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Charmed: Reset Reality
Image:Icon CRR.jpg
Created By: Daniel Taylor
Genre: Supernatural Drama
Running Time: 40-45 minutes
Format: Messageboard/Script
Status: Airing
Number of Episodes: 67 (so far)
Series Debut: October 1, 2006
Series Finale Unknown
Network The Entertainment Network (Syndicated)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Shax's attack in All Hell Breaks Loose ended up differently? What if Leo had got there in time and healed both sisters? Well by reading Charmed: Reset Reality you can find out just that. At C:RR we go back to Season Four and start the season off completely differently. Guess what? The oldest sister Prue was never killed by Shax and the Power of Three were never broken. And when youngest sister Paige comes along the Charmed Ones become the Power of Four aswell. So watch us change history, watch us do all the wrongs right. Watch Charmed: Reset Reality!

With the Power of Four now in place, with the sisters powers at their strongest can the Charmed Ones finally vanquish the Source and can they stop others threats that come there way. Will the sisters finally find happiness? Can Prue find love after Andy? Will Piper and Leo get the family they want so much? Can Phoebe and Cole remove the obstacles in their relationship and can Paige fit in with her sisters? Find out by reading Charmed: Reset Reality.



Charmed: Reset Reality was created in the Summer of 2006 by Executive Producer, Daniel Taylor. Gathering a team of four others, they started work on the series and aired their premiere in October of 2006. Soon after the first four episodes, Producer and Beta Reader - Esmerelda dropped out of the series. This left, Taylor, producers Jackie Drama, Xenith and Head Writer Camillie Fourever.

The series is currently in it's fifth season and with it nearing it's end, we will hear conformation on whether the series will go ahead or not for a sixth season.

CRR orginially joined forces with the Online Virtual Network and the series came the networks first sydicated series. The following year the OVN shut it's doors and CRR then joined "from the ashes" network The Entertainment Network, where it has since began to re-air Season Four, and has been confirmed to run through to at least the end of Season Six.


Every Charmed fan knows how in September of 1998, in an old San Francisco Victorian manor, Phoebe Halliwell found the Book of Shadows in the attic and read out loud the incantation she released her and her older sisters, Prue and Piper's powers, and that from that moment on the Halliwell sisters became the Charmed Ones, the three most powerful witches to ever walk the face of the earth.

Every fan also knows how after discovering their destiny and true identity the sisters became known to every great evil in the world. Demons and warlocks everywhere were after them, but over the years the sisters have vanquished demons and warlocks, found love and lost it, learned life lessons, gained new powers, and bonded and became closer than ever.

They also know that many things happened throughout the first three years of the sisters Wiccan Lives. Prue was also with Andy throughout her first year as a witch but sadly he was killed in the middle of a demon attack. They also know about the trials and tribulations Leo and Piper went through in Season 2 before they were finally allowed to marry in Season 3.

These fans also know how Source of All Evil and the Triad sent demon after demon after the sisters including the great mercenary Belthazor and how his love for Phoebe finally turned his human side, lawyer Cole Turner, over to the good side. They also know how Cole betrayed his evil side by vanquishing the Triad and that after that the Source wanted revenge.

And as all Charmed fans know a little too clearly, in another attempt to kill the sisters The Source sent his right-hand man and deadly demonic assassin Shax after the sisters and to kill the sisters and everyone knows that at the end of Season Three, the Source got what he bargined for when he sent Piper and Prue flying through the Foyer wall, killing the oldest Charmed One.

All Charmed fans also know how the Power of Three was reconstituted in the premiere of Season Four when they found their half-sister, Paige Matthews, the hidden result of their mother's affair with her whitelighter.

Season Four is also when Charmed Reset Reality begins. Unlike during the series, Leo returns in time to save both Prue and Piper. The sisters have to find Shax and vanquish him to prevent him killing any other innocents, since Leo wasn't able to save Dr. Griffiths. The Source and Shax think Prue or Piper or both must be dead as there is no automatic backlash. But as the Underworld roar over their sucess, their hopes are shattered when the Source's Seer reveals Paige's presense.

Much like the show, the Source sends Shax after Paige, but when he comes to kill her he finds more than he has bargained for--Phoebe has had a premonition regarding Paige and now Shax finds all three Halliwell sisters alive. The sisters vanquish Shax and take Paige home after they saw her orb out the way of Shax' energy ball. But much like the show, when Paige is brought back to the Manor the sisters find that Paige is much more than an innocent ... she is their half-sister. Also much like the show, once all four sisters are standing under the chandelier, they became connected, so that rather than the Power of Three, they are now the Power of Four, with a new symbol, the quadretra. As on the show, as of that moment, Paige received her power to summon an object. Now with her help, the Charmed Ones are even more powerful then before and are ready to take the Underworld by storm!


