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Created By: Darren J. Eldred and Lee A. Chrimes
Genre: Supernatural Buffyverse Spinoff (Drama)
Running Time: 40-50 pages
Format: Script/PDF
Current Season: Fifth
Status: Completed
Number of Episodes: 69 + 2 movies (List of episodes)
Series Debut: 6th February 2005
Original Network Monster Zero Productions
External Link: Official Faith Site

Faith is a virtual series created by Darren J. Eldred and Lee A. Chrimes, first airing on Monster Zero Productions on February 6, 2005. It completed on July 5th 2009. The Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Virtual Continuation spin-off stars both new and old faces including Eliza Dushku as Siobhan "Faith" Lehane, Robson Green as Pryor Webb, Amanda Seyfried as Noa DeRubria and Felicia Day as Violet "Vi" Bowen. The show follows former rogue Slayer Faith after she relocates to New York in order to start a new life clear of the mistakes of her past.



Boston girl Faith Lehane was called as the latest in the long line of women known as Vampire Slayers. Gifted with supernatural strength and prophetic dreams in order to help her fight a wide array of demons, Faith has a long history of helping (and sometimes fighting against) fellow Champions such as Vampire Slayer Buffy Summers and vampire-with-a-soul Angel. A former lackey for the dark side, Faith's life made a turn for the better when she relocated to New York and gained her own group of allies. Unknown to Faith, everything in her life to that point had occurred in order to shape her into a being known as the Warden; her destiny was to protect the ancient and mystical device known only as the Gateway, which serves as a portal between her world and every other. Faith deals with the titular character's role in protecting New York city from otherwordly threats as well as her the constant exposure of secrets that plague her allies.


Main Characters

Faith Lehane portrayed by Eliza Dushku (seasons 1-5, starring) is a "Vampire Slayer", one in what is now a thousand-strong army of young women chosen by higher powers to fight evil. This mystic calling endows her with dramatically increased physical strength, as well as endurance, agility, accelerated healing, intuition, and a limited degree of clairvoyance, usually in the form of prophetic dreams. Faith does not have the guidance of a Watcher as the Slayers before her had. Instead, she is aided by her friends. With their guidance, Faith remains grounded in life, as well as aiding her in her supernatural duties.

Pryor Webb portrayed by Robson Green (seasons 1-5, starring) begins as the nervous, somewhat anti-social who employs Faith as a research assistant. Pryor becomes much more open over the series, showing on more than one occasion that he is willing to sacrifice much to protect his friends. He has two love interests at once in Ruth and Alex. Pryor is later infected by vampire blood in a lab accident, leading to his transformation into a souless vampire who goes on to join Mayor Wilkins as one of Faiths enemies.

Noa DeRubria portrayed by Amanda Seyfried (seasons 1-5, starring) is often seen by fans as the heart of the team. A bright and bubbly young woman, Noa is put through many emotionally scarring situations such as the death of her mother, discovering the disturbing truth about her lover and being permanently paralysed by an evil double of her best friend and yet managed to remain the optimistic centre of Faiths team. In the final season of Faith, Noa's body is inhabited by the demonic Darkling and she, too, is allied with the evil Mayor Wilkins.

Violet "Vi" Bowen portrayed by Felicia Day (season 1, special guest star; seasons 2-5, starring) has been an ally of Faiths since they met in Sunnydale during season seven Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Since then, she has joined Faith on missions in France, an alternate dimension known as the Arena and most recently in New York. Initially a timid young woman whose total experience with the supernatural amounted to a blurry photograph of a vampire, Vi has evolved over her time on Faith into one of the strongest characters, always willing to fight for her friends without a moment of hesitation. She temporarily assumes the role of Warden to the Gateway but soon returns the duty to Faith. Vi spent 18 months in prison thanks to the Mayor's investgation into the Asylum.

To see the other characters who starred in Faith, see the List of Characters.



Faith was written as part of the Virtual Mutant channel of the network Monster Zero Productions. Many of the writers on the show have had or currently have a show as part of MZP.

  • Lee A. Chrimes (30 episodes, 4 co-writes, 2 movies)
  • Darren J. Eldred (2 co-writes)
  • Chris Haigh (4 episodes)
  • Michael Jay (10 episodes)
  • Chris Kelly (1 episode)
  • Daniel Loach (4 episodes)
  • Emma Platt (1 episode)
  • Li Robb (5 episodes)
  • Claire Rooney (2 episodes, 1 co-write)
  • J. Alan Shelton (3 episodes)
  • Robert Torres (3 episodes, 1 co-write)

Episodes "Gateway" and "Two Second Delay" were intentionally written as crossovers into the larger MZP Buffyverse. Willow showrunner Chris Kelly and Raven showrunner Robert Torres both had plans for the guests in these episodes but neither show was completed. As such, there are references to the extended Buffyverse that create a sense of other large stories readers may never gain the answers to.


