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The Buffyverse is the term used for the universe created in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon. Also the basis for Angel (TV series).

Essential premises behind the Buffyverse include:

  • The world began in darkness. Demons ruled here, making this earth their hell until they lost purchase on this reality and left. These were the "Old Ones," demons of vast size and power. Most if not all of the demons left here since have been hybrids of some kind, usually with humans. Many demons eagerly await/try to bring about a return of the Old Ones, who are evidently themselves waiting for the chance to come back.
  • Countless Hells/Countless Heavens There are innumerable other worlds, other realities adjacent to our own. Many are horrific in the extreme, places of torture or slavery, while others seem not only pleasant but glorious and serene. Still others are simply bizarre, like the one that is nothing but shrimp. Likewise there is a world without shrimp.
  • Hellmouths Scattered throughout the world--in Sunnyvale and Cleveland at least--are places where the walls between realities are very thin. These hellmouths are centers of supernatural and demonic activity, drawing vampires and monsters like moths to a flame.
  • The Powers That Be (and Others) Other than the Old Ones, there are other vastly powerful entities. The Powers That Be (PTB) are a very mysterious, mighty-beyond-belief, essentially benevolent but extremely alien group of such who evidently refuse to intervene directly lest their vast powers disrupt the very thing they hope to preserve. Instead they act indirectly, through multiple intermediaries. Still other entities are more obviously malign, such as The First Evil that claims to be totally immortal and older than creation itself. Still others appear to have become known as Gods and Goddesses, with magic-users successfully calling upon their aid.
  • Vampires are demons. Simply, creating a vampire rips away a person's soul and replaces it with a demon. The resulting hybrid entity evidently has the mind and memories (as well as the altered body) of the human being, but only some of the emotions. Specifically, they seem to retain much of the original's personality, but stripped of most if not all empathy or conscience. Added to that they now have the desire for human blood and the instincts of a predator--even a kind of pack mentality that acknowledges "Alphas" (such as the Master or Kakistos). But the physical body is dead, animated by magic. Precisely how that works was never explained, although it is clear vampires can eat regular food, gaining no nourishment but enjoying the taste. More, they can become inebriated. More interestingly, they can form emotional attachments and even religious beliefs. Although kitu CRM iereually active, they are not fertile. Usually.
  • Some Demons are nice. To varying degrees, demons can be no better or worse than ordinary humans. Others are cruel monsters. Perhaps most of them. But it seems beyond doubt that some demons even have a very benevolent purpose and seek to do nothing more than live relatively ordinary lives, albeit somewhat on the fringe of human society. Some are even quite attractive physically.
  • Magic works. Certain people can warp reality to various degrees, even to the point of changing history, altering another person's mind or gender or species, creating physical objects, raising the dead, etc. This usually involves magical incantations, often calling upon a specific entity's aid. But the impression given is that really powerful magics do not involve manipulating mystic energies but somehow expending them. Thus it is possible for a magic user to "empty the tank" until they can rest and/or renew their resources. There is also a strong hint that different magic users have different levels and types of power.
  • Slayers When mankind was young, and threatened with eventual extinction by the demons still left, a council of magic users invested a girl with the powers of a demon. She became extremely strong and fast, with the power to heal wounds quickly. More, she gained an inherent (and extreme) aptitude for violence and combat, some mildly prophetic powers (linked to dreams), and reflexes far beyond those of normal humanity. She had become the First Slayer, and when she died then her powers were passed on automatically to some other girl. At any one time there were many girls who had the potential to become Slayers and the Council made it their business to identify and train as many of these girls as possible. Eventually this Council, dubbed the Shadowmen by another group that watched over them, became the Watchers' Council, with vast financial and academic resources at their disposal. For millennia they trained and helped Slayers, coming to assign a specific Watcher for each girl. Slayers tended to be short-lived for obvious reasons, since their powers made them ideal warriors against demons. In 2003 most of the Watchers' Council was destroyed by minions of the First Evil, but the witch Willow Rosenberg managed to use a weapon called the Scythe--created by the Guardians who watched over the original Watchers--to activate all the Slayers on Earth at one time.


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