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Created By: Claire Rooney
Genre: Adventure
Running Time: 40-60 Pages
Format: Script/PDF
Current Season: First
Status: Syndicated
Number of Episodes aired: 13
Series Debut: Fall 2005


The show

Fate is a virtual series adapted from the Buffyverse by Claire Rooney, more commonly known as Roonblah. It is an independent affiliate of Monster Zero Productions and is currently syndicated. To date, it is one of two scripted virtual shows with Dawn Summers as the main spin-off character, but the only one to reintroduce Dawn as The Key. The second show, Destiny, showcases Dawn as a Slayer.


Dawn Summers went from Cosmic destucto-thingy to Brat to Key to Ordinary in a matter of years. That could screw with anyone's mind. So when a new foe comes looking for the Key, she's not about to let it get her down. Along with a new gaggle of adventurin' groupies, season one sees Dawn travel from world to plane; from bizarre circumstance to stranger choices. Her quest: to take control of the Key, her power, her fate.

Warning: please note that there are storyline spoilers beyond this point


Season 1 Characters

Dawn Summers

(Michelle Trachtenburg)
Virtually reprising her role as The Key, Dawn strikes out to play the independence power chord. Sadly, her bid for college freedom is silenced by an unknown foe who may have the means to control the power within her. Dawn is a Master Key, her origins shrouded. But someone has forged lesser keys; the path to The Key's secrets. A new friend, Devon Payne, buys Dawn more time by scattering the lesser keys over different worlds, but it's only a matter of time before they are found. Dawn vows to find them first.

Devon Payne

(Jewel Staite)
Devon Payne (real name: Margaret Devon) is a walking oddity. She has moments of extreme luck, where the scales either tip for or against her - often affecting the ones nearest her at the time. While her emotions may appear to outwardly run cold, she is a powerful telekinetic: a gift born of extreme trauma during her childhood and early teens. Her past is largely unknown by most, including Jason Mandrake, with whom she has a fiery tolerate-hate relationship, but it is known that she stayed with a Watcher, Bastion Payne, for a time, and that she has travelled to other dimensions before.

Jason Mandrake

(Jensen Ackles)
Two parts money, one part action hero and whole lot of Indiana Jones makes up the eternal horizon-seeker, Jason Mandrake. This wealthy relic hunter lives fearlessly; hunting whatever is on offer, and sometimes whatever is not. He will go to almost any length to find solutions for people that deserve them, and equally, to make sure that some things stay out of the hands of the people who don't. An adventure junkie, Jason lives by the same rules as the heroes in his favoured movies and comic books do: do what's right, be loyal to your friends, and never pass up the chance for a love interest.

Samuel Zabuto

(Keith David)
After the death of the second Slayer Kendra, Samuel Zabuto retired from the Watchers Council and gave up the practise of divination. Though he travelled the world teaching the art, he never truly embraced his former life again. Samuel had been plagued by his failure to help Kendra. Her years of training and his forewarnings did nothing to prevent her death. It is for that reason, Samuel takes the quest to help Dawn, and hopefully by extension, Devon, very seriously.


(Sophia Myles)
Naturally talented and beautiful, Nadya seems driven to prove it, both to herself and the others. She tries to keep every aspect of her life tightly reigned and controlled, including her magicks. She is a versatile and powerful sorceress. Able to harness the lesser keys, she creates the portals that takes the travellers from world to world in order to help Dawn find them all. She seems to have a preference for spells that use lightning. Nadya wouldn't mind a little electricity between herself and Jason.
Current status: deceased

Recurring Characters

Hughly Brown

(John Rhys-Davies)

Hughly Brown is Jason's manservant. He organises the nitty-gritty details of Jason's "real life", including the overseeing of his family's companies. Jason mentions that it was Hughly who picked him up from boarding school the day his parents died.

Appears in:
Episode: 1x10 Pieces
Episode: 1x12 Shadows and light
Episode: 1x13 Vow

Special Guest Characters

Rupert Giles (Anthony Stewart Head)
Episode: 1x01 Lucky me

Glorificus (Clare Kramer)
Episode: 1x05 Enemy mind

Kendra (Bianca Lawson)
Episode: 1x05 Enemy mind

Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar)
Episode: 1x09 Home is where the hurt is

Spike (James Marsters)
Episode: 1x09 Home is where the hurt is

Drusilla (Juliet Landau)
Episode: 1x09 Home is where the hurt is


Season One

1x01: Lucky me

Dawn Summers is the Key, an ancient entity given the form and memories of a normal girl. She was entrusted to the slayer, Buffy, for safekeeping against the hell-god, Glorificus. With Glory defeated, Dawn Summers believed her destiny as a destructive force in the universe was put to rest forever.

