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Cult Hero
The Cult Hero logo!
Created By: JT Vaughn
Executive Producer: Adam Scott
Genre: Action/Supernatural/Comedy
Running Time: 55-65 Pages
Format: Script/PDF/HTML
Current Season: Second
Status: Long Term Hiatus
Number of Episodes: 26

Cult Hero is a supernatural action comedy virtual series created by JT Vaughn and executive produced by Adam Scott. It follows the journey of lead characters Jake Walker, Michelle Banks and Jackson Cruz, as they learn that the monsters and demons from Jake's cancelled TV show are more real than they could have ever imagined. It is currently on a long term hiatus upon completion of season two, after previous airing on Saturdays on Monster Zero Productions.



JACK BAUER, DOCTOR WHO, MACGYVER, SPOCK...the last 100 years of TV has seen it’s fair share of heroes, but no one could quite overshadow the majestic force that was ALEXIS POWER.

The Power Hour, a 60 minute supernatural adventure starring Jake Walker, ran throughout the 1980’s and 90’s. The dashing Brit star took on all manner of monsters and ghouls, protecting the weak and helpless, saving the world more times than possible to count. And then his stardom ended.

5 years on, the fame has faded. Autographs in hospital wards and shopping centre ribbon cutting events the daily highlights for a man still trying to live on his dying celebrity status. But Jake didn’t account for the world he once knew coming back with a vengeance, a vengeance more real than he could ever have imagined.

They’re coming for him...


Main Characters

Jake Walker

(Virtually portrayed by Pierce Brosnan)

An enigmatic former TV hero, still basking in the glory he thinks he still has. Jake Walker was a hero on the screen, but off it he's just a washed up actor, clinging onto the last remains of his old lifestyle. In many respects Jake is stuck in the past, his house is about 10 years behind the style of today, his dress sense often harks back to simpler times, and he refuses to acknowledge the existence of the DVD player.

Living alone in his mansion (we're not talking Buckingham Palace here, but it's pretty nice), Jake is a lonely man just looking to get his foot back on the entertainment ladder, but after an encounter with a creature he's more familiar with from television, Jake is suddenly drawn into the murky world of demons and monsters, a world he thought was purely fiction.

Michelle Banks

(Virtually portrayed by Jodi Albert)

Driven by revenge, Michelle was robbed of her parents by a demon while she watched, helpless to save them. With rage in her veins, Michelle set out to kill that demon and finally put the memory of that incident to rest. Michelle is tenacious, motivated, opinionated, headstrong, and feisty. She doesn't take crap from anyone, especially Jake. She's also very altruistic, and cares greatly for the well being of others.

She has a sisterly relationship with Jackson, a young deviant she rescued from the monster and recruited to help her cause after the monster killed his mother. Michelle used to be driven by a desire to be a journalist before her parents died, but that ambition soon fell by the wayside as she slowly went from freelance reporter to freelance demon hunter.

Jackson Cruz

(Virtually portrayed by Matt Di Angelo)

Jackson is a smart, spirited and sarcastic guy with a tendency to annoy the hell out of Jake. Rescued by Michelle after his mother was killed by a demon, Jackson became like a brother to her, helping with the revenge mission. Jackson has had a troubled past, but Michelle has helped tame his wild side and focus him toward positive actions, although his fiery temper does sometimes find a way to come out.

Despite his cheeky and modest exterior, Jackson is a brutal fighter, which can be attributed to his tough upbringing. Jackson is often a contradiction, a man who loves to scrap and kick some ass, but at the same time has a fascination with Science and mythology, although he usually keeps those interests to himself.

Sam Dylan

(Virtually portrayed by Oliver James)

Season One recurring, Season Two regular

Mandy Donovan

(Virtually portrayed by Kellie Shirley)

Season One recurring, Season Two regular

Keika Radebe

(Virtually portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor)

Season Two regular

Veronica Flower

(Virtually portrayed by Roxanne Pallett)

Season Two regular

Guest Characters

Niklas Cole

(Virtually portrayed by John Simm)

Season One recurring

Abigail Logan

(Virtually portrayed by Talisa Soto)

Louise Glass

(Virtually portrayed by Emily Symons)


Season One

1x01 - The Fallen Written by JT Vaughn

Former cult TV star Jake Walker, the handsome lead Alexis Power from the show The Power Hour – a 60 minute fantasy drama from the 80’s and 90’s -- agrees to let budding journalist Michelle Banks do an article on him to kick start her career and to resurrect interest in his. As Michelle soon discovers, Jake’s life is a mess. His fame has faded, his demand reduced to minor functions, and his talents left in the last century.

