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The Aliasverse is the term used for the universe created in Alias, by J.J. Abrams, and its subsequent virtual spin-offs: The DSR, Schism and Walker.

Essential premises behind the Aliasverse, whether introduced in the parent series or its virtual spin-offs, include:

  • Rambaldi. The work of Rambaldi, often centuries ahead of its time and tied to prophecy, plays a central role in Alias. Rambaldi's technological developments are sought after by numerous governments and rogue organizations in the series. Arvin Sloane is generally obsessed with obtaining Rambaldi's work and unlocking its secrets. The character draws its inspiration from real-life historical figures including Leonardo da Vinci and Nostradamus. There seems to be no limit to Rambaldi's genius as he was highly capable in automatism, life extension, protein engineering, mathematics, cryptography and cartography. Rambaldi is said to have predicted the digital information age. He invented a machine code language around 1489, cryptographic algorithms, and sketched the designs of a portable vocal communicator and a prototype that reflected the properties of a transistor.
  • Ahriman. Similar to Rambaldi, Ahriman and his legacy played a major part in The DSR. He was inspired by the ancient Sumerian god, and was an evil god prophesized to return and invoke a 'Final Time', the apocalypse that would wipe away the old world for a new one of racial superiority.
  • Private and non-governmental intelligence agencies. The series feature a large ensemble of fictional intelligence agencies. These agencies are clandestine espionage groups that trade secrets and weapons. These include
    • SD-6: one of twelve Section Disparu cells under the Alliance of Twelve, employing Sydney Bristow in Season 1 under the pretense that it is a black-ops division of the CIA.
    • The Alliance of Twelve: a ruthless international organization, originally formed by twelve defectors from various intelligence agencies. Each member of the Alliance of Twelve is believed to be in charge of an SD cell.
    • K-Directorate: a private agency based in Russia and staffed by veterans of communist intelligence services. It is featured mostly in Season 1.
    • The Covenant: introduced in season three of Alias. They had co-opted many agents of other organizations including Sark, McKenas Cole, and even (through brainwashing) Sydney.
    • Prophet Five: one of the oldest agencies yet to be discovered by the CIA, having been involved in some sort of high level research twenty years ago. It has been running at least one SD-6-like organization, the Shed, which Rachel Gibson was a part of. Prophet Five is in control of a communications network that reveals infiltration of major intelligence agencies such as MI-6 and others.
    • The Department of Special Research: an agency devoted to the investigation of supernatural occurences and entities around the world, and inspiration for The DSR.
    • Ahnenerbe: a division of the Nazi SS devoted to supernatural research, similar to the DSR. Known to have survived for over fifty years after the end of World War II, and featured prominently in The DSR.
    • The Brotherhood: an intelligence group operated by vampires, which featured in The DSR.
    • Knights of the Black Chapter: an organisation central to the premise of Walker.
  • Vampires. Vampires feature in The DSR and Schism, but not in Alias, which featured minor references to the paranormal but never explicitly featured it.
  • Lupans. Werewolves, which featured in The DSR and Schism, but again, not in Alias.

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