th.


Justice League

The VS world's leading authority on all things comic book related, Ian Austin, has signed on with GVP to produce a screenplay based on DC Comic's Justice League. Early in the development, Austin made the bold move to not include the two most notable and popular characters in the superhero team, Superman and Batman. Instead, per Austin, the film's two leads are Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and John Smith (The Martian Manhunter). Other characters slated to appear are Dinah Lance (The Black Canary), Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Bart Allen (The Flash), and Zatanna.

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