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Adam Murray Briggs is a British writer who currently works on several different virtual script-based series.

Forum Names

As of 2006, Adam only uses mada101 as an internet handle.

Writer History

Monster Zero Productions (Website)

Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor
Creator/Executive Producer (Season 1 - , 2007 - )
Writer (Season 1 - , 2007 - )

Hunted (Website)
Producer (Season 2, 2009)
Writer (Season 2, 2009)

2x02 The Tank (Story by [with Robert Kenneth])

Virtual Star Trek (Website Defunct)

Star Trek: The Atlantis Chronicles (now archived at The Guardian of Forever)
Creator/Executive Producer/Writer (2007)

0x01 The Scout, Part I
0x02 The Scout, Part II
0x03 The Scout, Part III

Star Trek: Frontiers (Website Defunct, re-hosting soon at Monster Zero Productions)
Co-Executive Producer (Season 3 , 2006 - 2008)
Writer (Season 3, 2006 - 2008)

3x04 The Federationers (Written by)
3x09 Exit, Stage Right (Teleplay by [with Phil Wilson]) -- Uncredited

Star Trek: Knight's Haven (Website Defunct)
Producer (Season 1, 2006 - 2008) -- Position re-assessed due to VST policy change, disallowing the title of Producer
Staff Writer (Season 1, 2006 - 2008)

1x04 The Brotherhood (Teleplay by [with Jon van Pelt])
1x05 The Captain (Written by)
1x06 The Dragon (Written by)
1x11 The Friend (Written by)
1x12 The Dark (Written by)

Beyond Knight's Haven (Website Defunct)
Writer (2006)

003 Trader's Luck (Written by)
007 The Gorn Conflict I - Exodus (Written by)
008 The Gorn Conflict II - Vendetta (Written by)
009 The Gorn Conflict III - Redemption (Written by)

Star Trek: Star's End (Website Defunct)
Staff Writer (Season 2 , 2006 - 2007)

2x09 Flag of the Empire (Additional Material by)
2x12 Unquiet Slumbers (Teleplay by [with Will Sjorensen, et al])
2x14 Nothing but the Rain (Additional Material by)
2x15 Alone (Written by)

Trek Online (Website)

Star Trek: Virtual Enterprise (Website)
Creative Producer (Season 1 [Episodes 5x01 - 5x07], 2006 - 2007) -- Resigned due to creative differences
Continuity (Season 1 [Episodes 5x08 - 5x12], 2006 - 2007)
Writer (Season 1, 2006 - 2007)

5x01 To The Stars! (Written by [with Justin Valencia])
5x06 Assignment: Enterprise (Written by [with Jo Hack])
5x07 Gut Reaction (Written by)
5x10 Vacuum (Written by [with Elsa K])
5x12 Once and Again (Written by [with Jonjo Wilson and Jo Hack])

Star Trek: Legacy (Website)
Supervising Producer (Season 1 , 2006 - 2007)
Writer (Season 1, 2006 - 2007)

1x0B The Inquest (Written by)
1x01/1x02 Something Worth Fighting For (Story by [with Aaron Percival])
1x04 Treachery, Faith and the Grace of God (Story by [with John Hubbard/Ludwig], Teleplay by)

Independent Works

Scripts that have been released independently.

Silent Enemy
A World War II U-boat drama in 30 minutes. Released in the Creative forum at
Writer (2006)

Background Information

  • He has never stated whether or not Adam Murray Briggs is his real name, although Adam is most certainly his given handle.
  • Briggs considers all of his Star Trek scripts to be connected within related continuity, even across shows which are mutually exclusive (being that they all 'happened', only differently in each timeline). The only exception to this rule is his work for Virtual Enterprise, which he generally disowns for its poor quality and for not agreeing with changes made by one of the Executive Producers (not his Doctor Who writing partner Jo Hack, who was Virtual Enterprise's original EP).

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