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Matthew John Latham
Matthew John Latham
 NOTE: This is unfinished...

Matthew John Latham (born 13th October 1985, Walsall, West Midlands) is a Virtual Series writer who started in 2001 with the short lived Virtual Buffy: The Vampire Slayer spin-off Hartley that lasted ten episodes. His longest serving job was under Marc Gibson's Ravenshill from 2002-2004, which he was Assistant Producer. He is currently show-runner of the I In teIam, CTU: Manhattan and Mr. Thorpe and His Family.

Latham is also a Virtual Series Reviewer, and covers several forms of Virtual Series.


Early Beginnings

Latham's first ever attempts at Virtual Series weren't exactly series at all, but a collection of rough notes that formed season plans. There was around six seasons of The Time Detectives planned, but they will never be revealed to the public.

He also completed a pilot in transcript form called School Work when he was thirteen, which followed a British teenager as he fought against an oppressive American General who's ghost was trapped within the confides of a school. Latham may reveal what these plans once were - since it was set in a little town called Bridge Docks, and the school's head-master was called Philip Wiltmire. Small elements of this piece came implemented into teIam.

The Virtual Spin-Off That Gave Up

Latham's first array into the world of Virtual Series was the Virtual Buffy The Vampire Slayer Spin-off Hartley which followed a young Watcher with special abilities.

Virtual Series

This list is yet to be completed.

External Links

Xandmatt Productions - His personal site and home of his reviews.

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