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Chris Haigh is a virtual series writer, producer and more recently, co-showrunner, and works on shows that air on Monster Zero Productions and The Entertainment Network. Hailing from Leeds in the United Kingdom, he has already built himself an impressive resume, originally working on shows such as Slayer Academy and Somewhere InBetween before becoming a prolific writer and becoming a producer and/or staff writer on several shows such as Faith, The DSR, Schism, Walker, Night Stalker, Nine Lives and others.

Haigh has also worked on a handful of movie and mini-series productions - having created The Girl In Question (and later penning a sequel due to air early 2012), Haigh tackled a Mission: Impossible reboot/sequel, his 'Hitchcock love letter' Good and his first mini-series, the drama fantasy thriller series Chosen which received positive reviews, particularly the finale (which Haigh has cited as his favourite script that he has ever written).

Future projects possibly in the pipeline include a sci-fi movie entitled The Passengers, a team-up and co-write with MZP royalty Adam Scott on a secret project as well as being continuing to be involved in the DSRVerse projects as well as murder mystery series 'Memento Mori' about a serial killer preying on Brighton residents (and which will have a 'Chosen' connection).

As of 2015 he is a host on the Fan Friction Podcast and was a guest on an episode of The Word of Nerd Show.

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