Prudence "Prue" Halliwell played by Shannen Doherty: At first, Prue wasn't the happiest women in the world when she found out that younger sister Phoebe had released their powers. But over time she grew fond of it, to the extent that her life became all about saving innocents. Prue was with her childhood lover throughout her first year as a witch but before the two could get serious again, Andy's life was snatched from her, she was left broken. Since then Prue hasn't found love, however she has followed her dream of becoming a photographer and now works at 415 magazine after leaving her job at Bucklands Auction House. When Paige joined the family, Prue was not best pleased however she has come to accept her half breed sister. Now working along side her sisters to make San Francisco demon free, Prue has met up with Matt, a shifty character but the two get along well.

Piper Halliwell played by Holly Marie Combs: Middle sister Piper has always played meditor between her two sister Prue and Phoebe. And even though she was never as lucky in love or in work in her younger years, Piper now owns her own nightclub, P3 and is the first of the sisters to marry. She met husband Leo Wyatt when he became the sisters handyman at the Manor but after many months, Leo finally showed his true colors, he was a whitelighter. However even after a relationship with neighbor Dan Gordon, Piper and Leo married in front of family and friends. When Paige came along, Piper had to adjust to having another face around the house but like all family she loves Paige dearly, half sister or not. Piper and Paige have a very caring relationship but Piper, being the women she is wants to get to know Paige a little better.

Phoebe Halliwell played by Alyssa Milano: The third sister Phoebe is still as free spirited as ever but her sterdy relationship with her sisters and her boyfriend Cole Turner has lead her down the more straight and narrow. Mastering her power of levitation and advancing her premonitions into color, she is doing well on the Charmed front too. Now working for pysclogist Laura Brenton as receptionist she is going up the career ladder too. Escaping from the clutches of the Source, Phoebe returned in time to save half sister Paige from Shax. The two younger sisters get on very well and have a lot in common.

Paige Matthews played by Rose McGowan: Born to Patricia Halliwell and Sam Wilder, Paige is the youngest sister but because of circumstances the sisters was given up at birth to the local church. Paige's foster parents Holden and Madeline Matthews raised her like their own but died in a tragic car accident when Paige was around 18. After that Paige searched for her family, her sisters and came close on a number of occasions but when Paige was saved by the sisters the secrets were began to unfold. Now part of the Charmed circle, Paige has a long life ahead of her, hopefully anyway!


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Season Four

Season Four consisted of twenty-three episodes, with a four-part opening episode and a two part finale. It aired from the 1st of October 2006 until the 3rd of June 2007.

Season Five

Season Five consisted of twenty-two episodes. It aired from the 9th of October 2007 until the 25th of May 2008.

Season Six

Season Six consisted of twenty-two episodes. It aired from the 7th of September 2008 until 14th of December 2009.

