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Brian L. Lamkin is a virtual series writer, whose work is most prominent at Monster Zero Productions. Lamkin exited MZP in March 2008, and has since put his projects, Pathways and Netherworld, on indefinite hiatus. During his time at MZP, Lamkin spent time as a producer at Slayer Academy and co-executive producer at The DSR.

Scripts Lamkin wrote...

Netherworld (2007):

  1. Necropolis
  2. Hollow (w/ David McCarthy)
  3. Need (w/ David McCarthy)
  4. Flesh (w/ Alden Caele)

Pathways (2005-2006):

  1. The New Kid
  2. Tug of War (w/ Alden C. Caele)
  3. Crushed
  4. Decisions, Decisions
  5. Secrets (w/ Alden C. Caele)
  6. The King of Brighton (w/ Guy Uhler)
  7. Happy Birthday
  8. The Eternal Flame
  9. The Boys of Summer Are Gone (w/ Alden C. Caele)
  10. Throw Me a Bone
  11. They Wouldn't... Would They?
  12. Masquerade
  13. The Great Debate
  14. Baby It's Cold Outside
  15. Trial By Jury (w/ Richard Gentile and Alden C. Caele)
  16. Lone Wolf (w/ Alden C. Caele)
  17. Full House (2006)
  18. Free Me (w/ Guy Uhler), Crash Bang Boom

The D.S.R. (2006-2007)

  1. Under the Surface
  2. Instinct
  3. Spartans (w/ A.J. Black)
  4. All About a Girl, pt. 1
  5. Revitalization (w/ A.J. Black)

Slayer Academy (2005-2007):

  1. Gale Force
  2. The Long Weight
  3. Perchance to Dream (w/ Lee A. Chrimes, Paul Robinson, Lewis S. Payne and Chris Kelly)
  4. English Rose
  5. Pretty Fly For a Dead Guy
  6. Pieces (w/ Alden C. Caele)
  7. Broken Hearts Don't Beat
  8. By Dawn's Early Light (w/ Lee A. Chrimes)
  9. Ask Me Again (w/ Lee A. Chrimes)

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