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Connor is a Buffyverse virtual series spun off from Joss Whedon's acclaimed series, Angel that airs as part of Monster Zero Production's Virtual Mutant line up. Created by Michael Jay, the series follow from the movie of the same name, penned by Jay in 2006.


History of the Series

Despite the success of the 2006 screenplay, MZP still maintained a firm rule against adding additional Jossverse series to its Virtual Mutant line up. Reception of the movie along with the generally positive feedback for the late 2006 pilot penned by Jay was enough to convince MZP owner, Lee A. Chrimes to commission the series.

The Connor series has its roots on a LiveJournal blog Jay ran in mid 2005. The present day series has evolved tremendously from those early conceptions. The original cast of the series was planned to be just two characters, Connor and his surrogate sister from the Reilly family (who was later named Bridget and incorporated into a major season two arc on the current show). Per Jay, the original plot centered on the Reilly parents being murdered by arson shortly after Connor's father, Angel, destroyed the Circle of the Black Thorn, a secret, powerful organization Angel believed to be the emissaries for the omnipotent Senior Partners here on Earth. Connor would rescue Bridget from Eve, a scorned former employee of the Partners with a grudge against Angel, but a mortally wounded Bridget was in dire need of a blood transfusion to save her life. The transfusion unknowingly came from a vampire slayer, transforming Bridget into a Slayer herself. Drusilla, a clairvoyant vampire sired by Angel, was planned to be the first season's villain.

Jay has openly referred to this series as a terrible concept from a complete novice fanboy, though ironically many of the idea were incorporated into the Connor franchise, either in the films or the series. Drusilla's story was altered and the character was a major villain in the first film. The Bridget story (sans the vampire slayer angle) was made into the driving plot for the second season.

Themes and Morals


  • Connor Angel - The reincarnation of an ancient powerful warrior called The Destroyer, Connor was created by a pact between the Higher Powers and the Powers That Be. Despite that and being born to two vampires, Connor is and always has been a normal human. He befriended Gabriella shortly after helping his father in a climatic battle and has lived with her ever since, slowing learning more about his lineage and his abilities, including a natural affinity for magic.
  • Gabriella Heron - Gabriella, as learned in the first Connor movie is a former Wolfram and Hart employee who helped cast the original spell that removed Connor's memories from him and placed him with the Reillys. She later befriended Connor and has fought as his side ever since, despite repeatedly disagreeing on how to handle certain situations.
  • Oliver Pike - Connor's closest (arguably only) male friend. Pike has known about the existence of demons since crossing paths with Buffy Summers in high school. The series opens with him as the landlord of an apartment complex co-habitated by humans and demons. Pike collects guns as a hobby and has fashioned specialty bullets for his freelance demon hunting, including wooden bullets used to slay vampires.
  • Kaia Sincaid - A natural born werewolf, from the outset of the series, Kaia has been torn between her loyalty to her family (termed 'clan' in werewolf culture) and her love for Pike. A cruel setup by her jealous younger brother ended with an enraged Pike shooting Kaia while in wolf form and unknowingly killing their unborn children.

Season Overviews

Main Article: List of Connor: The Series episodes

Season One

The inaugural season follows from the the first movie and premiered on

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