But something far worse is coming – and soon the pair will have to work together to defeat the monsters far more real than Jake’s cancelled TV Show.

1x02 - Flame Written by JT Vaughn

Jake, Michelle and Jackson investigate when Jake notices a gruesome murder that shares similar to traits to one that happened on The Power Hour. Are these copycat killings, life imitating art, or is there something more sinister behind it? Meanwhile, Michelle has to deal with trouble at work, while Jackson is given an interesting offer by Jake.

1x03 - The Man Made of Glass Written by JT Vaughn

When Jake is paralysed by a demon, it is up to Michelle and Jackson to find the treatment. Their research leads them to believe the cure could be found within The Power Hour, but finding out which episode proves harder than expected, so they team up with an unusual ally, and embark on an adventure they'll never forget.

1x04 - Reunion Written by JT Vaughn

Jake is invited to a reunion for the cast from The Power Hour. Jackson and Michelle are suspicious about the event, but agree to come along to make sure it goes down without incident.

1x05 - Disobedience Written by JT Vaughn

An old friend of Jackson enlists his help to investigate the deaths of kids in a Young Offender’s Institute, claimed to be a demon attack. Jake and Michelle finally get a chance for closure on some unfinished business.

Written 1x06 - Register Written by JT Vaughn

While Jake readies himself for a pre-recorded chat show interview, trying to get back into his life of fame, the gang deal with Jake’s gardener giving them a chilling warning about the future.

Written 1x07 - Perturbia Written by JT Vaughn

Michelle and Jackson have one of the strangest experiences of their life as they face the unknown, and some truths about the world they live in, the dangers they face, and the enemies looking to hurt them. Meanwhile, Jake gets caught in an unlikely scenario, and is forced to test his heroism.

1x08 - Four Years Before Written by JT Vaughn

The return of old enemies puts the gang's life in danger, as they remember a time four years ago when events would conspire to change their futures forever.

1x09 - Ignis Aurum Probat Written by JT Vaughn

Locked in a mysterious bunker with a group of varied and suspicious individuals, Jake, Mandy, Sam and Michelle must deal with a strange line of questioning from their captors, while being unsure of just who they can trust amongst their fellow captives.

1x10 - Ability Written by JT Vaughn

Buoyed by the events of the last episode, Jake and Jackson take the good fight to the streets of London, assisted by Sam and Mandy, but soon have a whole new problem to face. Captured by the mysterious Passengers, Niklas Cole is given an odd offer. Meanwhile, Michelle meets with an old friend, and potentially an old enemy...

1x11 - A Rift, Darkly - Part One Written by JT Vaughn

Realising their lives aren't about to get any better any time soon, and with the impending worry of a big battle looming large, the gang tie up some loose ends with their families. However, things aren't quite what they seem, and a terrifying event sets the stage for the big final event, where loyalties and friendships are challenged, and a plan goes horrible wrong...

1x12 - A Rift, Darkly - Part Two Written by JT Vaughn

In the final episode of Season One, Jake teams up with an unusual ally to bring a friend home, while Jackson, Sam and Mandy face a huge danger to the city of London.

Season Two

2x01 - What Was Lost Written by JT Vaughn

2x02 - The Nelson Touch Written by JT Vaughn

2x03 - Home Written by Adam Scott

2x04 - Bad Reception Written by JT Vaughn

2x05 - Erase/Replace Written by JT Vaughn

2x06 - The Capture Written by JT Vaughn

2x07 - Shrinking Universe Written by JT Vaughn

2x08 - At Midnight Hour Written by JT Vaughn

2x09 - Casino Nation Written by Adam Scott

2x10 - The Return Written by JT Vaughn

2x11 - Lost for Words Written by Adam Scott

2x12 - Cities on Fire Written by JT Vaughn

2x13 - Pinch Punch... Written by JT Vaughn

2x14 - ...First of the Month Written by JT Vaughn

Season Three

It is currently unknown if or when season three will be produced.

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