Syndicated Schedule on TEN

No Title Original Airdate Writer(s) Synopsis
4x01 "Charmed By Four: Part One" January 4, 2009 Camille Fourever Prue and Piper are saved by Leo, unfortunately their innocent is not so lucky. With the death of Dr. Griffiths, Inspector Cortez begins to keep a close eye on the Manor's residents. Cole brings a severely wounded Phoebe back from the Underworld, whose powers have been stolen by The Source's guard. When The Charmed Ones vanquish Shax at P3, they also discover a mysterious young woman who can orb but who Piper can't freeze. When The Elders know nothing, Cole appears, only to rock their world with startling news...
4x02 "Charmed By Four: Part Two" January 11, 2009 Camille Fourever The Charmed Ones confront their mother, only to learn that the rumors from the Underworld are true. Phoebe excitedly decides to pursue the whitelighter-witch, while Prue angrily refuses to accept the revaluation. Piper, caught in the middle, chooses to go with Phoebe, if only to save the girl from evil. Inspector Cortez begins to secretly close in on the Halliwells, starting with the arrest of their whitelighter, Leo. Fearing exposure, Leo is unable to answer the calls of his Charmed charges, leaving them to their own devices.
4x03 "Charmed By Four: Part Three" January 18, 2009 Camille Fourever With Paige having chosen the side of good magic, and The Source temporarily out of the way, the sisters must now focus on the demon who's stolen Phoebe's powers. Fifteen-year-old firestarter, Crista Michaels is sent to South Bay Social Services. More trouble arises when Darryl Morris brings an unconscious Inspector Cortez to the Halliwell Manor, informing the sisters that Leo's in jail. However, as soon as things seem to be falling into place, and Leo returns to the sisters, Inspector Cortez catches Leo orbing in and draws his gun at a powerless Phoebe.
4x04 "Charmed By Four: Part Four" January 25, 2009 Camille Fourever While saving one of Leo's other charges from The Source's guard, Prue devises a way to take care of Inspector Cortez at the same time. Darryl allows Phoebe access into one of the crime scenes involving one of the witches murdered by the guard demon who stole her powers. She finds a telling tattoo on the victim's arm, and brings it home to show her sisters. Paige identifies it as a Celtic cross, and with that information, Phoebe finds the only Celtic Cross Coven in San Francisco. The sisters arrive just in time to stop the murder of the High Priestess, who helps them track down her attempted killer. Meanwhile, Paige learns that she can use her magic for good while Crista is reunited with her elder brother, Tyler.
4x05 "Costume Calamity" February 1, 2009 Daniel Taylor, Jackie Drama and Camille Fourever It's Samhain (Halloween), the Wiccan New Year, the night when the veil between the living and dead is the weakest. A mysterious new man appears in Prue's life, a new photographer at 415 Magazine, named Matthew Capiello. While Paige is literally transformed into the vampiress, Lily Munster, a mystery surrounds Piper, who seems to be coming down with some kind of illness. And all the while, a green eyed demon is plotting against the sisters, after learning critical information from The Oracle about the future of magic.
4x06 "Who Let The Bunyips Out?" February 8, 2009 Camille Fourever and Jackie Drama The Source has ordered a demonic black market for bunyips, neutral magical creatures with unharnessed magic. But when one gets free and kills a human to defend its young, it becomes a threat to all humans that must be vanquished by the Power of Three. Paige breaks a date with Glenn and secretly agrees to take Piper's place in the Power of Three while she's at a doctor's appointment, and Phoebe has a premonition of Matt being attacked by the bunyip at Camp Skylark.
4x07 "Inner Child Of The Corn" March 15, 2009 Camille Fourever When Prue and Piper begin to treat Paige as the baby of the family, much to Paige's displeasure, Phoebe begins to feel jealous that her place in the family has suddenly been stolen from her. However, in order to adapt to her new role as big sister, she tries to bottle away her emotions, magically giving way to an implosion of built of magical energy, resulting in Phoebe's inner child taking over, turning Phoebe into her former nine-year-old self.
4x08 "Turkey Terror" April 6, 2009 Camille Fourever and Jackie Drama When the chaos spirit Largon infects Piper, cooking Thanksgiving dinner turns a riot. Unaware of Largon's damage, Prue invites Matt over on the spur of the moment, meanwhile Paige is having an inner conflict over finally seeing just what Cole's demonic half is really capable of.
4x09 "Live And Let Die" February 24, 2010 Camille Fourever and Jackie Drama When Paige witnesses a car crash into Piper's jeep, it opens a floodgate of paralyzing pain from her own adoptive parents' car crash when she was sixteen. To help Paige deal with her pain, The Elders send her back in time to show her that her adoptive parents' death was not her fault. Meanwhile, with Prue on a photoshoot with Matt, and Phoebe at a job interview, Demitrius returns to take on a weakened Piper, who suffers a devastating loss as a result of his attack.
4x10 "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!" February 28, 2010 Daniel Taylor and Camille Fourever Piper and Leo are both grieving over the loss of their unborn child. When Phoebe tries to summon Leo to talk with him, she inadvertantly recieves a premonition of a demoness that steals the youth of eight young women over Chanukah every fifty years. Piper declines to attend the vanquish, only to later ask Cole to take her to the Underworld to chase after her baby's killer. Once there, The Source sends the High Priestess of Vengeance after Piper.
4x11 "Far Scry Vengeance" March 22, 2010 Camille Fourever Svengali, the Vengeance Priestess, convinces Piper that in order to truly avenge her unborn child's death, she must kill all responsible, including Leo and Paige. Meanwhile, The Source reveals a shocking prophecy made by Melinda Warren's granddaughter, just hours before her death.
4x12 "Picture Perfect" May 3, 2010 Camille Fourever Prue and Matt attend an art shown hosted by 415 Magazine. There, Prue sees her past life's work displayed at the show. Back at the Manor, Phoebe and Paige are cleaning out the attic when they stumble across a 1920's camera and photograph. When they show Prue later that night, a demon who's been trapped in the camera is released, and he's bent on finishing what he started over seventy years earlier. Prue discovers that Matt has powers.

Awards & Nominations

At the TEN Awards Of 2009, Charmed: Reset Reality was nominated for ten awards and won two. The awards it won are in bold.

  • Best Virtual Series
  • Best Episode ("Who Let The Bunyips Out?")
  • Best Multi-Part Story ("Charmed By Four, Parts One to Four")
  • Best Writer (Camille Fourever)
  • Best Lead Female (Prue Halliwell)
  • Best Lead Female (Piper Halliwell)
  • Best Supporting Male (Leo Wyatt)
  • Best Supporting Male (Matthew Capiello)
  • Best Scene (Paige sees Shax being vanquished)
  • Best Scene (Piper and Leo realize she's pregnant)

At the TEN Awards of 2010, Charmed: Reset Reality was nominated for thirteen awards and won two.

  • Best Virtual Series
  • Best Episode ("Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!")
  • Best Episode ("Far Scry Vengeance")
  • Best Writer or Writing Team (Camille Fourever)
  • Best Writer or Writing Team (Daniel Taylor & Camille Fourever)
  • Best Lead Male (Leo Wyatt)
  • Best Lead Female (Piper Halliwell)
  • Best Supporting Male (Cole Turner)
  • Best Supporting Male (Matthew Capiello)
  • Best Supporting Female (Paige Matthews)
  • Best Supporting Female (Phoebe Halliwell)
  • Best WTF! Moment (Piper's Baby Drama)
  • Best WTF! Moment (Matt's Exposure)

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