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Created By: Adam Scott
Genre: Supernatural Drama
Running Time: 6x60' installments
Format: Mini-series
Status: Completed
Number of Episodes: 6

Dominion is a virtual mini-series created and written by Adam Scott. Graphics for the series were provided by JT Vaughn. It aired from August to September 2008 on MZP, and was Adam Scott's first showrunning job.

The series followed two principle characters - London-based journalist John Teague (Robert Carlyle) and New York police detective Ben Roberts (Michael Chiklis), old friends who were reunited by the sudden and horrific murder of John's sister, Anna (Sophia Myles). The two men set about investigating the murder - only for them to uncover a gigantic international conspiracy and a secret war against a supernatural force known as the Fallen.

Dominion has the honour of being MZP's first mini-series, and creator Adam Scott is already planning a second. The project, currently known as Legion, is being written as of February 2009 and, while it shares some themes with Dominion, Adam has confirmed that it is an original piece and not a sequel to Dominion.

Main Cast

Robert Carlyle as John Teague
Michael Chiklis as Ben Roberts
Sophia Myles as Anna Teague

Supporting Players

Julia Stiles as Rowan DeSanto
Jason Flemmyng as Cain
Rade Serbedzija as Josef Kirrell
Christopher Plummer as Robert Stapleton
Michelle Ryan as Courtney Phillips
Kelly MacDonald as Helen Foster
Bill Paterson as Bill Jennings
Terrence Stamp as Holmwood

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