Striking out on her own for the first time, Dawn is just looking for the normal life her sister always wanted. What she finds is trouble with a capital Transdimensional portal. Fate has not forgotten the young woman and her life is thrown back into turmoil. But she's been given a helping hand in the form of a watcher, a witch, a hunter and an enigma. Her quest is clear; find the keys, avoid the enemy, discover her fate.

1x02: Et tu chaos

Nadya is surprised to find herself an object of interest to the powerful and handsome ruler of the next world the keyhunters have travelled to. The world paints a peaceful visage with no weapons or tangible magicks, but is everything as it seems? Dawn gets to grip with the idea that she may or may not have controllable power within her.

1x03: Conspired learning

In a world devoted to learning and knowledge, Jason strikes up a risky deal with a museum curator in exchange for one of the keys. Dawn learns some valuable information about keys and dimensions, while Nadya sets about finding something to stop the gang and herself from falling victim to more powerful enemies.

1x04: Flashback

When the gang learn that the next key somehow travelled back in time and was destroyed twenty years ago, they risk their presents to get it back.

1x05: Enemy mind

The keyhunters learn a valuable lesson about the dangers of world travel when they step onto a diseased world. The world is devastated by an illness that reminds Dawn of her early beginnings.

1x06: Burning

When Jason learns that the next key is being held by a vampire that refuses to trade with humans, Devon comes up with a plan that may be more than the ever-ready Jason bargained for.

1x07: Identity

The keyhunters become trapped on a strange world that Devon desperately needs to escape. But the danger she faces, is not the only danger this world has to offer, as something a little more dangerous has caught up with the gang.

1x08: Passions of a beautiful life

The hopes of a relaxing break, while Samuel makes contact with a Watcher's council source who has one of the Keys, are dashed when an unknown entity causes everyone in the small town to take on different out-of-character roles.

1x09: Home is where the hurt is

After too many close calls, the group's next priority is to find a way to keep the keys safe while they find the rest. Dawn approaches one of her most trusted allies... but the outing isn't without some painful home truths.

1x10: Pieces

A trip to a world overrun by dragons leaves the gang broken in more ways than one.

1x11: Fortress

Still reeling from recent events, the group pull together to free two keys from a ruthless dictator bent on world domination.

1x12: Shadows and light

Dawn is alone in an alien environment as she tries to hunt the last key.

1x13: Vow

The group finds themselves violently divided as the final fate of the keys is decided.


Redemption - Conjure one (theme song)
Beautiful thing - The Pierces (episode 3)
Never the same - Supreme beings of leisure (episode 6)
Placebo - Kidney thieves (episode 6)
Shut your mouth - Garbage (episode 6)
Heat - Balligomingo (episode 6)
Like Flames - Berlin (episode 6)
Something beautiful - Tracy Bohnam (episode 6)
Inside and out - Feist (episode 8)
All this and more - Rocketbob (episode 8)
It's a kind of magic - Queen (episode 9)
Firestarter - Prodigy (episode 9)
Baby one more time - Britney Spears (episode 9)
From a shell - Lisa Germano (episode 13)


  • The original premise featured one character: Eve Mcpartlin. A walking deus ex machina who broke or enforced prophecies wherever she happened to be. This character eventually became Devon Payne.
  • The writer named Jason before the character's avatar, Jensen Ackles, starred on Smallville as Jason Teague. The name was kept because, in mythology, Jason was the Greek hero who brought together the Argonauts.

The greater Buffyverse

In episode 8 it was revealed that:

  • Buffy Summers remains in Italy training new slayers. She is maybe-maybe-not dating a pyrokinetic named David Sparks, and attending night classes at a local college
  • Spike is currently in Italy helping Buffy train new slayers
  • Faith tracked down Angel to help him in the fight against Wolfram and Hart
  • Giles remains in England, rebuilding the Watchers Council.

In episode 10:

  • Jason and Hughly mention recruiting Gwen Raidon as Jason's proxy, suggesting they know each other

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