Season One

Faith picked up a temp job at Webb Researching, just looking for some way to pay the bills while she kept up the slaying by night, but it didn't take long for her to discover that her boss, Pryor, knew all about vampires, demons and everything else, and that he was just as committed to fighting back the forces of darkness as she was. Faith also earned a new fan in Pryor's assistant, the bubbly young Noa, who quickly came to idolise her. Settling down to work, Faith battled all manner of foes but remained unaware of Jon Quinn, the detective on her trail following her murders in Sunnydale. With Quinn actually working for shady military unit the Initiative, his true motivations were a mystery to all until he finally tried to arrest Faith. Barely escaping his custody after Quinn's change of heart, Faith showed mercy and recruited her would-be captor into the team. With aid from the mysterious Gabriel turning out to be far from what it seemed, Faith was left in a state of disarray when she realised she was being used, a tool to make sure destiny followed its correct path - a path that was jeapordised when she was trapped in a vicious gladiatorial arena with her old Slayer colleague Vi by the rogue warlock Boone.

Season Two

With Gabriel's help Faith was able to escape, but Gabriel gave his life to save her. Faith was sent back to NY alone, where she crash-landed into an asylum run by Dr. Alexandra Salus, a woman with plenty of secrets of her own. With Faith's murderous past revealed to her team as they tried to revive her, the homeless Faith was offered a job at the Asylum by a sympathetic Alex. However, an unexpected side effect of Faith's return from the Arena was the loss of all her Slayer powers. The creation of an evil, sadistic mirror version of herself promptly began a reign of terror against Faith and her friends, with the de-powered Faith struggling to defeat her. Evil Faith also put Vi through a horrific ordeal of torture lasting several weeks, leaving Vi in intensive care and Faith with another ally unable to help her. Further attacks by her doppelganger left Noa in a wheelchair and Pryor's lab in ruins. The discovery of the Gateway in the Asylum's depths deepened the mystery, as did Faith's sudden appointment as 'Warden' of the ancient structure, believed to be some kind of mystical transportation device allowing passage to other worlds and dimensions. This is something Evil Faith used to her benefit when she launched a full-scale assault on the Asylum, fighting past Faith and tossing Alex through the Gateway, escaping to fight another day.

Season Three

Evil Faith had another aim in mind: the resurrection of Mayor Wilkins. Wilkins wasted no time in consolidating his position, re-activating Faith's Most Wanted status, allying himself with the demonic leaders of the Church of Hessionism, using his influence to keep pressure on the team and recruiting new allies like the bitter rogue Slayer Ambrosia and the Darkling to his cause. With the return of Dawn Summers giving the Mayor access to the power he needed to warp the Gateway to his own ends, it all came down to a climactic showdown at the Church itself. Evil Faith was defeated and Faith's Slayer powers restored, but nobody noticed Wilkins slip away in the aftermath and get himself elected the new Mayor of New York. Noa was also a victim of the fight, but survived, trapped in a foreign dimension where she has the power to walk again. The Mayor continued to expand his influence and power with his new ally, malevolent entity the Darkling, assuming the form of dead Slayer Ambrosia.

Season Four

Dawn's newfound connection to the Gateway gave the team their only chance to locate and rescue Noa. In the process, Dawn not only caused severe damage to dozens of other realities, she also left Noa in the clutches of demon warlord Aku, who plotted to find a way to NYC and conquer the city. Dawn found herself transformed into a ghost, haunting the Gateway itself. As the team tried to repair the damage wreaked by Noa's rescue, they also came under scrutiny from NYPD detective Scott Jacobs who was himself soon manipulated by Mayor Wilkins into believing the team were criminals needing to be locked up. This added to the growing tension between Faith and Vi as Rachel unknowingly romancing Scott. Aku attempted to invade the Asylum but was defeated by the team. Pryor slowly succumbed to an infection of vampire blood after a lab accident, murdering Ruth to escape, promptly getting recruited by Wilkins. Following the team's arrest, Noa was possessed by the Darkling, and the others were left to languish in jail.


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