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Created by: Jon Nyqvist
Genre: Supernatural Drama
Running Time: One Hour (45-60 Pages)
Format: Script / PDF
Current Season: Season Three
Status: Airing
Number of Episodes 23 (So Far)
Series Debut: March 17th, 2006
Network: MZP

Afterlife is an original virtual series created by Jon Nyqvist.

Jonathan Blank is a security guard who is extremely bored with his life. As he seeks means to add a little excitement to his life, he finds more than he can handle in the form of Aurora - A failed assassin on the run from her former employer.

As the unlikely pair meets their end at the hands of Aurora's enemies, they are thrust into a whole new world - The Afterlife. A place where humanity finally pays for all the darkness it has created. A place where one can no longer hide from what lies beneath...

Afterlife premiered in the spring season of 2006 at virtual network MZP where it aired on Fridays.

Notably, in the June 2009 poll for MZP's Most Popular Show, Afterlife beat out The Company by just two votes to take home the title of MZP's Most Popular Show.


Season 1

Afterlife began airing on March 17th, 2006 on Monster Zero Productions. The first season ran for 11 episodes.

The entire season ran according to schedule, without any delays in production. The season aired almost every Friday from the premiere date, up until June 30th, 2006.

Main Characters

  • Jonathan (James Franco) -- Jonathan grew up in a middle class home with his twin sister Jenny and parents who worked double shifts just to keep the household afloat, thus never having time for the children.He grew up with a nagging feeling that he was supposed to be doing something, but he never could figure out what. Just that whatever he tried, boredom set in shortly after. As if something was telling him to move on. Hence, he never stayed in the same school, job or relationship long enough for it to bear fruit. After his sister went missing under mysterious conditions, Jonathan's boredom started to take dangerous aspects. He started taking risks, just to feel something, anything. He finally gets his wish when he meets Aurora. Unfortunately, he also dies. In the Afterlife Jonathan is trying to figure out his place in the scheme of things, guided by strange dreams. It finally seems like he has found his place.
  • Aurora (Jaime King) -- Aurora is a complicated woman. She was raised by her millionaire Aunt after her parents passed away when she was just a baby. She lived the high life, had exellent grades until a tragic event changed all that. Determined never to be a victim again, Aurora was discovered by Lynn, a cold blooded assassin working for a powerful crime syndicate. The older assassin took the young Aurora under her wing and harnessed her rage, turning the young girl into a destructive weapon. Aurora had a talent for killing, her skills surpassing even those of her mentor. But it all fell apart the moments she failed to complete an important assignment. Her death was inevitable. In the Afterlife, Aurora can't seem to stop being the person that she was. Her lust for power dooms her yet again. There is something growing inside of her, something even she is afarid of. A darkness that has been building up for a long time, and will no longer stay hidden.

Season 2

Unlike Season 1, the second season of Afterlife was constantly plagued with halts in production, which ultimately caused the second season to take over of 2 years to air the season's 11 scheduled episodes.

Main Characters

  • Jonathan (James Franco) -- Life isn't getting any easier for the former security guard. He may have saved the day and gotten the girl, but the final confrontation with the powerful Dark One Betrayal led to him being lost, presumed dead. Not only does he have to deal with constant life and death situations, but recent revelations have shed some light on his true purpose as well... As a manifestation of Chaos, Jonathan's true path remains a mystery, but seems to be heavily connected with Aurora. Their complicated relationship bearing unexpected results on the world around them.
  • Aurora (Jaime King) -- Transformed from an innocent teenager to a hired killer filled with rage, Aurora still battles old demons as she continues on an uncertain path to find peace of mind. Thinking she has lost Jonathan, Aurora finds herself alone as her dark past comes back to haunt her. As the very world is transforming into something dark, Aurora is the unlikely carrier of a final seed of hope.
  • Kate (Jessy Schram) -- Considerably toughened by her time together with Jonathan, the former barmaid is no longer the token damsel in distress, aspiring to play an important part in the fight against the growing darkness. The loss of her surrogate father, as well as the loss of Jonathan has forced her to come into her own, taking charge of her life and meeting the demands placed on her shoulders by the people of her former home, assuming the role of an unlikely leader.
  • William (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) -- Fierce in battle, as well as a superior strategist, William is the strong leader of the Scarlet Knights. He is blessed, or perhaps cursed by a mysterious ability, giving him a unique perspective on the unfolding events. Though he is a strong leader, he finds his share of opposition within his own ranks when it comes to some of his recent actions. As the truth about Aurora begins to spread among the fanatic knights, William finds himself in an awkward position.
  • Cora (Olivia Wilde) -- A tough young woman with a narrow view on the world. Having grown up in a valley surrounded by huge mountains, completely isolated from the rest of the world, Cora enjoys the tranquility of nature. Until recently a devastating plague trapped her entire town in constant fear, forcing a once peaceful community to fortify themselves and fight off the darkness that surrounds them. She shares an unexpected link to Jonathan, playing a huge part in the 11 months missing from his memory.

Season 3

It has been confirmed through showrunner Jon Nyqvist that Season 3 may be beginning sooner then everyone thought. According to Nyqvist, he is aiming for a return of the show in the late fall or early winter of 2009. However, he stands by the fact that nothing is set in stone yet.

MZP's Most Popular Show

In the first ever poll for MZP's Most Popular Show in June of 2009, Afterlife won in a very close race. The Company was only 2 votes behind Afterlife as the 4th and Final Round closed. Afterlife was one a few shows that passed through the 3 previous round cuts with ease.

Between the 3rd and 4th round of the poll, Jon Nyqvist aired the season finale of the second season, having been driven to finish writing for the finale because of all of the votes the show had been receiving.

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